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Email Marketing For Shopify

Create winning Shopify email marketing campaigns with TargetBay.

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Email marketing is an important part of any Ecommerce marketing strategy. Want to start generating revenue from your Shopify email marketing campaigns? It is time to try TargetBay Email Marketing.

Automated Trigger Emails

Beautiful, automated Shopify emails for all the important customer touchpoints.

Shopify Welcome Emails

First impressions are the best impressions. Mark the beginning of every customer and subscriber’s journey with your brand using TargetBay’s personalized welcome emails. Make them feel special by sending offers or coupons that will encourage them to shop.

Shopify Back-in-Stock emails

Shoppers feel unsettled when their favourite products run out of stock. TargetBay helps Shopify stores create automated back-in-stock emails to alert customers and recapture sales.

Shopify Win-Back emails

Every Ecommerce brand has a dormant subscribers’ list. These are customers who are inactive for long periods. With TargetBay you can create brilliant win-back emails for your Shopify store, to re-engage with inactive shoppers, rekindle their interest, bring them back to the sales funnel and generate more revenue.

Shopify Abandoned Cart Emails

Products abandoned in carts lead to a loss in revenue. TargetBay’s abandoned cart emails help brands reconnect with shoppers who leave behind items in their carts and convert them.

Shopify Replenishment Emails

Don’t miss out on recurring revenue! Some consumer products are purchased regularly. Use TargetBay’s replenishment emails to remind customers when it is time to re-order.

Shopify Price-Drop Emails

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Shoppers love to buy products at a lower cost. Use TargetBay’s price-drop emails to convince price-conscious customers to buy on your Shopify store.

In addition to the above, custom Shopify email templates can be created for brand-specific scenarios.

Email Marketing Campaigns

A strong inbound marketing strategy calls for excellent email marketing campaigns. Here are some Shopify email marketing campaigns offered by TargetBay.

Shopify Email Marketing made easy with TargetBay.
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