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Build Brand Loyalty & Repeat Purchases with Rewards

Encourage your shoppers with rewards for being involved in your loyalty program and repeat purchases.


Ways to Reward Your Loyal Customers

Create and decide on the best ways to reward your loyal customers

Amount Discount

Offer your customers a token of appreciation with a discount for every purchases

Offer % Off

Send your customers a percentage off for the purchases and shower your brand love.

Offer Free Product

Offer free products based on purchase value to encourage repeat purchases

Give Free Shipping

Provide free shipping for your customers based on the purchase value of they make

Rewards Points for more than Just Purchases

Rewarding customers with points for purchases they make is just one aspect of a loyalty program. But, there are more ways to earn points.


Make your reward panel easy for your customers

Reward Widget

Create an engaging customer experience with BayRewards. Now, the reward program shouldn’t be complicated with our reward widget.


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