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We Are TargetBay

TargetBay is a SaaS company offering marketing software solutions for online stores across all the leading platforms.


Our software products

BayEngage, BayReviews, BayServe, BaySmart, BayAds, and BayPics are what you need if you are an Ecommerce store owner. You can collect reviews, run personalized email campaigns, display product recommendations, retarget ads, and leverage Instagram to increase sales.

Our team is committed to understanding our customers’ needs and enhancing their experience when interacting with our products.

We are highly motivated to bring out the best in email marketing. Our top product: BayEngage, focuses on just that. It was created specifically for small Ecommerce businesses as an alternative to the over-priced email marketing tools available. Check out our pricing page if you want to know more!


The story behind the company and the founder


TargetBay was founded in 2016 when our CEO, Pon Pandian, found a discrepancy where Ecommerce stores had to use more than 7 different products for marketing their website. And that’s when the idea of TargetBay, a one-stop marketing cloud was born! We are a bootstrapped company and we have been successfully running TargetBay for the past 5 years

In March 2017, , we started with our product BayMail which was later rebranded into BayEngage in 2020.

In June 2017, we launched one of our signature features: exit-intent pop-up feature to capture emails of visitors who abandon carts for various reasons. This helped the Ecommerce store owners in increasing their sales.

In September 2017, we launched another product to help Ecommerce stores to collect product reviews through emails from their customers. This enabled them to collect thousands of reviews in a short period.

Apart from collecting reviews and sending automated emails, we wanted to allow our customers to retarget visitors who didn’t make a purchase. And so BayAds was launched in October 2018! This not only expanded the scope of our company but gave our customers another option to retarget visitors in addition to emails.

As you can see, we always try to understand our customers’ troubles while marketing their Ecommerce store. We consistently work hard as a team to build a better product with better features to enhance customer experience.

Now let’s take a look at our milestones that we have achieved so far:

TargetBay’s Milestones


Our Work culture

TargetBay strongly believes that our employees’ experience is directly related to the customer experience. So we strive to achieve a creative, independent, and happy work environment for our employees.

We offer the space to bring different perspectives and experiences to the table, brainstorm ideas, and work as a team to give our customers the best!

How We Navigated Through The Pandemic

2020 was a massive change in the dynamics of the working milieu. And that in no way hindered our energy and output. We figured out the new workflow in a couple of days and tried to ace the work-from-home situation. Our team needed to come together more than ever, and we rose above the hardships!

We consistently take up fun projects and activities to keep the morale up every Friday with our Fun Friday sessions. We aim to build an equitable environment to keep the team spirit high through these sessions. We strongly believe that they will empower each other to a better employee experience and customer satisfaction.

Impressed with our work culture? Want to be a part of TargetBay? We love how new hires add value to us each year! Check out our careers page and become one of us!

The Leadership Team


And Meet Our Superstars

Ajitha Victor
Arun Raj Kumar
Danielle Fietkau
Karthikeyan Subburaj
Patrick Toney
Thamari Selvan
Vinay Ram Gokul

Our Future

TargetBay doesn’t only aim for our growth; We are greedy enough to desire wholesome success with customer satisfaction, customer growth, professional development for our employees, a great brand image, and meaningful opportunities!

Moving forward, we want to become one of the best companies when it comes to the Ecommerce marketing cloud. And we want to allow our customers to have an excellent email marketing experience with higher open rates, engagement, sales, and click-through rates than ever before!

Although there are multiple marketing channels - such as social media, direct messaging, and so on, we want to focus on email marketing as it the most effective marketing channel for Ecommerce stores.

22000 Ecommerce stores trust BayEngage with their email marketing, and we want nothing but the best for them. And so we constantly update our products to make them user-friendly and seamlessly integrate with their Ecommerce platform.

We hope you got to know TargetBay a little more than before!

Over 3000 Ecommerce stores trust TargetBay!


We are TargetBay, and we are here to stay for success!

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