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Boost your Marketing Efforts with SMS & MMS with Credits!

Regardless of your plan, send an SMS and MMS with your SMS credits in the wallet. Count the number of credits you hold and send out your messages effectively.


Our Credit Costs

The credit required for each SMS & MMS varies based on the recipients' location and message content, among other factors.


BayEngage never fails to engage with your newbies!

Why Credit Costs Vary?

The composer displays campaign credits & cost estimates before sending/scheduling the SMS/MMS messages.


Message Length

SMS messages longer than 160 characters may cost additional credits as they are split into multiple messages.


Recipients Location

Depending on the recipient's location and personalization like tags and link insertion, SMS/MMS credits may vary.


Emoji Character

Emojis and special characters reduce SMS length to 70. If your SMS is Beyond 70 chars, then SMS splits.

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Save Credits while Personalizing

Reduce your SMS character length even when sending out personalized SMS/MMS messages with links with our link shortener.