10 Top Klaviyo Competitors and Alternatives: 2023

Quick question! Why do Ecommerce stores and B2B companies turn to Klaviyo for Email Marketing?

Is it because Klaviyo email marketing tools are the best in the market? Or just because it’s a popular tool?

I will not deny the fact that Klaviyo is a powerful email marketing tool that helps you market to your customers with better personalization and segmentation.

But the reality is that many merchants have turned away from Klaviyo and have started to look for the best Klaviyo alternative in the market, which is affordable, user-friendly, and most importantly, ideal for Ecommerce stores.

So if you’re someone considering Klaviyo alternatives, you may wonder whether it’s worth the investment. After all, Klaviyo is one of the most popular email marketing tools. But what if an alternative could give you just as much, if not more? Why not consider it?

Always read reviews and get to know the issues the users of Klaviyo face before choosing Klaviyo as your email marketing tool. Most of them say the cost structure of Klaviyo is typically what discourages merchants from using it for their email marketing requirements.

Fortunately, many Klaviyo alternatives are affordable with the same features for online retailers and small businesses.

Before we dive deeper into Klaviyo alternatives, let’s understand what Klaviyo is and why it is not working out for many Ecommerce Stores!

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1. Klaviyo- A quick overview!

Klaviyo Inc. is an email marketing platform founded in 2012 with headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It was created to provide online businesses with a powerful email and SMS marketing automation solution for their Ecommerce stores.

Klaviyo covers your entire journey as an online business: growing your email list, building a solid relationship with your customers, giving you precise predictive data on your customers, and letting you connect with your customers on a personal level! As it offers both email and SMS marketing products, there is an option for you to opt for one of them separately or together. It provides a free tier for email and SMS. However, when you sign up for their free tier, you don’t get to use all of their features.

2. Pros and Cons of Klaviyo

Pros and Cons of Klaviyo

3. Why you should look for alternatives for Klaviyo

#Problem 1: Klaviyo is pricey!
Klaviyo is pretty costly when it comes to email marketing for businesses that are starting up! The price increases as your customer increase, and that’s going to cost most of your investment in your business.

When I read reviews from various websites, it was pretty clear that the pricing got increased this year without any prior information. This has really impacted many small and medium-sized businesses. So before choosing Klaviyo as your email marketing tool, check for the prices and try out other email marketing tools like BayEngage, which is 68% cheaper than Klaviyo

Source: G2

#Problem 2: Unreasonable Customer service
Many people have pointed out that they look for other alternatives to Klaviyo as their customer service is unreasonable, and sometimes people are rude to their customers. So people tend to switch to other email marketing platforms for better service.

In addition to this, Klaviyo has brought up a new change in their plan, which strongly says that only those subscribers who have a monthly billing above $10,000 will have customer support. To avail of this benefit, customers are pushed to upgrade to an enterprise plan called “Klaviyo One.” This is something brutal that any company can do to their customers.

Moreover, those who have availed of a free plan will have no customer support anymore from Klaviyo’s end. So switch to other Klaviyo alternatives like BayEngage and enjoy the benefits of customer support right from the start, no matter what! BayEngage provides 24/7 customer support for all businesses, from small to enterprises, and treats every customer as one. It is not about the money but about the quality of service provided to customers.

Unreasonable Customer service

Source: G2

#Problem 3: Not so user-friendly for beginners

The first and foremost reason why people use an email marketing tool is to lessen their job. But what if I say with Klaviyo you cannot do that. Yes, Klaviyo is an add-on burden to your problem as the tool is not easy to use for beginners!

Not so user-friendly for beginners

Source: G2

Say goodbye to clunky emails and hello to easy-to-use BayEngage – a more user-friendly tool that helps maximize the effectiveness of our email campaigns!

#Problem 4: Clunky UI designs

Email templates are given for free so that people can use these to save time. But Klaviyo lacks smooth editing space and most of the time it is clunky and things don’t save automatically. This is yet another problem faced by people. It actually sucks when we spend so much time on editing and when everything goes away like that!

Clunky UI designs
Source: Trustradius
I am definitely not exaggerating it! Read it for yourself folks!
Clunky UI designs

Source: G2

#Problem 5: Help Center post-onboarding is unreasonable!

Help center is provided to support the people who opt-in for your email software. What’s the point in having a help center that doesn’t answer your calls or queries? This has really created a bad impression on Klaviyo for most of the users.

Help Center post-onboarding is unreasonable!

Source: Shopify app reviews

#Problem 6: Klaviyo’s shared IP policy

Klaviyo doesn’t provide a proper IP address for small businesses. This means that they don’t have to provide you with a dedicated IP. Instead, it will be a shared IP. Using a shared IP for a business is not advisable, as your domain is mixed up with other companies.

This might reflect on your sender’s reputation, which means that the emails won’t be delivered directly to the primary inbox folder leading to improper email deliverability. It is high time to switch to Klaviyo alternatives like BayEngage, which provides unique IP addresses for every customer to improve the sender’s reputation.

How about getting a marketing tool that is 68% cheaper than Klaviyo and has higher email deliverability rates?

Top 10 Competitors and Alternatives to Klaviyo (2023)

Here are some of the best Klaviyo alternatives listed below, which can be used in 2023 for your business. These alternatives of Klaviyo can help you fix the major problems you have faced while using Klaviyo as your email marketing tool.

1. BayEngage


BayEngage is an email and SMS marketing Automation product from TargetBay, an Ecommerce Marketing Cloud used by thousands of online stores worldwide. With BayEngage, your customer engagement will get better and brighter.

BayEngage is not only simple to use, but it has everything you need in email marketing software! It is also affordable, and you can run effective data-driven email marketing campaigns.

BayEngage also offers integration with Zapier so that your blog posts automatically get posted on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter once published on your website.

Moreover, it integrates seamlessly with popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocomerce, etc., and gives you the best experience of email marketing for Shopify!

Features- BayEngage

klaviyo features

Save $3,540 by switching to BayEngage! Want to know how?

Pricing- BayEngage

Firstly you have a 14-day free trial where you get to use all the features in TargetBay to improve your email campaigns.

The pricing is better and more affordable for small businesses compared to Klaviyo. TargetBay is one of the best klaviyo alternatives in the current market.

I am not exaggerating it! Let’s hear it from people out there who have tried TargetBay for email and SMS marketing.

Targetbay Review
Source: Shopify App Store

For more information, head to BayEnagage’s pricing page to check your price today!

Migrate to BayEngage if you want 98.99% email deliverability! Are you looking for affordable and reliable customer support? Grab the free migration worth $ 3450 and get access to a powerful email marketing tool with email and SMS marketing automation.


Why is BayEngage a better alternative or a competitor to Klaviyo?

BayEngage is the best alternative to Klaviyo as it is cheaper, more user-friendly, and has better customer service. You can easily integrate with any Ecommerce platform and customize complex marketing workflows. BayEngage helps you right from the start: From installing the software to assisting you till the end. BayEngage stands out from others as it treats every customer with equal importance!


Sender is the most affordable Klaviyo alternative. This feature-rich email and SMS marketing platform is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses skyrocket their sales.

With Sender, you can build automation workflows and send personalized newsletters using its drag-and-drop email builder and responsive templates.

But it doesn’t stop there. Sender helps you combine your automated email and SMS campaigns to offer subscribers an omnichannel experience. In addition, the platform integrates seamlessly with eCommerce platforms, CMS, and CRMs such as Shopify, WordPress, and WooCommerce. This way, you can easily sync customer data and enhance your marketing efforts.




Mailchimp is hands down the most popular email marketing solution used by Ecommerce brands. They rule the market with features encompassing simple functionality and are one of the strong competitors to Klaviyo.

Mailchimp is an email marketing service where you can build beautiful email templates, get analytics on your newsletters, and have an easy management system.

You don’t need any technical skills or coding knowledge to use Mailchimp – everything is done through their user-friendly dashboard! However, there are other Mailchimp alternatives out there in the market that challenge every aspect of this unicorn product.

What are Mailchimp’s features?

Pricing plan:


ActiveCampaign is a full-service marketing automation platform that helps you grow your business. ActiveCampaign is more than just email marketing.

Let’s face it: marketing automation is complicated. There’s a reason why ActiveCampaign has been called “one of the best all-in-one marketing platforms” and is an alternative to Klaviyo.

It’s because of the powerful features it offers, and the fact that they are easy to use is one of the reasons for it to be on the list of Klaviyo alternatives Thousands of businesses have found success using ActiveCampaign to automate their marketing efforts!


Pricing plan:

Note: After you grow your subscriber base, scaling can become costly depending on the plan you choose. You can also see some of the ActiveCampaign alternatives for better customer support..

active campaign pricing

5. Drip

Drip is one of the up-and-coming email marketing software, it has come close to being one of the alternatives to Klaviyo because of its visual elements. While Drip doesn’t provide many of the features that are available in other Klaviyo alternatives, it does give you the option to integrate with third-party apps.

So if you like easy-on-the-eyes tools and easy navigation with color-coded workflows, Drips will do the job for you!


Pricing plan:

drip price

Brevo is a Klaviyo alternative because of its simple-to-use interface and powerful email and SMS automation. This Klaviyo alternative’s interface is visually appealing and its artificial intelligence will give you personalized email marketing messages to get a better copy for your email campaigns.

Moreover, it stands to reason that this alternative to Klaviyo creates a highly optimized and personalized customer experience with its powerful automation! But when it comes to email deliverability, you may have to check for some Brevo Alternatives.


Pricing plan:

7. Adobe Marketo Engage

adobe marketo engage

Adobe Marketo Engage is another alternative to Klaviyo, which helps businesses automate campaigns, help with content, and lead development. Marketo Engage helps you personalize your emails and saves you time by providing campaign results.

Marketo Engage also has great editing tools to edit email templates, signup forms, landing pages, etc. This is a better alternative to Klaviyo as it provides the best features to improve email deliverability. But this tool is also a bit pricey compared to other Klavviyo alternatives.


Pricing plan:

marketo engage pricing

Constant Contact is an intuitive email marketing tool; as the name suggests, they always create room to stay in contact with your customers. This is another alternative to Klaviyo, where you can do anything that Klaviyo does for a cheaper price.

It is a great tool that helps you drive sales through email and digital marketing. It also helps you grow your customer base by engaging your audience by automating campaigns. To deepen customer relationships, you can try this Klaviyo alternative for your small business.


Pricing plan:

The above prices vary based on the number of contacts.

9. Campaign Monitor

campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor is a powerful email marketing tool that is pretty easy to use. This Klaviyo alternative allows all kinds of businesses to grow with its amazing features. They provide beautiful email templates with a drag-and-drop interface to edit your campaigns easily.

In addition, they also provide great segmentation tools that can help you personalize your emails. A/B testing feature is also available to improve email deliverability. These two tools will help you deliver relevant content to your subscribers.


Pricing plan:


10. HubSpot


HubSpot is a marketing hub with powerful and easy-to-use tools that help scale your business. It is one of the best Klaviyo alternatives in terms of pricing and the tools it offers its customers. Hubspot helps with marketing and CRM and also has great customer service than Klaviyo.

With HubSpot, you can seamlessly connect with your customers and import data from different softwares in minutes. HubSpot offers a free demo to help you decide whether it’s worth switching from Klaviyo.


Pricing plan:

How can these alternatives be an aid to your email marketing?

BayEngage can be the best alternative to Klaviyo in terms of pricing, templates, segmentation, and automation.

When you use Klaviyo alternatives, you’ll have creative trending templates, and UI is not as clunky as Klaviyo does.

BayEngage has the best customer support team to help your business grow. Always patient and reasonable when it comes to planning things for you.

BayEngage also provides advanced segmentation and increases your email deliverability compared to Klaviyo.

BayEngage is yet another solution for your business, as it is user-friendly and can be used by anyone right, from startups to enterprises.

BayEngage has a 24/7 help center where you can ask anything you want to.

6. Email marketing statistics that you should know!

In 2020, there were four billion global email users; by 2025, this number can grow to 4.6 billion. – Statista

93% of B2B marketers distribute content via email. – Content Marketing Institute

81% of retail professionals said email marketing is great for customer acquisition, and 80% for customer retention. – Emarsys

The average ROI through email marketing is $36 for every $1 spent.

49% of consumers reported that they’d like to receive weekly promotional emails from their favorite brands. – Statista

7. Statistics on the Use of Email Marketing Software You Should Know in 2023!

75% of organizations use an email marketing software.

43% of marketers used software or technology to validate email addresses.

67% of US marketers use email marketing solutions and A/B testing as the main tools in executing personalization (Everengage).

79% of marketers use automation in email marketing (Litmus, 2021)

77% of sales and marketing professionals believe personalized marketing experiences make for better customer relationships (Business Wire, 2020)

25% of marketers used technology to ensure that invalid emails have been removed (Validity, 2021).

E-commerce business have recovered 46% of abandoned carts using email automation tools. (TargetBay)

Email marketing softwares has helped businesses increase their open rates by 60%. (TargetBay)


Yes, you can easily migrate to BayEngage for free. Now, migrating all your data is as simple as a click. You can also avail BayEngage’s free migration services to make the switch absolutely seamless.

Klaviyo may no longer be a sustainable solution for larger brands after the recent price changes in 2022. It’s definitely not worth the money you put in as you won’t have unlimited emails even if you pick the enterprise plan.

Apart from BayEngage, some best alternatives to Klaviyo are Omnisend, Mailchimp, SmartrMail, ActiveCampaign, and Drip.

The answer would be BayEngage, as it offers advanced segmentation, better email deliverability, enhanced customer management, a tailor-made email template, and 24×7 support, which differentiates us from Klaviyo.

No. Klaviyo pricing starts at $20 per month for 500 contacts.
Many Klaviyo alternatives offer integration with popular eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. It’s essential to check if the platform you’re considering offers integration with your specific eCommerce platform.
The pricing plans for Klaviyo alternatives can vary significantly. Some platforms, such as BayEngage, offer a free plan, while others have tiered pricing plans that start at a higher price point but offer more advanced features. It’s essential to compare the pricing plans of different platforms to find the one that best fits your budget and needs.
When choosing a Klaviyo alternative, you should consider the following factors: pricing, features, ease of use, and customer support. Make sure to look for a solution that fits your budget and offers essential features to your business, as well as a user-friendly interface and good customer support.

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that is particularly well-suited for eCommerce businesses. It offers a range of features that can help online retailers improve their email marketing campaigns and grow their revenue.

Klaviyo can be challenging to use, especially for those unfamiliar with email marketing or who do not have experience with technical tools. The platform offers many features and options, and it can take time to navigate and understand them all. If you are unfamiliar with Email marketing concepts, Automation flows, Segmentation, and personalization, it might be a steep learning curve for you to understand and maximize the use of Klaviyo.

Try BayEngage, which is 68% cheaper than Klaviyo with advanced AI-powered features.

Are you ready to cut down costs without sacrificing quality?

Switch to Bayengage today, a top Klaviyo alternative with AI-powered features that generate images and CTAs in real-time!

Try BayEngage, which is 68% cheaper than Klaviyo with advanced AI-powered features.