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Why Should I Look For Constant Contact alternatives?

Constant Contact is an email service provider (ESP) founded in 1995. From 2016, they expanded and have gone beyond email marketing services. Their tools are available for businesses of all sizes, not only small businesses.

What do they provide to their customers?

Constant Contact provides email marketing and website-building tools to their customers.

What is not the best thing about Constant Contact?

Constant Contact Alternatives Comparison

List Of Constant Contact Alternatives

1. BayEngage

BayEngage is an all-in-one email marketing solution that seamlessly integrates with all the Ecommerce stores. With BayEngage, you can run email campaigns that are personalized and will eventually help you in building a strong relationship with your customers!

Known For Its

Lists and Segmentation:

BayEngage helps you upload your list of contacts from any Ecommerce platform and it automatically segments your list with its powerful segmentation feature. This will allow you to send extremely targeted emails that will ultimately lead to more open rates!

250+ Email templates:

You have access to over 250 downloadable, free and customizable email templates with its drag and drop editor. You can also access millions of stock images for your next email or newsletter campaign.

Trigger emails:

With BayEngage, you can run any type of trigger email campaigns: welcome emails, back-in-stock emails, reorder emails, abandoned cart emails, order confirmation emails and many more! You can keep engaging with your customers through their buyer journey and make your brand identity strong by building loyalty.

Real-time data:

You can track how well your email campaigns have performed and get insights on open rates and conversion rates

A/B testing:

You can run A/B testing on your subject lines and understand which works best for you!

Why choose BayEngage over Constant Contact?

Very affordable

Very reliable customer support

You get to do a trial run before subscribing to the product

Very reliable customer support

Extremely easy-to-use

2. Moosend

Moosend is an email marketing software for all types of online businesses. Their clients are not only Ecommerce store owners, they offer their products to agencies, booking companies, publishers and SaaS companies.

Known For Its


You can create segments and send highly personalized email campaigns. It breaks down your audience based on their online behavior.

Drag and drop editor

You can create professional-looking emails with its drag and drop feature and send out attractive email campaigns with no coding experience.

Data analytics

With its clear data analysis, you can see reports on your recipients’ activities: open rates, click-through-rates and bounce rates.

Subscription forms

Moosend allows you to create subscription forms to increase your email subscribers and helps you grow your list. These forms are customizable and pre-built.

Subject line tester

It gives you free access to its subject line tester to improve your open rates.

70+ free email newsletter templates

You can access over 70+ free customizable email newsletter templates with its drag and drop editor.

Why choose Moosend over Constant Contact?

Easy lead generation

Seamless customer experience

Affordable for Small to Medium businesses

Better customer support

3. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an email marketing platform that has tech giants as its clients. They have clients in different industries from media giants to non-profit organizations.

Known For Its

100+ email templates

Campaign Monitor offers 100+ free email templates with a drag and drop feature. You can use a countdown timer to drive urgency and also customize the templates however you want.

Email automation

With its unique visual journey designer, you can send timely trigger emails to increase customer engagement


With its smart segmentation feature, you can send more personalized content to build a strong relationship with your customers.

Link Review

You can check your emails using this feature for any broken hyperlinks or outdated links to avoid mishaps.

Sign-up forms

You can use this to increase your list and widen your email campaign by using it to introduce yourself to your new customers.


You can access data on the overall performance of your email marketing campaigns and improve your marketing strategies along the way.

Why choose Campaign Monitor over Constant Contact?

Easy lead generation

Better affordability

Increased customer engagement

Highly personalized

4. ConvertKit

ConvertKit is an email marketing software. Although its primary target audience is not Ecommerce store owners, but content creators and bloggers. It has good and useful features.

Known For Its

Custom landing page

You can customize and create landing pages to share your new ideas and projects with your audience in minutes.

Opt-in forms

With this feature, you can allow your users to give their email addresses and then let them download digital assets. This way you can continue building your email list.

Personalized emails

You can send personalized emails which will have content tailored just for your customers’ level of expertise in the subject matter.

Sell digital products through emails

You can sell digital products by using personalized CTAs and allow your customers to directly buy them without any integrations. Doing this will increase your conversion rates.

Automated sales funnel

Using this feature, you can send well-timed emails with personalized content, which will improve your sales.

Higher delivery rate

With ConvertKit, you don’t have to worry about your emails ending up in the spam box. They will always end up in the inbox.

Why choose ConvertKit over Constant Contact?

Visible increase in sales

No integrations needed to sell digital products

Personalized CTAs

Highly targeted emails

5. Hubspot

Hubspot is well-known for its CRM and marketing automation software. And they later launched their email marketing tool. When you sign up for their email marketing tool, you can access their free version of CRM, ads, online form builder, and many more.

Known For Its

Customize emails

You can create unique email designs using this feature and make them look professional. They have dozens of email templates in their marketplace for your use.

A/B testing

You can run A/B testing on your email campaigns to find the right subject line to increase your customer engagement.


You can see insights on who viewed your emails, what device they were using, and so and then test out new strategies to improve your email campaigns.


Your emails will always end up at the right time in the inbox regardless of the time zone differences.

Why choose Hubspot over Constant Contact?

Step-by-step guides are available in their resources

Increased customer engagement

Completely free to use

6. GetResponse

GetResponse has different tools under its wings. It has email marketing and online campaign management tools for you. It is user-friendly, and you can customize almost everything in your email campaign.

Known For Its

Email list

You can use this to create highly targeted subscribers’ journeys and personalize your emails with maximum customer engagement.

Mobile friendly

All of the email campaigns you send with this are extremely mobile-friendly, and the customers can seamlessly view them from their smartphones or tablets.

Triggered welcome emails

You can send automated welcome emails, which will be triggered as soon as you get a new subscriber to your list.

Easy integration

You can integrate with any commercial apps, social media channels, and tracking tools of your choice to streamline your contacts.

A/B testing

You can A/B test your subject lines, visual designs, and CTA to improve the quality of your next email campaign.

Why choose GetResponse over Constant Contact?

Highly mobile optimized

Detailed customer behavioral data

User-friendly interface

Great tool for small businesses

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