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Platform Solutions

TargetBay is a single platform that allows you to create flawless, personalized cross-channel interactions. You can boost customer involvement, increase revenue, and enhance customer loyalty by sending messages at the ideal times through the most efficient channels.


Browse Abandonment

Effectively reconnect with users who have shown interest in your products or services but left your website without making a purchase. Re-engage potential customers, ultimately increasing your chances of converting their interest into sales.

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Effortlessly re-engage customers who've left items in their carts, prompting them to complete purchases. Implementing comprehensive solutions can help reduce cart abandonment rates and improve the overall conversion rate.

Winback Automation

Regain lost customers by engaging through personalized messages, rekindling their interest, and driving them back to your brand. Enhance customer loyalty and revenue by re-establishing relationships with customers

Post Purchase Workflow

Maintain consistent and positive communication with your customers. These emails can include order confirmations, shipping updates, and requests for reviews or referrals. Enhance customer loyalty by getting valuable feedback.

Order Fulfillment Delay Notification

Inform customers about delays in order processing or delivery. Helps manage customer expectations, reduces inquiries, and maintains transparency, ensuring a positive customer experience even when unexpected delays occur.

360 degree Engagement

Maintain a strong engagement with your customers at every stage of their journey. Utilize BayEngage, BayReviews, and BayRewards as the ideal resources for ensuring customer satisfaction, fostering loyalty, and building trust.

Improved Conversion

Leverages data-driven insights and personalized strategies. Analyzing user behavior and preferences tailors websites to boost conversion rates. Resulting in increased sales, ultimately enhancing your online performance.

Order Confirmation Notification

Send customers an order confirmation email right after a purchase. This ensures customers have a clear record of purchase and enhances trust. Includes valuable details on shipping and expected delivery, offering a seamless and informative post-purchase experience.

Streamline All Your Channels Within a Unified Platform

Centralizes data for customer engagement, enabling businesses to get customer reviews and enhance loyalty across various channels.