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Unlock the VIP Experience for Your

Loyal Customers With BayRewards!

BayRewards VIP feature helps you acknowledge every milestone of your customers by helping you create different tiers with exciting perks and early bird access to new products.

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Reward Your VIP Customers

Encourage your customers to buy more with this program, exclusively for VIP customers based on the rewards they earn. Want to know how VIP tiers work?

Step 1: Add customers to the respective tiers based on the points

Customers can earn points through purchases, reviews, referrals, and social media engagement. These points unlock exciting tiers likes Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond, offering unique rewards and benefits to enhance customer experience.

BayRewards VIP Customers
BayRewards VIP Engage

Step 2: Engage them with different VIP rewards and benefits

BayRewards can help you design interesting VIP rewards for your customers. You can customize your widget to provide them with a wide range of unique rewards, all made possible by the BayRewards:

Step 3: Earn more and expand your VIP community

Businesses can set up custom VIP rewards by offering discounts for repeat customers or exclusive offers for new customers. Using BayRewards, businesses can increase customer loyalty, attract new customers, expand their community, and boost their sales.

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Make Your Customers Activate VIP Rewards With Different Types of Perks!

BayRewards offers a wide range of rewards customers can receive when moving up a tier.


Customers can earn basic rewards once they reach the basic reward tier. Keep engaging your customers with specially curated rewards to improve sales.

Exclusive coupons for every purchase
Special Discounts on birthdays
Free products for every online purchase
Additional points for every action

BayRewards Entry Level
BayRewards VIP Rewards


You can also customize special rewards based on your company’s requirements. You can always provide different VIP rewards for better customer engagement. Here are some examples of what customizations can be made:

• Early bird access to the sale
• Guest for special events
• Notifications of new launches
• Become product ambassadors
• Anything that’s on your list

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Get the Royal Treatment Ready for Loyal Customers!

BayRewards is an innovative rewards program that rewards customers for their loyalty and helps businesses grow their customer base. Are you ready to get started?