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Get 99.4% Email Deliverability With BayEngage

Don’t just send emails, reach customers’ inboxes, every time – score more
on your email deliverability

Why Does Email Deliverability Matter?

Effective email deliverability is crucial for successful email marketing campaigns. High deliverability ensures that your emails reach the recipients’ inboxes, increasing the chances of opens, clicks, and conversions.

Highlights of good email deliverability:
Improves sender reputation
Reduce spam complaints
Enhance customer engagement
Boost marketing ROI
Maximize email campaign effectiveness

How TargetBay Ensures 99.4% Email Deliverability?

A team of dedicated email delivery experts follows the best practices in the industry to make
your emails land on inboxes. Some of the effective practices are:

Effective use of SPF records

SPF records prevent email spoofing and enhance email deliverability.


Setting up DKIM & Domain keys

Setting up DKIM & DomainKeys adds cryptographic signatures to emails for sender authentication.

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Adding up DMARC values

Configuring DMARC involves setting policies for email authentication and handling of unauthenticated messages.

Using proper authentication from email providers

Proper email provider authentication improves deliverability and reduces email risks.


Constant email sending domain warm-up

Email domain warm-up steadily increases email volume to build sender reputation and improve deliverability.

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Monitoring performance of email domains 24/7

Continuous 24/7 monitoring of email domains ensures optimal performance and prompt issue resolution.


Dedicated Warm-up Plan

Gradually increase email volume for better sender reputation and deliverability.

Meet the Email Deliverability Maestros - Your Ticket to Inbox Success!


Our team provides 24/7 monitoring for the performance of the sending domains.


The email deliverability experts will handle the entire technical setup.


Feel free to contact our Customer Success team to have all your inquiries addressed.


Receive no-cost audits to assess the health of your current email deliverability.


Check Our Sample Email Domain Warmup Plan For 100,000 & 500,000 Email List


Feeling Confused ? Get in Touch With Our Customer Success Team and Know More About TargetBay!