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Visualize & Engage: A Spectrum of User-Generated Content

Elevate customer engagement with our review management platform. Share their photos, videos, and reviews creatively through customizable displays.

Enhance Review Collection With TargetBay

Improve your sales by integrating customer reviews, photos, and videos as a pivotal element of your brand’s identity.


Request Reviews:

Send unlimited review request emails and collect more reviews.

Site Reviews:

Unlock valuable insights and enhance your site's experience with customer reviews.


Product Reviews:

Discover authentic feedback that guides customer’s buying decisions.


Picture Reviews:

See the impact through the lens of customer’s authentic experiences because a picture is worth a thousand words.

Video Reviews:

Get an immersive insight into customer satisfaction with video reviews that speak volumes about product's excellence.

Display these reviews at high conversion points on your website and social media.

Ways to Collect User-Generated Content

Increase Your Brand Credibility with TargetBay

Secure Top Keyword Rankings

TargetBay collects reviews using in-line HTML, adding new content for better organic rankings, while customer reviews also enhance SEO keywords, increasing site visibility.


Display Sparkling Stars in Google Search Listings

Sending product reviews to Google improves your search results, making more people click on your website and increasing your traffic by 30%.

Empower Yourself with Content Control

TargetBay refines user content before posting, uses automation to filter spam and in-house moderation for authentic, quality reviews.