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4 Fully Integrated Revenue Generation Products

TargetBay tracks your customer’s shopping behavior and digital footprints, so you can engage personally with customers and improve online sales.

Improve Customer Engagement Using TargetBay’s Toolsets

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Achieve 30% returns with TargetBay cart recovery solutions

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Reduced Cart Abandonment Rate

Create cart abandonment pop-up and mailers without any coding skills. The TargetBay cart abandonment solution lets you automate the entire process by scheduling a cadence of personalized emails that win back sales and improve conversion rates.

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User-generated Content

Improve organic traffic and ranking with TargetBay reviews & QA tool

User-generated Content

Decrease In PPC Spending

User-generated content brings targeted traffic back to your website by increasing search friendly content. Get more reviews by automating your review collection process and increase organic traffic and conversions.

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Customer Life Cycle

Improve customer retention by 45% with TargetBay tools

Customer Life Cycle

Increased Customer Retention

Improve customer loyalty by re-engaging customers with personalized emails at different intervals. Win back customers with targeted emails and automate the entire process to build a loyal customer database.

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Social Integration

Create social recognition and loyalty to build your brand

Social Integration

More Social Traffic & Conversion

Get customer reviews on Facebook to increase social credibility and followers. An active social presence is essential to build your brand reputation. TargetBay’s unique social integration feature expands your market.

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TargetBay integrates with the platforms below. If your online store is on one of these platforms, you can install it without any developer support and start using TargetBay’s toolsets immediately.

TargetBay Magento Integration
TargetBay Shopify Integration
TargetBay Big Commerce Integration
TargetBay Woo Commerce Integration

TargetBay Case Study

TargetBay features are helping online stores improve their overall revenue by stopping shopping cart abandonment with personalized, increasing organic traffic by improving user generated content on the website and improving product discovery with personalized product recommendation.

Trusted By Leading eCommerce Businesses Worldwide

  • TargetBay Client Clever Cycle
  • TargetBay Client Bike Wagon
  • TargetBay Client TNVitamins
  • TargetBay Client Fab Habitat
  • TargetBay Client B-Driven Sports
  • TargetBay Client Canna Pet
  • TargetBay Client Fontana Ovens & Grills
  • TargetBay Client Hanger Project
  • TargetBay Client Microframe Corporation
  • TargetBay Client Southern Labware
  • TargetBay Client L9 Sports
  • TargetBay Client G Loves
  • TargetBay Client LuxPro
  • TargetBay Client SnoreStop
  • TargetBay Client The Baby Cubby

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