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TargetBay tracks your customer’s shopping behavior and digital footprints, so you can engage personally with customers and improve online sales.

Why TargetBay?

Unlike other individual eCommerce marketing automation tools, Targetbay’s entire architecture is built on top of a personalized email marketing platform. This means all of the tools work seamlessly together and enable advanced customer and visitor segmentation. The platform enables you to communicate relevant information and provides a personalized shopping experience. The platform also lets you see exactly how your customers navigate across your website, so you can take the necessary steps to convert them. As we grow with our customers, many more exciting tools will be integrated into the platform.

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TargetBay Magento Integration

Magento Integration

Compatible with all versions of Magento. Integrate TargetBay today to provide seamless intelligent eCommerce solutions.

TargetBay Shopify Integration

Shopify Integration

The Shopify community has spoken and we are listening. Our development team is currently building the integration with Shopify.

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21.Jun.2017 sri-krishna

5 Customer Retention Techniques To Make Your eCommerce Customers To Purchase More From You
It is a common proven fact that making an existing customer to make a purchase is six times more cost effective than finding

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23.May.2017 krithika-siddharth

6 Ways To Engage Better With Your eCommerce Customers

10.Mar.2017 krithika-siddharth

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