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Transform Conversations Into Conversions:

Skyrocket Revenue With TargetBay SMS Mastery!

With BayEngage, you can easily create and send personalized SMS campaigns within minutes. Engage customers through interactive two-way conversations, expand your reach and drive revenue growth.

SMS Campaign

BayEngage SMS Campaign Features

SMS Keywords

With BayEngage, you can easily get user consent and manage your SMS list with default and custom keywords - Like (YES, NO, STOP).

Two-Way Messaging

Real-time communication with customers for better connections, improve the customer experience, and drive smarter decisions.

SMS/MMS Campaign

Use mass or seasonal SMS campaigns to deliver offers, news, reminders, and promotions with engaging images and GIFs.

SMS AI Content

Bayengage AI generates engaging SMS content and subject lines for personalized marketing, resulting in more customer interactions and conversions.

Simplified Dashboard

Look at the performance of your campaigns as well as your total revenue, automation, contacts, subscribers, and pending subscribers.

Segmenting SMS List

Segmenting your SMS list is easy by categorizing recipients based on criteria, target specific groups, and improve your messaging strategy for better results.

Delivery Control

Limits the number of SMS messages that recipients get in order to increase customer engagement and improve customer' experience.

UTM Tracking

Customize UTM tracking by adding unique URL parameters to accurately analyze the performance of your campaigns.

Pre-Built Templates

Utilize the library, customize it for target audiences, and send timely messages with the SMS marketing Platform.

Launch Your SMS Campaigns within Minutes!

Shoot Your Messages in Minutes


Select Recipient List

Select the recipient list or segments for the campaign.


Choose Template

Type you own message or get AI assistance or choose from templates.


Schedule Campaign

Bulk SMS campaigns may be planned, scheduled, and sent for better performance.

Personalize Your Campaign with Free SMS Templates


4 Quick Tips: Optimize SMS Campaigns For More Reach!

SMS Signups, Lasting Relationships

Increase customer engagement by notifying them of new features and products via SMS subscription-triggered notification messages, keeping the customers informed and engaged with your brand.

SMS Personalized Signups
Short Messages, Works Well

Short Messages, Works Well

Keep your SMS messages short & interesting to engage readers. Focus on one main idea & use <160 characters. They are targeted with short & simple messaging, ensuring that your audience understands your message.

Whitelisted Hours, Timing Matters

Focus on sending messages during the most opportune times (10 AM - 8 PM) when your audience is likely to be available and receptive, excluding subscribers outside these hours for better targeting and results.

SMS Whitelisted Hours
SMS Personalized Offers

Personalized Offers, Clear CTA

Create customized offers based on subscribers' interests and offer a clear call-to-action to drive sales. Segment your audience to ensure that your offerings are relevant and customized.

Engage Consistently: BayEngage’s Personalized SMS to Boost Revenue!

Connect with your desired audience for marketing success! BayEngage allows easy SMS campaign customization to reach your desired audience effectively.