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Promotion to Retention, Text Messaging draws more attention!

Ideate, Personalize, Automate, and Engage your customers with SMS marketing: a cost-efficient and highest revenue-generating channel


Ideate, edit, generate, and add more personalized elements to your text messages!

Pre-built SMS ideas

Get ideas for your content from the free templates available for different recipes.

AI- text generator

Set the tone and generate engaging content for your business with the magical AI tool.

Personalized tags

Merge tags helps you send personalized text messages to your customers.

Add Coupons

Insert both static or dynamic coupon codes to attract more customers via SMS.


Captivate the hearts of your customers by connecting with them personally via phones!


Tap to opt-in

Email subscribers can choose an easy opt-in feature to receive SMS just a tap away.

URL shortener

Use shortened store links for sms to save characters, and you’ll have room to share more.

Contact Card

Prefilled contact information is just a click away for your customers to save your contact.

Bulk messaging

Connect with thousands of customers by sending messages at the same time for all.


Back-to-back conversations with customers to improve brand visibility and loyalty!

1-1 conversations

Text messages foster a sense of individual attention and care for your customers

Automated replies

Never stop interacting with customers even when you are not around instead, automate responses

Toll-free number

Get a dedicated toll-free number for your business in just 2-3 days to improve customer experience

SMS Keywords

Keywords like YES, STOP, CALL, JOIN, etc. can help you segment your SMS subscribers.

1-1 conversation

Convert leads into loyal customers through personalized SMS marketing!


Visitors to SMS subscribers

Use pop-ups to make a website visitor to signup with their phone number and convert them easily with one click

Email list to SMS list

Tap to opt-in options can be fitted in your email campaigns, which helps in converting an email user to an SMS subscriber

Keyword performance

Get a glimpse of the overall performance of your SMS campaigns and engage more for more conversions


Attach product images, along with your text messages, for more conversion

FREE onboarding and Migration
Our experts will take care of the entire onboarding and migration for you. We also assign a dedicated toll-free number that will be verified in just 2-3 business days! Want to know more about migration?
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