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Build customized Loyalty & Referrals programs to engage
existing customers and reach new ones.

Trusted by 4,240+ Brands
Targetbay Customers
Reward your most loyal customers
Reward Your Loyal Customers with Personalized Loyalty Programs that will Increase Customer Retention
Loyalty & Referrals
Encourage customers to advocate for your brand through referral programs.
Allow your customers to redeem their loyalty points with rewards.

Process thousands of rules instantly using a customizable logic engine effectively.

Divide customers into various groups based on their level of loyalty to your business.

Send reminder emails about their loyalty programs to boost their engagement.
Contact existing customers via SMS and request them to participate in loyalty programs.
Create & maintain your rewards program easily
Implement pre-built design and copywriting, or simply customize it to how you want!
Loyalty & Referrals
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Improve your KPIs & Achieve True Loyalty using BayRewards
Headless Loyalty Program

Access smarter infrastructure that will allow you to customize your frontend completely.
Collect necessary data from the backend and repackage it in an attractive way in the frontend layer.

Loyalty & Referrals

Loyalty info

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way to earn

way to redeem

Optimize Customer Acquisition Strategies for Maximum Impact

Tailored loyalty and referral programs to boost brand growth. Seamlessly integrate rewards, empower advocacy, and access performance insights. You can elevate your business with BayRewards today.

Loyalty & Referrals

Integration Experience

Experience a seamless transformation with BayRewards. Elevate customer engagement effortlessly.

Incentives for all actions

Engage, Reward, Repeat: Incentives for every customer action. From purchases to referrals, we've got you covered.

Logic Engine

The heart of tailored experiences, driving customer engagement. Unlock the potential of data-driven rewards effortlessly.

Customer Management

Streamline customer management, from engagement to retention. Effortlessly track interactions, optimize rewards, and foster loyalty.

Measure & understand your content
View program members, generated value from the programs, and the number of rewards issued.
Understand how you can improve customer experience and sales using the analytics!
Loyalty & Referrals
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