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The Best Yotpo Alternatives & Competitors – TargetBay Lets You Generate Plenty Of Real User Positive Reviews

12x More Reviews

12x More Reviews

Our order comment pop-up and review request email gets you more reviews

Get Ranked In Search Results

Get Ranked In Search Results

Showcase your reviews on search results with the star rating. Get ranked for keywords your shopper are searching for.

Build Customer Loyalty

Build Customer Loyalty

Improve customer retention rate by rewarding coupons, displaying badges and letting shopper take charge with Q&A forums

Find Why TargetBay Is The Perfect Yotpo Alternative For your Ecommerce Store

TargetBay Vs Yotpo




The TargetBay review collection platform is easy, effective and affordable. We know how hard it’s to break even being an online entrepreneur, that is why we have a competitive pricing model that suits small business owners to big enterprises.

Yotpo is significantly more expensive than Targetbay.

Leverage all reviews with inline SEO. All our plans (including the free one) get you the SEO benefit of the reviews generated using TargetBay.

Only the higher plans have the inline SEO option. You might have to pay much more than $500 if you want to yield the full benefit of user generated content.

Lets you customize the on-site review widget to sync with your brand

Yotpo also lets you customize on-site review widget

Showcase product reviews on your marketing emails with TargetBay, this helps you to leverage user generated content through multiple platforms.

Yotpo has no such options to help you leverage the user generated content that is created on the website

Send targeted review request emails to increase the number of reviews collected

Yotpo has no option to segment customer database

Get notified as soon as a customer posts a review on your website. This helps you reach out to customers sooner for better support.

No notification option in Yotpo

TargetBay syncs with the eCommerce system and lets you send review request emails along with the mail after shipment. This improves the chance of getting reviewed for the particular transaction

No mail after shipment option in Yotpo.

Facebook and Instagram integration to curate social reviews.

Facebook and Instagram integrations available.

After customer checks out and makes the payment, TargetBay lets you collect reviews through pop ups. Order comment has helped improve our client’s review count drastically.

No such option in Yotpo.

The Google rich snippet is available for all plans. Get the organic visibility your brand deserves.

Only the high valued plans have the option of Google rich snippet.

Showcase trust badges to improve customer trust and engagement.

Yotpo also provides trust badges to improve customer loyalty and trust.

No annual contracts. Customers are free to discontinue service when they are not satisfied with our product.

Insists on annual contracts and locks in customers.


Innovative Ecommerce Stores and Brands Trust TargetBay

TargetBay features are helping online stores improve their overall revenue by stopping shopping cart abandonment with personalized, increasing organic traffic by improving user generated content on the website and improving product discovery with personalized product recommendation.

TargetBay Success Story

These customers chose the perfect Yotpo alternative tool to get results

Divers Supply

Increased their reviews by 900% and decreased PPC budget by 16% in just three months by migrating from Magento review platform.

Hangers Project

Order Comment helped them collect 20% more reviews after they migrated from another review collection platform.

Tarps Now

Migrated from a leading review platform and witnessed 200% more reviews by using TargetBay’s intelligent review collection features

The Perfect Yotpo Alternatives & Competitors – TargetBay Lets You Collect 12X More Reviews

In-Mail Review Requests

TargetBay lets customers review products easily through the email itself.

Google Shopping Ads Ratings

Stand apart from competitors and showcase your product rating on your Google Shopping Ads

Community Q&A

Let customers engage with your product and brand to improve retention and reduce customer support dependency

TargetBay Review Hanger Project
Build Social Trust

Share your reviews on social platforms to improve your brand’s credibility and customer trust.

Search Engine Rating

Your reviews are crawled and indexed in search engines to improve organic traffic and conversions

Order Comment Pop-Up

Trigger pop-ups right after customer checkout process to get their reviews

The Best Yotpo Alternatives & Competitors – Choose
TargetBay And Save $4800 Every Year

Value For Money

We understand eCommerce dynamics and framed a reasonable pricing structure to help you generate more reviews and ratings for your eCommerce website and products.

We Do Everything & More

Compare us will all the review tools in the market, you can find that we are the ones that provide the maximum number of features that promises maximum ROI

Best Customer Support

Our support engineers are available round the clock to help assist your revenue generation process. Our knowledge base covers everything you need to do use the TargetBay Review tool effortlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What platforms are supported by TargetBay?

Currently we support Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Big Commerce and other custom eCommerce platforms. We will soon be adding other platforms to connect better with all eCommerce stores.

Do I have to pay for on-boarding?

Nope! On-boarding is completely free for TargetBay. We will also initially provide free support for the first 3 days to help you understand the product and its features better.

I am confused if TargetBay is a right fit. Can I talk to someone?

You can reach out to us by mailing to contactus@targetbay.com . One of our team member will reach out to you in 24 hours to help you understand if TargetBay is your best fit.

Do I need to pay one year fee up front?

Nope! You need to make up-front payments every month and enjoy accessing TargetBay. For any reason you feel TargetBay is not your best fit, you will be able to walk out anytime.

What personalization do you offer?

With TargetBay email personalization, you can send cart abandonment emails, welcome emails, win back emails, back in stock emails and other personalized emails needed to build a strong relationship with customers.

The Right Yotpo Alternatives – TargetBay Won’t Lock You In An Annual Contract

We understand that running an online store is a tough job and we don’t wish to lock our users in annual contract. Feel free to use our tool as and when you wish to make use of our features for you maximum benefit.

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