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BayRewards: Tier-Based Gamification for Increased Customer Engagement

Gamify your loyalty program! Create engaging and effective loyalty programs that drive customer retention, boost brand advocacy, and increase revenue generation with tier-based rewards.


65% of a company’s revenue comes from repeat purchase


It’s 5 – 25x more expensive to acquire new

57% of consumers spend more on brands to which they are loyal

The Power of Gamification in Loyalty Programs

BayRewards tier-based VIP program allows you to reward your customer with progressive benefits with each tier offering increasing benefits and rewards as they climb.

Why Should You Gamify Your Loyalty Program?

BayRewards takes this concept to the next level with tier-based approach,
making it a win-win for both businesses and customers

What Do You Get?

Higher customer engagement:

Trigger the competitive spirit within customers and keep them engaged with the excitement of unlocking new tiers


Better customer retention:

Customers who reach higher tiers are more likely to stay loyal to your brand


Enhanced brand advocacy:

Satisfied customers can become your brand advocates. Harness their positive experiences to attract new customers

What Do You Get?

Personalized experience:

Customers receive rewards that are tailored to their individual preferences, creating a more engaging experience


Tangible progression:

Shoppers experience a sense of accomplishment as they visually track their progress


Exclusive benefits:

Strengthen customer relationships and encourage repeat purchases with exclusive benefits

Tier-Based Model

Encourage and give your shoppers the opportunity to unlock higher tiers by engaging with your brand in meaningful ways.


Valuable Data Insights

Tailor your offerings and marketing strategies to suit your audience's needs with valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences data from BayRewards

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Level Up Your Loyalty with BayRewards'
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