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How TarpsNow Boosted Reviews, Organic Traffic, and Conversions with BayReviews

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TarpsNow, a leading manufacturer of custom tarps and covers, significantly enhanced their online presence by switching from Yotpo to TargetBay BayReviews.


4133 M139, St. Joseph, MI 49085

eCommerce Platform

Magento 2

Features/Strategies Used

Email automation
Domain & IP Address warmup
This case study delves into how TarpsNow achieved a 4.5x increase in product reviews, an 18% rise in organic traffic, and a 2% improvement in website conversions by leveraging the powerful features of BayReviews on their Magento 2 ecommerce site.


Despite their established market presence, TarpsNow faced several challenges with their previous review platform, Yotpo. These challenges included:

Insufficient product reviews


Poor organic search performance


Low conversion rates

To address these issues, TarpsNow needed a robust review management solution that could enhance customer engagement, boost organic traffic, and improve conversion rates.


TarpsNow’s primary objectives were to:

Increase the number of product reviews


Enhance organic search visibility


Improve the overall ecommerce conversion rate


Build customer trust and engagement


TargetBay BayReviews provided comprehensive features and support that transformed TarpsNow’s review management strategy.

Increased Review Requests: By transitioning to BayReviews, TarpsNow could send unlimited review-request emails, leading to a significant increase in customer engagement. Within just 60 days, they collected over 210 new reviews, a stark contrast to the 287 reviews gathered in the previous 12 months with Yotpo.


Improved Search Visibility: BayReviews enabled TarpsNow to utilize rich snippets and structured data, which enhanced the search engine ranking of their product pages. This visibility led to an 18% increase in organic traffic, as positive reviews and ratings were prominently displayed in search results, attracting more qualified visitors.

Enhanced User Experience: The Q&A feature of BayReviews allowed customers to find answers directly on product pages, increasing user engagement and reducing bounce rates. This feature contributed to a 2% improvement in the overall site-wide conversion rate.


Increased Customer Trust: The abundance of product reviews and user-generated testimonials on TarpsNow's website built trust and credibility with potential customers, driving conversions and solidifying the brand's reputation as a reliable source for high-quality tarps and covers.





By leveraging TargetBay BayReviews, TarpsNow successfully overcame their initial challenges with Yotpo. The switch resulted in a substantial increase in product reviews, enhanced organic search visibility, and improved conversion rates.

This strategic partnership with TargetBay has enabled TarpsNow to build greater customer trust and engagement, cementing their position as a leading manufacturer in the tarps and covers industry.

The success of TarpsNow underscores the efficacy of integrated review management solutions in driving business growth and achieving market leadership.