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Transforming Elina Organics into a leading skincare retailer with BayEngage

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Elina Organics, an organic skincare brand since 1998, faced challenges with sales conversions despite their longstanding presence in the industry. However, after partnering with BayEngage, Elina Organics substantially expanded their email and SMS subscriber base, resulting in impressive sales growth.


Kalamazoo, MI

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“I have been running Elina Organics since 1998. I have faced several challenges improving traffic to my website and also improving sales conversions over the last 2 decades. I finally found TargetBay and have a solution for all my needs. It’s an excellent all-in-one tool for reviews, email & SMS marketing, and retargeting ads. I can confidently say that TargetBay is a trustworthy Klaviyo alternative after using it for more than 6 months now.”
Elina Fedotova,
Chief Formulator and CEO, Elina Organics
Elina Organics was using Klaviyo for more than 3 years and it switched to BayEngage in 2022 for all its email and SMS marketing needs


Despite over 24 years in business, Elina Organics faced several challenges:

Improving Online Presence: Managing two websites (elinaorganics.com and elinaorganicsspa.com) made it difficult to position their brand effectively.


Growing Email and SMS Subscriber Base: They needed to expand their subscriber lists to increase customer engagement.


Automating Marketing Efforts: Email and SMS marketing automation was essential to save time and increase efficiency.


Recovering Abandoned Carts: They needed to implement strategies to recover lost sales from abandoned carts.


Increasing Sales Consistently: Generating consistent revenue from email and SMS marketing to improve ROI was a primary goal.


Elina Organics aimed to:

Establish effective eCommerce email marketing


Grow their email and SMS subscriber base


Use SMS marketing to increase sales


Automate email and SMS marketing efforts


Recover abandoned carts through drip email campaigns


Generate consistent revenue to increase ROI


BayEngage provided extensive assistance by implementing eCommerce pop-ups, creating targeted email and SMS campaigns, and automating workflows.

Growing the Subscriber Base: BayEngage implemented pop-up workflows on high-traffic web pages to collect email addresses and segmented the audience into 35 lists. This segmentation helped achieve more than 18% open rates, surpassing the industry average.
They added 5,783 email subscribers every month through these efforts.

Email and SMS Automation: BayEngage set up email automation triggers for welcome emails, exit intent pop-ups, abandoned cart emails, win-back emails, newsletter subscriptions, order confirmations, and post-purchase follow-ups.
SMS automation triggers were established for welcome messages, exit intent pop-ups, checkouts, and more.

Targeted Campaigns: Elina Organics began sending targeted email and SMS campaigns promoting new product launches, special offers, and seasonal deals, increasing engagement and sales.



Through strategic email and SMS marketing with BayEngage, Elina Organics achieved:

$103,734 in Sales from Email Marketing: Generated significant revenue within 120 days.


$151,474 in Sales from SMS Marketing: Achieved remarkable sales growth in just 90 days.


5,783 New Email Subscribers Monthly: Expanded their subscriber base substantially.


6,893 Onboarding Coupons: Provided within 180 days to enhance customer engagement and loyalty.


BayEngage’s email and SMS marketing solutions enabled Elina Organics to overcome their challenges, grow their subscriber base, and significantly increase sales.

By leveraging BayEngage’s comprehensive marketing strategies, Elina Organics has established itself as a leading retailer in the holistic skincare industry, reinforcing their reputation as the #1 organic skincare retailer in the US.