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The Transformation of Elina Organics: How BayEngage Helped Build a Leading Holistic Clinical Skincare Retailer in the USA

Elina Organics is a skincare brand that offers organic and natural products for all skin types. Their products are made with high-quality ingredients sourced from sustainable and eco-friendly practices.

Read the case study to understand how BayEngage helped them achieve success!

About Elina Organics

Elina Organics was established in 1998 and has since been recognized for its exceptional organic formulations that inherently deliver clinical results.

Handmade in their Michigan laboratory, Elina’s botanical formulas are designed to penetrate live skin cells by utilizing liposome encapsulation.

These liposomes are made from organic sunflower phospholipids, promoting deep delivery of active ingredients and providing nourishment and immediate firmness to the skin.


The Challenges


Elina Organics has been a successful player in the skin care industry for over 24 years. However, the company has encountered some obstacles regarding its online presence. They currently manage two websites – elinaorganics.com and elinaorganicsspa.com, which have presented some difficulties. As a consumer brand, Elina Organics strives to maintain a strong presence in front of its customers.

The Solution

Elina Organics faced the challenge of attracting shoppers and subscribers to its eCommerce site. To address this, BayEngage provided a solution that involved deploying appropriate pop-ups on the site and utilizing email and SMS campaigns.

Our team of experts carefully crafted these campaigns, including promotions for new product launches, free shipping and coupons, spa-related offerings, and seasonal campaigns. With these measures in place, Elina Organics saw an increase in engagement and sales.




Establish eCommerce email marketing and grow its email subscriber base


Use SMS marketing to increase sales


Automate their entire email marketing efforts


Recover abandoned carts through automated drip email campaigns


Generate revenue from email marketing consistently and increase email marketing ROI



This leading skin care retailer adds 2,783 email subscribers monthly through signup forms and pop-ups!


Uses onboarding coupons to generate more sales and has provided 6,893 coupons in the last 180 days.


Generated $103,734 in sales through email marketing within 120 days.


Generated $151,474 in sales from SMS Marketing in the last 90 days.


BayEngage Email & SMS Marketing solution helped Elina Organics to become the #1 organic skin care retailer in the US.

Client Testimonial

"I have been running Elina Organics since 1998. I have faced several challenges in improving website traffic and sales conversions over the last two decades. I finally found TargetBay and have a solution for all my needs. It's an excellent all-in-one tool for reviews, email & SMS marketing, and retargeting ads. I can confidently say that TargetBay is a trustworthy Klaviyo alternative after using it for more than six months."
Elina Fedotova
Chief Formulator and CEO, Elina Organics