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Reach the right customers, at the right time with highly-personalized brand communication. TargetBay’s email marketing steers the success of your Ecommerce store

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The constantly evolving landscape of digital marketing presents exciting opportunities for Ecommerce businesses. The emergence of new products, promising features and the compelling role of social media might make email marketing appear old-fashioned. However research has identified a significantly high ROI from this channel, delivering phenomenal revenue for brands that are utilizing it well. Ecommerce email marketing is powerful and more relevant than ever.

Supported Ecommerce Platforms

You can integrate TargetBay Q&A with your online store on any of these platforms:

TargetBay Magento Integration
TargetBay Shopify Integration
TargetBay Big Commerce Integration
TargetBay Woo Commerce Integration

Create winning email marketing campaigns with TargetBay

Improved Inbox Capability

By using a combination of technologies and strategies, TargetBay ensures that your email campaign lands in the inbox of the recipient.

Testing and Optimization

TargetBay facilitates A/ B/ C split testing of the Subject Line, Time of Sending and Sender’s Name. The multivariate testing reduces bounce rates and improves the performance of ecommerce email marketing campaigns. Create winning email campaigns by testing and optimizing your strategy accordingly.

Beautiful Templates

Start compelling conversations with your customers by using TargetBay’s beautiful templates that let you drag-and-drop valuable elements into your email such as coupons, ratings & reviews. Whether you want to create newsletters or promotional emails, our collection of pre-designed professional templates will make your work easy.

Generate more leads

A study by McKinsey shows that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than social marketing channels like Facebook and Twitter. TargetBay allows brands to create personalized emails for smartly segmented customer groups and schedule the emails in advance. This builds credibility which is important to gain and nurture leads.

Powerful segmentation & Automation

Customers love brand communication that is relevant and relatable. The success of ecommerce email marketing campaigns depends on the right message being sent to the right customer, at the right time. Else, they could simply land in spam. TargetBay creates powerful segmentation of customer databases and email lists, resulting in better deliverability and higher Click Through Rate. Once personalized email messages are created, they can be successfully triggered with TargetBay’s advanced email marketing automation software.

Driven by data

Measuring and analysing important components of email marketing metrics like the bounce and conversion rates, click-through rates, sales, customer engagement, leads generated etc, helps a brand optimize its efforts.

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