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11 Free Order Confirmation Email Templates

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What is an Order Confirmation Email?

Order confirmation emails are sent to buyers after they have made a purchase. This email confirms all the details of the order, including what was purchased, how much it costs, and when it will be delivered. It also provides customers with a link to track their order’s progress.

Why Order Confirmation Emails Matter

Order confirmation emails create loyalty, increase conversions, and improve customer retention rates. Order confirmation emails are an excellent way for businesses to care for their customers and become trustworthy. And, it is usually sent after an online purchase is completed, usually within 2- 3 hours.

1. Order confirmations give your customers sense of trust.

Order confirmation email informs the customer that your order was successfully placed and processed by your company. This is an opportunity to establish a good reputation and gain the trust of your customers.

2. It piques the interest of customers in their purchases.

Customers are always impressed with the confirmation emails they receive after purchasing on your website. This helps build rapport with your customers, making them more likely to make repeat purchases.

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3. Helps in the development of long-term customer relationships.

Creating a good customer experience starts with an order confirmation email. This is the first email that a customer sees when they purchase something from your store, and it sets the tone for the long-term relationship.

4. Creates Opportunity To Cross-sell And Upsell

Customers are more likely to accept your upsell when it comes after purchase. As a result, if you upsell or cross-sell useful products or services to your customers, they’ll reward you with additional revenue.

What Should an Order Confirmation Email Comprise?

1. Order number.

An order number is crucial, and this information should be visible and preferably at the top of the email.

2. Customer's contact information.

This means that if there is a question about whether or not their order went through, this information provides proof.

3. Shipping address.

The customer’s shipping information is essential to ensure the order is delivered to the correct address based on the given address.​

4. Summary of the order.

Provide details about the products ordered, including the product name, quantity, color, size, price, and tracking link.​

5. Cost break down

Ensure customers what they’re getting, including product costs, taxes, shipping costs, and savings on discounts.

6. Payment method and total cost.

Including the payment method helps the customer understand the total amount of cost.

7. Shipping method and the expected delivery date.

Confirm the delivery method, despatch date from warehouse, and the date the shipping company is expected to deliver.

8. Customer service information.

Contact information is necessary so that they can reach you if there is a problem or if they want to change or cancel their order.

Order Confirmation Email Subject Lines

A great way to increase your email opt-ins is by writing subject lines that pique interest. In fact, the subject line is the first thing your customers will see, and it can make or break whether they continue with reading your email.

Your subject line is your best opportunity to grab the attention of your potential readers, so you should never underestimate its importance.

With that in mind, here are some best practices for writing engaging subject lines that will increase the click-through rate of your order confirmation emails:

1. Make it concise

The average attention span of Internet users is 8 seconds. People are even less likely to pay attention to long sentences and paragraphs in the subject lines.

2. Personalize

A human touch is more likely to grab the attention of subscribers who see it as a more personal email than a branded email.

3. Use powerful words

Powerful words can turn an uninteresting subject line into an exciting one. It can increase the likelihood that the click will open the email.

4. Talk about the offer

Notify recipients of what they will receive after opening the email. Make your offer tempting and irresistible.

5. Use emojis wisely

Test the effectiveness of emojis on the subject line to ensure it’s relevant to your message and understandable to the recipient.

So to aid you in this. This section covers ten examples of the order confirmation email subject lines.

Characteristics Of An Excellent Order Confirmation Email

Order confirmation emails are a critical aspect of an ecommerce store’s transactional email sequence. An order confirmation email template isn’t challenging to create, but there are some best practices you need to follow.

1. Clear Subject Line

One of the most crucial parts of most emails is the subject line. Always write simple, short, and straightforward subject lines. Use personalization and emojis in the subject line to impress customers. It will make the customers open, read, and not move it to trash.

2. Brief Content

The content is a vital part of an email. In an order confirmation email, you should include the description of the products, the total order amount, when the order will ship, the exact delivery date, customer support contact details, returning details, and any other brand promotional content to engage customers.

3. Simple CTA

An order confirmation email may not require a salesy CTA. It’s helpful to provide a link to your customer’s order page or website link to shop further. You can add promotional CTAs links like referral buttons, loyalty program links, or social media handles to follow.

4. Suitable Email Templates

Sending a fancy order confirmation email is unnecessary. Because you will most likely be sending purchase details and product pictures, make these emails short and sweet. In a confirmation email, tables are one of the most typical ways to transmit information. Incorporate mobile-friendly templates for a smoother user experience.

Create an order confirmation email template and set up your transactional email sequence with a testing strategy to increase open rates. To find the optimum content for your order confirmation emails, you can use A/B testing.

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5. Stamp Identity

Simply sending the usual information doesn’t show your brand’s specialty. Always choose a color that specifies your company’s nature. Use a unique brand color and logo to establish your identity forever in the people’s minds wherever they may come to see you.

6. Engage Customers

The ideal job of order confirmation emails is to indicate order confirmation. But brands are nowadays trying to engage customers in various ways, such as promoting referral codes, sharing social profiles, and adding loyalty programs to increase ROI and build a good customer relationship.

Some Great Ideas for Designing Order Confirmation Email Templates

1. Make an excellent first impression.

An order confirmation email is your first point of contact with the customer after purchase. Choose an attractive email design, add value to the customer, and make the message stand out with smart copywriting.

2. Show your gratitude for the purchase.

Use the order confirmation email to show your gratitude for their purchase, and customize the message to connect. Remind the customer that doing business with you is the right decision.

3. Set the mood on what's happening next.

Utilize the order confirmation email to keep the customer up-to-date on what’s going on behind the scenes. Make it easy for customers to reach out to customer service information if they have a question.

4. Make space for promoting your brand.

An order confirmation email is a great place to highlight and advertise your brand. You can also use this opportunity to upsell by adding product recommendations to your email.

5. Create excitement through your communication.

Every order confirmation email contains important information for the customer. So create something witty while remaining vibrant can aid in connecting with them.

6. Provide incentives that will entice them to return.

Offer a reward that exceeds the customer expectations. This will also ensure that they form a bond with your product, and it will increase the likelihood of repurchasing.

The Best Order Confirmation Email Examples

Personalized Suggestions

You can provide targeted recommendations by adding upselling and cross-selling strategies in your order placement emails. It is the most successful and efficient method of persuading customers to buy more from you.

You should show clients relevant products by putting together a list of often purchased items. It encourages customers to think about what other products they require additionally to the main thing they bought.
For example, if a consumer purchases a mobile phone, you can add a phone case, screen protector, and headphones to their recommended list.
You can also offer customers package discounts by grouping related items together, such as best-selling products in that category, and so on. As a result, the customer could think about repurchasing it.

Make Referral Programs A Priority

Start sending order-placed emails with referral programs to increase customer loyalty and revenue. Send a personalized email to each recipient requesting them join your referral program.

When customers place a purchase, send them an order confirmation email with the subject line “Thank you for your order.” Then add Call To Action at the bottom, encouraging customers to refer friends and relatives by providing their email addresses. Give them a discount at checkout if they refer ten or more friends who make purchases simultaneously. 

Increase Your Social Media Followers

Increase social media followers
There are several techniques to grow your social media following. One of the most effective strategies is to use order confirmation emails. When you send customers an email confirming their purchase, they are more likely to open it and read it.

As a result, you can include social network links in order confirmation emails, which will direct customers to your profile and provide them with additional information about your brand.

Customers will be able to see what you have to offer, learn more about things they might be interested in, and follow your company on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Increase Sales By Leveraging User-Generated Content.

user generated content

Identifying what people like and dislike about your product or service from customer feedback is an easy strategy to improve your grade.

Take advantage of the fact that users already recognize your brand and products. Utilize User-Generated Content to obtain customer feedback and opinions to increase sales.

You will incorporate these reviews into your marketing materials, such as social media postings and website text, and appreciate the customers’ valuable feedback.

You can also entice customers to post their opinion on social media by offering them discounts on their next purchase, allowing you to reach out to new customers for high reach and more sales.

Encourage The Use Of Reward Systems

Offering Rewards

The best approach to attract clients to buy from you, again and again, is to run a loyalty program. When a customer shops from you, you can email them about your loyalty program along with their order confirmation.

When your customers purchase from you, use a loyalty program to reward them with points. Customers can earn points and exchange them for discounts or free products up to a certain level.

Consumers are more inclined to buy again and become long-term customers due to the loyalty program. Send them a frequent email with a list of redeemable points to utilize for future purchases.

Providing Discounts

providing discount

When customers make their first purchase, you know they enjoy what you’re selling. You can make the customers glad by offering them attractive discounts when they return for a second transaction, which results in better shopping.

You might offer them considerable discounts like 10%, 20% for the next purchase, free delivery, or limited period offer sale in addition to the order confirmation emails. As a result, they will be eager for the next purchase.

How Can BayEngage Help To Nail Order Confirmation Emails?

BayEngage is an excellent email marketing platform with numerous built-in elements to assist you with everything required to craft beautiful order confirmation emails.

BayEngage can integrate with your ecommerce website to test effective email marketing methods. It is developed with automation, pre-build email templates, signup forms, a free stock image library, and much more.

All of these features to help your business grow are just a click away. With BayEngage, you can send targeted and dynamic order confirmation emails. Now is the time to “Create Your Free account.”

11+ Order Confirmation Email Templates On BayEngage Are:

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Summing It All Up

While designing an order confirmation email, it is crucial to make sure that the tone of your writing fits in with the rest of your brand. If you are unsure about how to design an effective confirmation email, we have some great order confirmation email templates for you to make use of – which results in increased returning customer rates.

What are you waiting for? Create a free account with BayEngage and start designing cool order confirmation email templates that will keep your customers coming back for more.


An order confirmation is a receipt that confirms the acceptance of the purchase. This is verification from the seller that send to the buyer.

You can search for the order confirmation email templates online or create a free BayEngage account to gain access to 11+ free order confirmation email templates. You can play around with templates, make necessary changes, and then download the template to use as you wish.

Yes. A confirmation email gives customers a sense of trust because it notifies the customer that everything has gone well and that the products they want will be delivered.

After the customer has placed an order, an order confirmation email should be sent. Typically, within 2- 3 hours.

There is no rule to follow when creating order confirmation emails. However, ensure to include the order number, what was purchased, how much it costs, and when it will be delivered.

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