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How To Improve Open Rates And Click Through Rates On Email Marketing Campaigns?

open rates and click through rates

How To Improve Open Rates And Click Through Rates On Email Marketing Campaigns?

As we all know, Open Rate and CTR (Click Through Rate) are the two key factors to measure email marketing campaign performance. Did you know that only 3% of recipients open your email? And did you know that the Click Through Rate averages 1%?

Open Rates and Click-Through Rates can tell us what your target audience cares about and your campaigns’ relevance. It’s a simple metric to see if our audience is engaged by the content we sent them. The result of Open and Click-Through Rate on email marketing campaigns should be carefully measured to get high engagement rates. 

Every marketer wants their campaigns to perform well, so it is best to arm yourself with better knowledge; otherwise, you will return a poor ROI. So, this blog will let you find the best email marketing strategies to improve the Open and Click Through Rate of your email marketing campaigns. 

What is Open Rate?

Email open rate is the percentage of emails that are opened. In order to find it, you need to divide the number of emails opened by the number of emails sent.

The average email open rate is about 17%, but this can fluctuate on a case-by-case basis, depending on subject lines, the topic of the email, and other factors.

What is Click-Through Rate?

Email Click-Through Rate (CTR) measures how many people click on a link within an email. CTR is calculated by the number of recipients who click on a link in an email divided by the number of recipients that receive that email.

The CTR is one of the most important metrics available to you, as it tells you whether people are paying attention to your emails or not. By keeping track of your CTR, you can work out which subject lines get to read and which ones don’t.

Tips to Improve Open Rate of Email Campaigns

A number of elements come into play when determining whether or not an email message will spark your recipient’s interest.

The recipients can open your emails on different criteria depending on the relevancy to your target audience, time of the day, subject line, word count, sender recognition, or urgency. 

Here are some tips to improve the open rates of email campaigns. 

1. Subject Line 


Subject lines are usually the first thing a potential customer sees in an email. A good subject line can make or break your email campaign. 

The whole idea behind subject lines is that they should appeal to the reader’s interest, triggering them to open it and read further. 

Here are some of the tips helpful for writing a subject line:

  • Use numbers- If you include a number in your subject line, the open rate is more likely to increase. The number doesn’t have to be significant; just a simple “#” will do.
  •  Be clear about what it is about- Using words like “free” or “limited time offer” in the subject line will get people interested.
  • Use relevant keywords- A lot of people scan their emails, so if you can include relevant keywords in your subject lines that they might search for, then the chances of them clicking on it increase.
  • Keep it short and sweet- A great way to keep people interested is by keeping your subject lines short and sweet.
  • Make it personal- People love getting personal emails with tailored content, so why not do something similar with your business?
  • Include words like “you,” “your,” or “reward”- These kinds of words help to engage your readers.

2. Make Content Relevant to Target Audience


The relevance of an email to its recipients is an essential factor in its effectiveness. When your email is relevant and contains information of interest to the individuals on your list, you increase the chance that they will read it and share it with others. 

Sending out a newsletter that is irrelevant or has nothing of value for individuals on your list is one reason why some people report the email as spam or throw it away without reading it. 

The more relevant the message is to your audience, the better their response rate becomes. 

A helpful message that offers information about products or services that meets customers’ needs should be exciting and enable them to enjoy your content with others. 

The diversity of interest among subscribers makes relevance a difficult thing to measure. However, if you do your research carefully and target only those interested in your offer, you will get better results.

3. Maintain a High-Quality Email List


To maintain a high-quality list, you should focus on building your email list through opt-in methods rather than tricks or lies. 

This is the only method to verify that the individuals on your mailing list are genuinely want to be there and not signed up in a tricked way. 

To ensure that interested recipients receive your emails, avoid sending spammy emails with offers that seem too good to be true. Don’t trick customers into clicking on email links to get them to enter their email addresses. 

If you send quality emails consistently and politely, you will never have to worry about your emails getting lost in spam folders or deleted without reading. Instead, you’ll receive open rates that go through the roof!

4. Use Preview Text the Right Way


Every time your email is opened, the first thing that hits the inbox is the preview text. This is the brief point that shows up in the email before you open and decides whether to read it or not. The preview text serves as a snapshot of your email and helps recipients decide whether or not they want to open it.

This section must speak to the reader; you can use this space to entice subscribers to open so you can boost your email open rate.

You should always include a call-to-action, don’t forget that the preview text is not limited to that one line. You can add a second subject line for even more impact and use this space to summarize the email if you want people to open your email and head straight for a link or button.

Tips to Improve Click-Through Rate Of Email Campaigns

1. Stick to One Goal


People are smart enough to know that too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. Some marketers think consumers like choice and respond better to an email with many competing Call To Action. 

Marketers should know people generally respond better to emails with one primary Call To Action. Misrepresenting multiple Call To Action in an email can confuse readers, who may end up not taking any action at all. 

When deciding what you want your customers to do, you should choose just one action and focus your efforts on making it as easy as possible for them to perform that action.

2. Refresh Your Email Designs

Keeping your email marketing fresh is essential. But how, you ask? 

Well, it all starts with your templates. 

Customers become tired of seeing the same things over and over again. And that’s not good for you or them. With decreased engagement comes fewer clicks and fewer sales. 

In order to keep those click-through rates high, you need to keep innovating and coming up with new ideas. Don’t let yourself slip the track. Keep your templates refreshed, and stay creative!

3. Segment Your Email Subscribers


If you send a mass email to everyone on your list, even if it’s excellent content, you have damped down your message and ended up engaging with no one.

Instead of sending one message to everyone, segment your list into relevant groups and send targeted messages. 

Segment your email list using these ways

Demographics – by gender, age, and location.

Online purchase history – what they bought in the past, how much they spent, etc.

Online behavior – based on what they do.

4. Show Urgency and Scarcity


Increase your email click-through rate by keeping your audience’s attention on the page by creating a sense of urgency.

Try to add countdown timers or highlight scarcity. Countdown timers are an attractive visual element that nudges recipients to click through to your website because they’re unsure if they’ll see them again. 

Scarcity can be triggered by the fear of missing out (FOMO) concept that encourages click-through rate and makes recipients more willing to purchase when they see items running low in stock.

5. Know the Best Time 

Is your click-through rate on the low side? If so, the time you send your emails may be the culprit. 

The best times to send email campaigns vary depending on what you’re promoting. If you are unsure about the timing, it is always good to check a few times to see which generates the highest number of clicks on your email campaigns.

6. Go Mobile-Friendly


When you’re writing an email and want to ensure a high response rate, it’s essential to consider the type of device your recipients will be reading your message on.

If most of your audience reads emails from their phone, you might want to consider making your message mobile-friendly. This means that the structure of your email won’t change when viewed on a small screen. 

7. Do Testing!


Every tiny detail matters when you sell a product or make a user engage with your brand. 

Even the slightest design tweak can make a big difference in the success of your email campaign.  

To ensure that you’re optimizing your campaigns and getting the best results, try testing different parts of your email from subject lines, preview text, content, layout, call to action, and timing. You will end up surprised by the subtle differences that could mean a big difference in click rate and sales. 

8. Approach Non-openers Again


Sending the same message more than once doesn’t mean you’re annoying your customers. 

It’s quite the opposite. Resending to non-openers is a great way to increase your email campaign open rates. 

If you were sending an email noticed by the recipient, and if the recipient does not open it, don’t worry. Resend it. It will trigger the audience to open why you are resending the message again.  

9. Clean Email List

Make sure to keep a clean email list for your business’s success. 

To make sure your list is clean, do the following: Remove any subscribers who have not taken action on your emails in the past six months. Remove any incorrect email addresses that bounce back from delivery attempts.

How Can BayEngage Help You Improve Open Rates And Click Through Rates?

BayEngage is a beautiful email marketing tool developed with the best features to improve open and click-through rates.

  • BayEngage helps you to deliver all your emails in the primary folder. So, you need not worry about the email deliverability rate.  
  • It has more than 300 prebuilt free email templates for various campaigns. It will make your work easier to send personalized emails.
  • BayEngage comes with an easy drag and drop editor to customize your templates preferring to your taste. It is loaded with a free stock image library to use HD images without opening your browser.
  • BayEngage has an advanced email segmentation feature to list various campaigns according to your audience.
  • Your email campaigns can be automated using BayEngage’s automation recipe to improve user experience and drive more engagement.
  • If you still want to improve your open rates and CTR, give it a try to the  14 days free trial of BayEngage to experiment with its unique features.

Take Away

The key to getting higher open rates and click-through rates on your emails is to make it personal. 

Please don’t send out a generic email to everyone on your list. Give your audience the topics concerned with their lives, or part of their life, or something that matters to them. 

In the end, your business won’t grow if people don’t know about you and your brand. And you can’t tell people about your brand if they never open the mail you send them.

I hope this blog helps you to redefine yourself and your brand. 

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