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The Importance of Email Personalization and How it Improves Your ROI

The Importance Of Email Personalization And How It Improves Your ROI

Email marketing is the most cost-efficient way to market your product to targeted customers. But, have you ever wondered why your eCommerce emails have poor returns? Why the open rates and CTRs are extremely low, even if your mailing list is filled with users who have signed up to receive your updates? It’s because you don’t personalize the emails you send to your subscribers. And by personalization, we don’t mean to add their names to each email – it’s so much more.

A personalized email marketing campaign can help you get 6x times higher transaction and the shocking truth is that 70% of the brands fail to make use of it. What the brands don’t realize is that by failing to personalize, they are making the three fatal mistakes:

  • Sending irrelevant content
  • Sending too many emails and spamming the user’s inbox
  • Or, by not doing anything about cart abandonment

This is where personalization comes in, to help start building good relationships with your users by sending valuable user-specific emails that speak to them.

How Personalizations Help You Overcome These Three Issues

When we are on a mission to start personalizing, we start looking at data to understand our customers. Your journey to a more refined email marketing begins then. The data will give you all the information needed to captivate the user’s interest, resulting in a higher OR and CTR.

Personalize Your Email Content

The perfect personalized email will have the right subject line, the correct way to address users, great relevant content and the perfect CTA. This helps in attracting the user and converting them into visitors.

Let’s consider a scenario where you send an email to an 18-year-old girl about the latest offers on PS4 games? You think she is ever going to click on it. NO!

If the same email is targeted to boys/men aged between 18 – 35 years, you are sure to get some clicks. This is only a 10% of personalization, with sophisticated tools you can host targeted campaigns to customers who will be willing to convert.

Its time to bid goodbye to those non-targeted mailers that you blindly shoot out at people. Start segregating your users based on their age and interest to send out personalized content. Adding value with added content like their favourite products or useful tips will give the necessary brownie points that make them convert.

Find the Right Time to Send Emails

Plenty of marketers think that when they send numerous emails, they can win their competitors and get maximum visibility from users. This is a really wrong notion as it irritates users and makes them unsubscribe. It’s like losing a customer, forever. It costs ten times more to acquire a new customer compared to retaining one.

The best way to get maximum visibility is by finding the right time to send emails to get the maximum open rate. It’s one of the most important parts about personalization, you get to know more about your users and when they prefer to use your eCommerce website.

So remember, no good comes from sending 10 different emails to users or targeting them at midnight. It’s best to be armed with the right information that helps you build a good relationship with your customers.

Shopping Cart Abandonment – It’s time you got them back

“Nearly $4 trillion worth of products are abandoned annually by online shopping carts.”

Being an eCommerce site owner, these kind of losses are personally hard as we have spent tons of time and money in getting those customers to our eCommerce store. After all the hard work, they leave empty-handed.

“63 per cent of that could be recovered from being a savvy online retailer!”

How? Abandoned cart email, of course.

By regularly following up with these users and giving them the right incentive, you can bring them back to the website and get them to complete the transaction.

It’s all about crafting the right email that targets people with the right incentive. For example, if a user abandons a shopping cart when they see the shipping costs, we can send them ‘free shipping for orders above $50’ coupon.

Your analytics tool is a great place where you can find information regarding user activity. This reduces the need to send multiple emails and get the user’s attention with personalized messages that give them the right content or incentive targeted to make them transact.

It’s amazing what some level of research can reveal about your users and how they perceive your eCommerce site and product. Accepted, it’s not an easy task to dig through an array of data that doesn’t always make any sense to most of us. That’s why we have the perfect tool, to simplify all your personalization need.

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