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Introducing TargetBay – Why is it the Right eCommerce Personalization Tool

Introducing TargetBay – Why Is It Your Right eCommerce Personalization Tool

With the current eCommerce boom, building an online store is extremely easy and everything that comes after it is the tough part. Even then, with a solid marketing plan, you can bring users to your website, but the real challenge lies in converting your traffic to paying customers.

Did you know: According to a recent survey, only 110,000 eCommerce websites generate meaningful income, whereas the rest suffer to make ends meet.

The two major problems eCommerce store owners come across is

  • Less Conversion rate
  • High cart abandonment rate

And, only one major factor can help eliminate both these problems: Personalization.

It’s the best way to engage with your customers and improve your conversion rate as well as reduce cart abandonment. Looking at the statistics, the cart abandonment rate of a given website is between 60% to 80%.

The blatant fact is that 67% of the abandoned carts could be retrieved if you are armed with the right tool to help you.

The General Scenario:

When you are competing in the eCommerce marketplace, it’s easy to understand what goes wrong and why. But, it’s extremely difficult to fix if you don’t have the right tools.

This is where Targetbay comes in…

Targetbay is affordable and helps personalize your brand with ease. People abandon their cart for multiple reasons, but getting them back is simple as Targetbay automates the entire process for you.

Targetbay Personalization Features

You have built an awesome store filled with really cool products, but why aren’t customers buying? The simple truth is that an eCommerce store’s success no longer depends only upon selling products at a competitive price, it’s so much more.

An eCommerce experience is all about building a relationship through trust and good service. Let’s learn how personalizing your website using Targetbay lets you get a little bit closer to your customers.

Understand Your Customers

You can visually witness how each user navigates your eCommerce store with the awesome feature called ‘Insights’ – It maps the entire customer journey for you!

Understand Your Customers

Understand at what point they decide to sign up to your site and what products they are interested in. Your customer’s entire journey is mapped out for you to understand how they perceive your website and how well they convert or abandon your site.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

People abandon their carts for various reasons and if you don’t get in touch with them soon, they will probably be on your competitor’s checkout page. The average cart abandonment rate is as high as 67%. If you are interested in getting users back to the cart to complete the transaction, then the Targetbay’s cart abandonment feature is what you need most. They can help with:

  • Automating emails to get customers back after they abandon their cart.
  • Schedule multiple emails for various scenarios to ensure you don’t lose any customer.

abandoned cart triggers

Engage With Users Through Personalization

Targetbay lets you automate various factors that are important to your eCommerce customers. Personalization is nothing but letting users know you care and that they are one of your valuable customers. When you are able to able to connect to your shoppers on a personal level, you will win yourself a loyal customer. With Targetbay, you can:

  • Send personalized Birthday mailers

Email Personalization

  • Send a personalized email urging any customer who spends more than 2 minutes on a particular product to go ahead with the transaction. You can also entice them with a discount coupon code.
  • Set a price drop alert and let the customer know that their favourite product’s price has fallen.
  • Notice your customer is dormant for more than a month and send an automated mailer to get them back to your site.

There are various such triggers you can set across your eCommerce website to send personalized email to win your customers using Targetbay.

Run Multiple Campaigns And Get Visual Reports

Each trigger is set as a separate campaign and you can run multiple campaigns at the same time. That’s not all, you can monitor them in real-time. Targetbay’s intuitive dashboard lets you access data visually.

Run Multiple Campaigns And Get Visual Reports

DIY Email Builder

Building the right email has always been a challenge if you don’t have an in-house designer. With Targetbay’s DIY feature, you can build the email template you want and send it out in an instant.

DIY Email Builder

The template is easy to design with drag and drop feature. Just align each component of the template, enter the content and you are good to go. Also, you can predefine templates for each campaign.

Predefined Template

Next time when you need to run a similar campaign, all you have to do is select the saved template, edit the content and schedule it. It is that easy!

DIY Pop-Ups To Engage

Pop-Ups are a great way to engage with users as it’s extremely visual. To ensure these pop-ups get maximum engagement rate, you just need to make it relevant. To help you do just that, TargetBay wanted to bring personalization and pop-ups together.

Still not convinced how pop-ups can improve your eCommerce sale, read on:

Scenario #1: Stop Exit Intent

Notice a customer leaving the website without making a transaction?

Exit-Intent popup

These pop-ups can give the necessary incentive to get. The pop-up message can help you win your customers back.

Scenario #2: Customer lingers around a product for more than a minute

Instant pop-ups will improve conversions drastically as it gives the necessary push to convert interested customers to paying clients.

Customer Lingers Around A Product For More Than A Minute

Scenario #3: Promote Your Offers Efficiently

These pop-ups can also be used to showcase your promotions and offers in any page to any set of users you wish. Run targeted campaigns by selecting a particular segment of users or particular categories, this helps in getting maximum ROI for each campaign.

The possibilities are endless. Popups can be generated across your website for various scenarios to ensure you have the customer stay within the website or buy immediately. It’s time to create personalized pop-up and witness conversions!

Right now Targetbay is in Beta and the eCommerce stores using Targetbay is seeing a 20 % increase in revenue with its personalization features.

It’s time you start thinking smart and get personal with your customers to boost your eCommerce business.
Start Personalizing Your eCommerce Store

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