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The Advantages TargetBay Offers Over Bronto

The Advantages TargetBay Offers Over Bronto

29.Sep.2016 targetbay - Comparison



Users are tracked in real time. Choose from a variety of parameters – Cart abandonment, time spent viewing a product, etc.

No user action tracking – Time spent on page, preferred products, etc.

Dynamic behavioral profiling and segmentation of users. Track your customers real-time as they browse through your store, and segment them based on their behavior for effective marketing campaigns.

User are not profiled real-time, based on user actions. Segmentation is based on static metrics such as geographical location, purchase details, etc.

Diverse choice of triggers, which can be customized to fit individual users.

Workflow triggers can be set only for a limited number of actions.

Follow up emails can be set up in the workflow, completely customized, and triggered based on user actions.

One set of post-purchase emails can be sent. There are no customizable follow-up email options.

Emails can be triggered post-purchase, asking customers for reviews.

No review requests

Users are shown pop-ups for pre-determinesd actions (cart abandonment, session exits, etc.) based on their behavior

No behavioral messages are displayed

Emails are 100% customizable, with widgets such as cart abandonment, product refill, price drop, etc. Each mail can be customized to suit the needs of that particular customer.

Email templates are basic and cannot be personalized completely.

Comprehensive review forums, where users can review and rate products, and potential customers can ask questions and have them answered by existing customers.

No community Q&A forums


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