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Email Campaign Ideas To Boost Your Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sales

Campaign Ideas To Boost Your Sale This Black Friday And Cyber Monday

The busiest time of the year for eCommerce is just around the corner. Looking at data from the 2015 holiday season, branded websites have recorded 2.4 times higher sales than Amazon. If you are only selling on marketplaces then you should consider moving to your own branded domains. Also, according to PWC, customer spending is expected to be the highest in 2016 since the recession in the 2000s, which is 10% more than 2015 holiday spending because of customer’s improved standards of living and increased annual incomes.

Coming back to the Thanksgiving weekend sale statistics, it accounted for 12.6% of the total holiday sales last year and 72% of customers are planning on shopping this Thanksgiving. So, if you haven’t already planned big for these two days, we have got you covered.

Plan Promotions Of Value

Almost all eCommerce stores will have some promotion or another, so, you need to stand out and make your eCommerce store valuable for customers during the holiday season. Be different and not just put up any product for sale, but provide value for customers. It’s time to pull out your sales report and make a list of the most popular products on your website and sell them with attractive offers. Your customers will thank you for the thoughtful gesture and will help your promotion to succeed by sharing it with their loved ones. This will greatly help improve your ROI.

Black Friday Email Promotion

Frame The Right Message

The right message is all that’s needed to sell your product. Design the perfect message that syncs well with the occasion and your product.

See how Chubbies got it right with their promotional email targeted for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Thnaksgiving email

Start getting the customer’s attention with unique campaigns that work for your products.

Build Your Mailer Now

Create A Hype With A Custom Landing Page

A custom landing page dedicated to Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the best place to excite shoppers. You can let them take a sneak peek on the upcoming offers and provide various other valuable information to convert customers effortlessly. By redirecting users to the landing pages, you can track your marketing campaign’s success and understand the best possible ways to attract customers.

Plan A Personalized Email Campaign

A series of emails targeted towards the Thanksgiving weekend is a great way to improve ROI. The major flaw in these kinds of campaigns is that marketers send out a general email to their entire database and this leads to a low click-through rate and increases unsubscribes.

It’s time you start thinking about smart marketing and personalize your eCommerce marketing. Start by segmenting your user database to send personalized and relevant emails to your customers.

Segment Your Customers

Get Back Lost Customers

Provide coupon codes with additional discounts to bring back customers who have been dormant for long. These sort of incentives will help improve traffic and customer engagement within the website.

Free Shipping

62% of customers cited that high shipping fee is one of the most frustrating factors of online shopping. Ease customer worries this holiday season with coupon codes for free shipping.

The ‘Scarcity’ Mailer

This is a great way to get repeat customers to transact immediately. Send a series of mailers showing amazing discounts on their favourite products and that they are about to run out of stock. Urge them to grab it before it’s gone for a never-seen-before price. The elements such as ’till stock lasts’, ‘fast-selling’ etc. helps get customers attention to improve email open rate and ROI.

Extended Offer Mailer

The last chance of a sale is a great way to kick-start people’s impulse purchase instincts. A mailer stating ‘Sale Extended – Only For 24 Hours’ will get people’s attention as they don’t want to miss out on any great offers.

With personalizing recommendation, you get to reach out to the right audience with the right product to improve conversion drastically.

Promotion On Gift Cards

According to the National Retail Federation, an average person spends over $170 on gift cards. By providing 5% off on gift cards or giving a free gift card of value $10 for customers who spend over a $100 is a great way to improve transactions on your eCommerce website.

Spread The Joy Of Holidays

Send out mystery discounts or free holiday goodies to make customers feel special and loved. By making use of messages such as ‘Just For You’ or ‘We love You’ you can relate to customers on a personal level to improve loyalty this holiday season.

Gift Guides And Recommendation

A great way to promote products is through the means of gift guides. Curate a list of products under $20 and send out the email. You can also gather a few of the top-rated products to boost product visibility and help customers find products of value. Gift recommendation is a great way to improve conversion as your entire database of customers are looking to find gifts for their loved ones.

Digital sales this year are expected to hit $94.71 billion by Christmas. Customers are ready to spend and your success depends on how well you market yourself and create a long-lasting impact in your customer’s mind, or your competitors will.

Start Personalizing Your Campaign

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