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Automate Every Customer Touchpoint

BayEngage helps you build fully customizable and user-friendly "Email + SMS automation" workflows based on user behavior and buying habits — which leads to higher repeat purchases and Increased ROI.

Automate Every Customer Touchpoint

BayEngage helps you build fully customizable and user-friendly "Email + SMS automation" workflows based on user behavior and buying habits — which leads to higher repeat purchases and Increased ROI.

Order confirmation notification

Automate and boost your brand's credibility by informing your customer that the purchase process was successful. You can chill out while we keep your customers posted with shipping preparations, the expected delivery time, and more - all it takes is setting up the flow!

Winback customers

Get customers to interact with your strategically timed and targeted emails and SMSes. Nudge them with exciting offers and easily renew their interest. With 200+ pre-built templates (for automation), crafting a win-back email is just a piece of cake.

Abandoned cart recovery

Recover more than 46% of your abandoned carts with intelligent cart recovery automation on BayEngage. Set up time delays, create granular product filters, advanced email activity splits, and more. Set up cart recovery and watch your sales take off!

Order fulfillment delay notification

When you have a delay next time, you’ll be smiling with assurance knowing that you have Bayengage's automation in place to tackle the issue. You can save yourself from stress as we smoothly take care of the situation.

Back-in-stock notification

Automate the effort into informing customers that an item they were interested in is back in stock and level up your sales. Give them the product details and drive conversions with a click of a button!

Upsell your products

Find upselling possibilities with our upsell automation recipe. Using product filters (demographics, purchase behavior, email activity, etc.), entice your customers with relevant and helpful products.

Birthday automation

Impress your customers by differentiating yourself from the rest of the pack by giving them exclusive offers and discounts on their special days with date-based automation. Insert a coupon code tag in your pre-built email and call it a day!

Review request

Most consumers are open to leaving a review when asked. Make your lives easier by having pre-built automated review request email templates that are drafted up and ready to go. Sit back and relax while we collect reviews on behalf of you!

Reorder products

Be there when your customers are on the lookout for your products. The reorder automation recipe helps you automate your emails and SMSes to make recurring purchases a breeze with advanced time delay elements and product filters.

Personalize Your Customer Experience
Every Step Of The Way

BayEngage has 20+ automation recipes that cover the entire customer journey. You can choose your workflows,
set them up, and skyrocket your sales

Omnichannel is the
way to go!

Leverage Email + SMS

We have combined the best of email marketing and SMS marketing automation into a single solution that you can use to reach your customers effectively and consistently.

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Plug & Play Email Templates Into Your Flow

Hundreds of pre-built email templates

Setting up an email or SMS campaign couldn’t be easier with BayEngage. Our drag-and-drop interface with hundreds of pre-built email templates makes it easy for anyone to create concise and effective marketing automation campaigns that help grow their sales and revenue.

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Advanced, Granular Workflows

Target the right audience

BayEngage’s advanced, granular workflows allow you to increase sales seamlessly. You can create flows based on user activity, email engagement, create “Yes” and “No” paths for each engagement metric, and much more!

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One-Click Amazement

Loads Of Integrations
If there is an easier way to integrate, we bet you this is it. Thanks to our one-click integration with some of the most well-renowned e-commerce platforms, such as: “Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, Recharge, Zapier, Smile IO, and many more.”

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No Code. No Sweat. Integrate within minutes and start setting up your automation


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BayEngage has 20+ pre-built automation recipes that cover the entire customer journey from start to finish. Some of these recipes include welcome emails, abandoned cart recovery, win-back customers, upselling, Back In stock, and more.

BayEngage’s ACR is pretty advanced. Users can create intuitive workflows based on user behavior, transaction, cart value, engagement, and time delays. Users can also split emails and SMS flows by yes/no paths.

BayEngage has built-in SMS and email automation. It is simple and easy to use. You can drag and drop and set up the flow. Users can mix both email & SMS in an automation flow.

Users can segment their audience based on email activity, past purchases, user fields(Birthdays), demographics, behavior, transaction, user activity, email engagement, subscription status, and more.

You can skip uploading and creating triggers each time. As BayEngage has deep integrations with Ecommerce platforms, data will be synchronized automatically. It just takes one click to integrate. We integrate with Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, Miva, and more.

Experience The True Power Of Email + SMS
Automation With BayEngage