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Enterprise Email Marketing: Benefits, Strategies and Tools (2023)

Enterprise Email Marketing Benefits, strategies and tools of 2023

Every business out there, whether a small, mid-size, or fully blown enterprise, opts for email as one of the marketing channels of their choice. Unlike the other marketing channels, the email conversion rate is a nuanced metric that stood at 7.5 billion USD in 2020 and is expected to grow to 17.9 billion USD in 2027.

What Is an Enterprise?

According to Gartner’s findings, the company is categorized as mid-size or enterprise based on the size of the employees. If the company has more than 1000 employees, it is noticeable as an enterprise. 

But compared to SMBs, an enterprise has to constantly evolve its marketing efforts and strategies to ensure all the aspects work for them, which takes time and effort. Do you agree to it? Then that’s where the enterprise email marketing platforms pitch in to automate your planned campaign seamlessly. 

What Makes Enterprise Email Marketing Different from SMBs’?

Enterprise email marketing significantly differs from the SMB’s email marketing process, majorly in its usage and scope. Usually, major email marketing tools offer robust features to make the business’s marketing process effortless, but yes! That obviously aligns with the pricing plan.

SMB’s email marketing platforms lack advanced features like lead scoring, limited email workflows, customer support, Integrations, Omnichannel support, and more! Contradictorily, enterprise email marketing platforms give you a complete experience. That comes with advanced reporting, unlimited testing, and predominantly CRM integration with data exporting capabilities, running multiple email campaigns, Omnichannel support, In-built email templates, A/B testing, etc. 

Though enterprise email marketing tools also offer features for SMBs, they still hold their difference:

Difference between Enterprise and SMB's Email Marketing

What Makes Enterprise Email Marketing So Popular?

The one channel that continues to perform well year after year is email because it is clear that ten years down the line, the ROI generated by email is higher than other channels, i.e., it generates $42 for every $1 spent by the business. 

Let me share some benefits of enterprise email marketing down here;

– Drive Traffic to the Website:

Though the goal of marketers is to bring in conversion, equally, they prefer to drive traffic to your website, undoubtedly, an enterprise email marketing campaign is the best way to reach and connect with your audience on time. But how? 

For example, enterprises unquestionably have a larger audience that should be segmented into multiple clusters so that you can reach your audience with personalized emails about your new or updated product or service that change visitors to potential customers.

– Increase the ROI:

Email marketing is an effective channel that drives higher ROI to your company, which yields an average of $3800% for every $1 spent. With these statistics, it is clear that enterprise email marketing outperforms compared to other marketing channels, especially regarding the company’s ROI. But how?

 Enterprise email marketing strategy allows you to send highly personalized and relevant messages, unlike the social channel where you send messages to all users regardless of their location, purchase history, and buying behavior. 

– Increase Conversion:

Every company is laser-focused on driving conversion regardless of the form of business strategy. The ultimate goal of marketers is to turn potential visitors into paying customers. In fact, compared to social channel outreach,  the average click-through rate of the enterprise email marketing campaign is around 3%

 – Reach Customers in Real-Time:

More and more consumers are using their mobile devices to check their emails. Do you agree? 

According to Litmus, 54% of all emails are opened on mobile devices. Not only do well-designed emails increase the conversion rate, but the mobile-optimized email also works like Hit’ em on the go! 

What are the Most Use Cases of Enterprise Email Marketing?

Different types of enterprise email marketing are in the bag, allowing you to reach your customers at different levels of the sales/marketing funnel. 

Some can be your existing audience from the list, while others can be peeping in for more information about the product/service you offer before making the purchase decision. 

Use cases of Enterprise Email Marketing service
As an enterprise, you’ll send various emails to your audience at the different stages of the funnel to maximize conversion, retention, and sales. Let’s see the significant types of email you get started as an enterprise;

  • Welcome emails
  • Newsletters
  • Transactional emails (like order confirmations, shipping, and delivery)
  • Abandoned cart emails 
  • Promotional, review emails, and more! 

You send These emails to your customers as an enterprise with hyper-personalization to stand at the top of their minds. 

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Enterprise Email Marketing Platform? 

Companies might feel email marketing has become obsolete by seeing the rise of social media marketing; however, it is not. Email is a versatile channel that helps you to stay in touch with your customers. 

Moreover, the advanced automation feature incorporated with the email marketing platform drives the conversion rate and dusts off the pressure on the marketing team.

The best enterprise email marketing platform has all or most features.

1. Segmentation

Did you know 76% of marketers have already chosen email segmentation rather than sending blast emails to their audience and have noted a 760% boost in revenue

That’s an incredible feat, isn’t it?

With refined segmentation, enterprise email marketing tools can laser point the bulk email contacts and segment them based on different attributes like behavior and demographics. In order to craft a personalized email for better audience engagement. 

2. Email Automation

Indeed, email marketing automation is an integral part of marketing strategy, where you send automated emails to the audience who wave the green flag to your business. It could be any activity like an abandoned cart, clicking a particular link, or buying a specific product. 

Sending emails manually to every person at the enterprise level is like finding a needle in a haystack. So, the enterprise email marketing platform that supports email automation eliminates manual intervention.

3. Integration

Integrations are like tying the tools, system, and users together for a seamless enterprise email marketing process to send your audience a personalized and relevant message. 

BayEngage is a user-friendly tool that integrates with the enterprise email marketing process, be it WooCommerce, Bigcommerce, Shopify stores, or any industry BayEngage integrates in just a few clicks. This powerful feature allows you to import sign-ups from your website or blog to BayEngage, thus saving you significant time. And in some cases, third-party software integration requires following certain compliance regulations. 

For instance, if you want to integrate your email tool with your medical appointment reminder software, you must ensure that both follow HIPAA compliance regulations.

4. A/B testing

This is another important feature to consider when choosing an enterprise email marketing platform that is perfect for your business! When you look for one, make sure to find something that offers automated A/B testing for multiple campaigns.

5. Priority Support

When we invest so many dollars in accessing the enterprise email service, it’s natural to expect high-priority support via chat, email, and phone at the fingertip for added convenience. The best enterprise email marketing tools never disappoint their audience, but go one step ahead and provide a full-time customer success manager for ready support. 

6. Built-in Templates & Designs

Many marketers need more design or HTML skills to make their email marketing campaigns difficult to stand out in the inbox. If this sounds like you, consider using an email marketing tool with a drag-and-drop editor designed for beginners. 

Be it any email provider that provides built-in email designs & templates to streamline your marketing efforts, and it’s a big plus! 

7. Multi-User Access:

Typically, an enterprise marketing team is big that comprises multiple business entities. Then, undeniably, choosing an enterprise email marketing tool that accommodates numerous data (users), manages sub-accounts, and allocates IP addresses to each unit is essential. 

How Do you Frame Your Enterprise Email Marketing Strategy for Success?

1. Choose the Right Email Marketing Service

Getting the best-fit enterprise email marketing software for your business is definitely going to be a sit-on-the-fence phase for every marketer out there. However, only some email marketing tools out in the market will be your go-to choice for enterprise-level marketing campaigns. You’ll need a tool with little advancement that aligns and automates your email marketing process without hassle. 

Choose the Right Enterprise email marketing service
Indeed, enterprise email marketing platforms should be allies of all-in-one platforms that capture, nurture, and convert them into potential customers. Of course! The tool should have great features like email builder, email deliverability, automation, reporting, etc. 

2. Build your Email List:

Do you agree that enterprises have a significant advantage over SMBs because they have already taken the audience’s attention space and are generating more website traffic?

It is an undeniable yes! 

But, still, enterprises never stop their process of building their email list that smartly converted their traffic to its advantage with pop-up forms. 

Build your Email List
Source: Pinterest
Note that nothing comes free; your audience expects something in return for giving them. For example, if it is SaaS space, they expect guides or a checklist for potential growth; if it is eCommerce space, they expect free shipping or a discount code. 

3. Segment your Audience

As you understand, competitors are huge out in the marketplace, and one-size-fits-all message practices work no more. You need to move one step higher than your competitors to get into the cruises of your customer’s minds. 

Outreaching your mass mailing list with blast emails yields no result! 

You must endorse the email segmentation process to stand out from the crowd in enterprise email marketing strategy. This practice aims to segment your mailing list into small clusters based on your customer’s demographics, age, and behavioral intent. 

Segment your Audience for Enterprise email marketing
Source: Pinterest
Moreover, segmentation isn’t a grasping-a-straw process that can be done quickly with newsletter pop-ups that helps you to reach your customer with personalization. Let’s see a little deep about it below. 

4. Personalize your Enterprise Email Marketing Campaigns

Have you noticed that some people dismiss business emails as quickly as they receive them? But why? Unfortunately, the old blasting emails practice followed by us (the companies) made people deep-rooted in thoughts of personalization. 

How to break this myth and warm it up?

The straight answer that breaks the shell is email personalization. Nevertheless, enterprises must take advantage of it by collecting detailed information about the audience.

Personalize your Enterprise email marketing campaign
Source: Pinterest
Miro has taken the stage of personalization email to the next level by asking users to subscribe to their blogs. The email copy clearly states with the expression of care to their audience what if they might miss the resource with a CTA. 

Bonus points: Adding the recipient’s name in the subject line or email content makes it more personalized. To make it even more personalized, you can create dynamic content to show your audience what they need. 

Now, let’s peep more into crafting an effective subject line below.

5. Create a Great subject line

How important is your email subject line email marketing campaign? And why? According to Zippia, the open rate has jumped massively by 50% high with the personalized subject line. 

Indeed, it is the first noticed factor that bridges you and your audience and makes them interact with your valuable copy. However, creating an effective subject line is not nuclear science, but keep in mind it should be short and to the point with limited characters. Let’s check a few examples of great subject-line for enterprise email marketing campaigns

– Welcome Email:

  • Jordan, your password to the perfect vacation is here! (pickyoutrail)
  • John! Let’s get started with Hunter (Hunter.io)

–  Promotional Emails

  • Flash sales – FLAT 5% instant discount + 15% cashback using the wallet (Zopnow)
  • Last call to finish personalizing your box! ( Shop Cratejoy)

Subject line for Enterprise Email Marketing
Source: Really Good Emails
If you keenly observe the email copy, Djuise has taken the opportunity to connect with their audience with an effective yet simple subject line that knocks the interest of the audience to unwrap the email to know what are those five reasons and the brand has added their product below with a CTA. 

Remember, avoiding spammy words is a big shout-out, which eventually harms your sender score email deliverability. 

6. Choose the Right Campaign

As an enterprise, it is important to balance email marketing communication that enhances your marketing and sale funnel. This means nothing but creating an email that offers value to your audience inbox. 

You must ask yourself and understand your audience and goals to get on the radar. For instance, ask yourself what you must do to welcome your audience. Obviously, sending a friendly message

Choose the right campaign for enterprise email marketing
Source: Really Good Emails
Upon reviewing the welcome email from Marvel, it’s easy to see how they made the most of the chance to engage with their users. They included a clear message highlighting the various resources available to customers and a call to action. It’s a simple yet effective way to make users feel welcomed and motivated to take advantage of what the product offers.

7. Use Email Automation

Last but effective strategy to streamline your marketing efforts on the scale after all strategies are with the email automation process. That saves you time and lets you triage the task and automate the workflow, so your audience receives the tailored content in their inbox when needed. 

Bayengage's Enterprise email marketing automation

Take Advantage of Enterprise Email Marketing Now:

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, it is clear that enterprise email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. It allows you to communicate effectively and efficiently with your customers while building relationships and fostering loyalty. Companies can easily create effective campaigns that drive results using the right strategies and email marketing tools. The benefits of enterprise email marketing are clear; it’s now up to you to take advantage of them!

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