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Email Marketing Reports

Track the performance of your email campaigns directly from your TargetBay account.

Access all the data at any time, from anywhere

TargetBay helps Ecommerce businesses build beautiful, automated email campaigns for all their subscribers. Brands can now closely monitor the performance of these campaigns on the TargetBay dashboard that shows real-time stats to help you create more effective email marketing campaigns.

Data In Digestible Form

Campaign-related data are shown in the dashboard as graphs, charts and data points. This visual representation makes it easy for anyone to understand. Here are some metrics that

Email Marketing Reports And Metrics Can Leave You Confused. Here’s An Overview Of Some Important Data And What They Mean For Your Business:

Open Rate

Indicated as a percentage, the email open rate is the total number of subscribers who have opened your email campaign. A good open rate generally falls between 20 and 40%.

A strong subject line and relevant content can improve the open rate.

Click-Through Rate

One of the most important metrics of email marketing, the click-through rate, frequently abbreviated to CTR is a measure of how well campaigns have engaged subscribers.

CTR denotes the number of users who have clicked on the link in your email campaign. It is an indicator of the campaign performance and anything above 15% is considered healthy.

Email Visits

This metric shows you the number of visitors to your website from an email campaign.

Email ROI

An indication of the number of customers who actually made a purchase by following a link on your campaign. It is a measure of the number of transactions from the email marketing campaign. The higher the email conversions, the more effective the campaign.

Total Orders

The total number of orders placed through an email campaign. This again, is a measure of the ROI of email marketing campaigns.

Unsubscribe Rates

A measure of the number of customers who opt out of your email subscription. Ideally the unsubscribe rates should usually be lower than 2%.

Emails Opened

This represents the number of emails that have been opened by subscribers.

Emails Bounced

Total number of emails that bounced without reaching the subscriber’s inbox. A high bounce rate could be an indication that several email ids are invalid.

Total Order Value

This shows the total order value from all the orders placed through email campaigns.

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