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Why should you switch from Klaviyo to BayEngage?


Are you experiencing this with Klaviyo?

Pain point #1

Engage with your complete audience through BayEngage, unlock more sales

With Klaviyo, you’re limited to sending emails only to the most engaged segments of your list. This means that the majority of your subscribers – potentially up to 70% – are missed out.

So, Why Switch to BayEngage?

Use your email lists fully without any restrictions and 3X your sales

Reach your entire audience, regardless of their level of engagement. Don't let Klaviyo hold you back any longer!

Provide offers and discounts to your inactive customers and  win them back.

Pain point #2

Klaviyo's “Shared” IP policy = Hurts your sender reputation

With Klaviyo, small businesses are not assigned a dedicated IP. This means that your domain is mixed with thousands of other companies, reducing your sender reputation. This means your emails may not go directly to the primary inbox folder.

So, Why Switch to BayEngage?

Get a dedicated IP address (with less than 30 senders) to ensure better email deliverability

Stay in good hands as we monitor each sending domain closely to maintain the email domain reputation for better email deliverability

Pain point #3

Are you aware of Klaviyo’s Email Throttling?

If you are a high volume sender, your emails could be paused without notice, or even stopped completely.

Stopped (throttled) campaign = Lost revenue!

You have to enable auto-upgrade on Klaviyo to prevent this.

So, Why Switch to BayEngage?

We monitor the performance of the sending domains 24/7

The email deliverability experts will do the entire setup

Get a dedicated warm-up plan

We use proper authentication from email providers

Pain point #4

Customer support only if your monthly billing exceeds $10,000

With Klaviyo's free plan, you don't have access to their customer support team. Customers spending above $10,000 will be asked to subscribe to their enterprise plan called “Klaviyo one”

With BayEngage, you're guaranteed 24/7 customer support, no matter what your monthly billing is. We treat every customer equally.

Klaviyo's users are unhappy with their customer support

Source: G2 Crowd, Shopify

Klaviyo Price Increase: Less Value, More Spend

Need A Helping Hand? Limited Customer Support

Only customers spending over $2,000 in Klaviyo will get a Customer Success Manager and onboarding & migration support
With TargetBay, you get unlimited phone & chat support in the free & paid plans

Happy At Where You Are? You’ll Be Forced Into Plans

Customers spending above $10,000 will be asked to subscribe to their enterprise plan called “Klaviyo one”
You are not locked into any plans. You can pick what fits your business needs and stick to it, always

Just Need SMS? Well, You Don’t Have That Option

There is no option to use SMS as a standalone product in Klaviyo. You can only use SMS if you subscribe to their email marketing product, which drastically increases your costs
TargetBay has email, SMS, reviews & ads in one platform and we don't force our customers to buy them all

Prefer To Pay Based On SMS Subscribers? You Only Get Credits

Klaviyo says its new SMS pricing structure will be based on credits instead of subscribers. It gets more painful when you can’t roll over the unused credits to the following month.
Pay based on the SMS subscribers you have. We also offer free SMS credits.


Try TargetBay: 68% Cheaper & Better Support

TargetBay, like Klaviyo, has all the email & SMS marketing features - but better! With TargetBay, you get:

Unlimited chat and email support for all plans (free & paid)

Customer support that cares about your results. We help you with monthly website audits, email marketing strategies, and more

No complexity with configuring automation workflows. We have a simple, easy-to-use interface

Migrate To TargetBay And Save $3,540

Installation and setup ($475 Value)

We will install the TargetBay app and set up the account for you. We’ll import products, orders, contacts and do the website integration & account setup.

Email template migration ($900 Value)

We will migrate all your email templates to TargetBay. Our migration specialists will ensure that the email templates are on-brand.

Automation set up ($700 Value)

Our team will set up your automation flows (abandoned cart, welcome flows, & more), and your emails will be uninterrupted during the transition.

List migration ($250 Value)

Our migration specialists will import all your lists and segments onto TargetBay so that your contacts are intact & ready for outreach.

Segmentation set up ($540 Value)

Got multiple segments? No problem! Our team will set up your segments and ensure that your emails are targeted from day one.

Pop-up set up ($675 Value)

We’ll work with you to ensure that your pop-ups are migrated to TargetBay and are on-brand. You can also create new pop-ups with TargetBay.

Pay Only For ContactsActive Subscribers

Get started for free.

Send up to 500 emails to 250 subscribers every month.

For 250 Subscribers / Month

Starts from It's FREE! / Month


No. Klaviyo pricing starts at $20 per month for 500 contacts.

BayEngage offers advanced segmentation, better email deliverability, enhanced customer management, tailor-made email template, and 24×7 support, which differentiates us from Klaviyo.

In today’s competitive eCommerce business climate, it’s extremely important for online businesses to maximize efficiency, both in terms of time and money, and not sacrifice revenue goals as well. Klaviyo is not the best pick if you consider all the above parameters.

Apart from BayEngage, some good alternatives to Klaviyo are Omnisend, Mailchimp, SmartrMail, ActiveCampaign, and Drip.

Yes, it’s free. Now, migrating all your data is as simple as a click. You can also avail BayEngage’s free migration services to make the switch absolutely seamless.

Ready To Move From Klaviyo?

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