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BayEngage - Run Powerful Email Campaigns To Engage With Your Customers

BayEngage will help you run the ideal email marketing campaign you have in mind: starting from A/B testing to automated email campaigns.

BayEngage Features
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Check out the automated emails available in BayEngage!

BayEngage Welcome Emails

Welcome Emails

Start building steady relationships with your customers with our automated welcome emails and create an excellent first impression. You need to do everything in your power to make a bond with your customers using welcome emails. This will help in boosting your brand image and customer loyalty.

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Back-in-Stock Emails

Notify your customers when your products are back in stock, and never fear losing out on sales! It is a great way to get back your potential lost revenue, and it will make your customers happy by giving them what they want! Back in stock emails can be leveraged to build a bond with your customers and ultimately increase sales.

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Bayengage back in stock emails
Bayengage winback emails

Win Back Emails

Engage and impress your existing dormant customers with great win-back emails. Never lose your customers to your competitors! Sending win-back emails improves customer retention, which will boost repeat sales. Make your win-back emails more targeted and personalized, which will help your inactive customers to become loyal.

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Abandoned Cart Emails

There are numerous reasons why customers choose to abandon their carts without completing their purchase. Whatever the reasons may be, it is best to send them attractive abandoned cart emails that will entice them to come back to you. So, win back all your lost customers who leave their carts with our stunning abandoned cart emails.

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Bayengage Abandoned cart emails
Bayengage reorder emails

Reorder Emails

Notify your customers when it’s time to repurchase their favorite products and keep them coming back every time! First, understand your customers’ purchase habits. And then, send a reorder email to remind them to restock the product after a couple of weeks post-purchase. This will help you in boosting your customer retention quickly.

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Price-Drop Emails

The new visitors to your Ecommerce store might lose interest in making purchases in search of better deals or discounts. When you understand their purchase behavior, you can send out automated price-drop emails to let them know when the prices are dropping for your products. Price-drop emails will entice new customers and will make them keep coming back for more!

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Bayengage price drop emails
Bayengage Post Purchase Emails

Post-Purchase Emails

Running post-purchase email campaigns is the best way to enhance your customer experience and improve engagement and revenue by sending post-purchase emails. It is an essential part of achieving your business goals: customer retention, repeat sales, and customer loyalty! If you can leverage post-purchase emails, it can get you the highest open and click-through rates.

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Order Confirmation Emails

Order confirmation emails play an important role in assuring your customers that the order has been made. This will ease the customer experience and create a good brand image. Order confirmation emails may not influence conversion rates directly but they will help in increasing your brand loyalty. Keep your customers informed about the date and time of the order delivery using this!

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Bayengage Order Confirmation Emails
Bayengage review request emails

Review-Request Emails

Request your customers to review your products to add user-generated content to your collection with these emails. Requesting your customers for a review helps you improve your products and services and shows that you care about your customers’ opinions! Reviews add credibility to your brand and also makes your customers the brand ambassadors.

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Run Great Email Campaigns with BayEngage!

BayEngage Newsletter Campaigns

Newsletter Campaigns

For any email marketing strategy, building the email list is crucial as it widens the reach of your email marketing. And to consistently build your email list, you need to send out delightful newsletter campaigns and improve your interactions with your customers! To personalize your newsletter campaigns and be a friend rather than a pushy salesperson.

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Promotional Email Campaigns

Create powerful promotional campaigns that don’t sound too salesy. Give your customers what they want: a good deal, coupons, discounts, and good quality products. And then create a sense of urgency with Promotional email campaigns. Make your campaigns convincing and give them a reason to invest in your products. Stay ahead of your competitors and keep your business going!

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Bayengage Promotional email Campaigns
BayEngage Seasonal email Campaigns

Seasonal Email Campaigns

Make the festivals special using these fantastic seasonal templates and start your seasonal email campaigns. Seasonal campaigns are lucrative and it is a fantastic way to drive sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday. People are usually ready to spend on holidays, they just need the right push towards great products and deals. So start your seasonal campaigns early and engage your customers!

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Drip Email Campaigns

Nurture your leads with these automated emails and keep engaging with your customers and build a strong relationship! Make use of the insights available to you on customers’ shopping behavior and send out highly targeted and relevant emails to your potential or existing customers. Drip emails can become a good conversation between you and your customers and build a strong relationship!

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Bayengage Drip email Campaigns
Bayengage Customer loyalty email Campaigns

Customer Loyalty Email Campaigns

Appreciate your customers’ loyalty and start a meaningful conversation with them through these email campaigns. They add value to your brand and establish loyalty among your new customers too! Customer loyalty email campaigns are much more than just promoting your brand, it is about being personal with your customers and making them feel appreciated and special!

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