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Email Newsletter Campaigns With BayEngage

Run attractive newsletter campaigns to start meaningful conversations with your customers!

Even with a range of top-notch products under its belt, a brand that only invests its efforts in selling becomes unappealing and eventually loses clients. Truly successful businesses are those that have captured and sustained the interest of customers through the right kind of interaction. Rather than reaching out with run-off-the-mill marketing emails, sharing fun, informational or interactive content every now and then, helps Ecommerce brands win peoples’ hearts.

Win hearts and grow your Ecommerce audience with TargetBay’s email newsletter marketing campaigns

A newsletter is an email that conveys updates, news, videos and other useful information to an Ecommerce store’s customers. It is an important part of every email marketing strategy. Unlike other promotional or marketing emails, the purpose of newsletters is not to sell but to build brand loyalty.

Why Are Newsletters Important For Your Ecommerce Business?

Strengthens The Bond With Customers

Newsletters have the power to offset the baneful effects of sales campaigns./ Newsletters reinforce the efforts of sales campaigns. They contain communication without strings, that customers truly enjoy and appreciate. This is a smart way to share valuable information e.g., sharing a video that shows how to style a trench coat sent to customers who recently bought it from your store or tips on how to maintain and store the product.

This builds loyalty and respect for the brand, increases goodwill and through good word-of-mouth, grows audience.

High Return On Investment

If you’ve impressed subscribers with newsletters, they are not going to forget you any time soon. Your brand will be remembered, spoken about and recommended. Good newsletters can indirectly drive sales for your brand.

Improves The Open-Rate Of Other Marketing Emails

Once customers begin to enjoy newsletters, they are willing to open other communication from the brand. Successful newsletter campaigns can improve the effectiveness of other sales and marketing emails and potentially increase revenue.

Improves Traffic To Your Website

Engaging newsletters have been proven to drive good traffic to the website. Over a period of time, it improves your Ecommerce store’s position on the Search Engine Ranking Page and drives more sales.

TargetBay Helps You Create Stunning Email Newsletters

A collection of cool templates

Impressive UI

Powerful Automation

Customer loyalty email marketing adds value as it does much more than simply promoting or selling products. The essence of these emails is to delight the customers and establish loyalty. Loyal customers tend to engage more with the brand and contribute to recurring revenue. They are ambassadors for the brand.

Are You Ready To Grow Your Audience With TargetBay Email Newsletters?