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Targeted Review Request

Send automated review request emails to smartly segmented customer lists and build user-generated content for your products.

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Targeted review request emails streamline the review collection efforts of Ecommerce brands by providing highly effective customer segmentation features. The capability to segregate users based on geography, order value, online/ offline purchase, and time of purchase helps in navigating compelling conversations with customers, resulting in the steady growth of reviews.

Review prioritization based on product grouping

While some products garner a lot of user reviews, others don’t. TargetBay’s segmentation allows you to specifically collect reviews for the Most Expensive or Least Reviewed item in the list of products purchased by the customer.

Choose the products that you want your customers to review

Review based on the date of purchase

It's easy to send automated review emails to recipients who can be filtered based on the period of purchase. This Ecommerce customer segmentation helps in collecting reviews for orders placed during sale or special season or even in the distant past. Customers who buy at discounted price tend to be more willing to share positive feedback.

Request review after order completion or after product shipment

You can send the review request email as soon as the order is complete or a few days after the order has been shipped. The latter allows the user to share more authentic feedback as they would have used the product for some time.

Convenient, in-mail ratings and reviews

There are two ways in which you can collect user reviews by email. The first is to send an external link. The second method is to include a form inside the email where the customer can directly rate and review the purchase.

While product name and photo are displayed directly in the email, rating, title, and review description are obtained from customers. This is preferred by most users as it is convenient and cuts down on navigation.

Reach maximum number of users and get more reviews for products

Site Reviews
Site reviews for better brand recognition
You can request users to review your site. This feedback for the business increases trust in your brand and boosts brand recognition
Customizable Templates
Easy-to-use customizable templates
TargetBay makes it easy for brands to personalize emails. In addition to the impressive collection of pre-designed templates, you can build emails from scratch - edit the contents of the header, footer, review form, and other features.
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