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Customer ratings and reviews constitute an important part of user generated content.

They convey the trustworthiness of a brand and its products, increase brand awareness, drive conversions, and improve organic traffic to an Ecommerce store.

Needless to say, the more reviews there are on a site, the better. However, only a small section of shoppers volunteer to write about their experiences with the product or brand. So how can you get more customers to rate and review your products? By asking for user feedback in the shipment confirmation email.

Get 12 times more reviews with TargetBay’s automated shipment emails

With TargetBay’s automated shipment emails, it is easy to reach out to every single shopper, collect reviews, and integrate them into your Ecommerce store. Whenever an order is placed, an email is automatically triggered to the customer requesting them to review the products.

TargetBay has made this process truly effortless for your customers. We’ve significantly cut down on the user navigation by allowing them to rate the product and write a review, all directly inside the email!

Around 80% of shoppers rely on peer reviews before making a purchase. Generating user generated content is key to improving the conversions.

Generating real user review is an essential conversion factor as 70% of shoppers look for product reviews before making the purchase


Emails are perhaps the most effective way to invite customers to share their feedback.


In-mail review forms make it convenient for customers to share feedback.


Completely customizable email templates for more personalized communication.

Automated review request emails after shipment can be completely customized for more personalized communication. Every section of the email can be edited and customized to fit your requirements. Whenever an order is placed, an email is triggered to the customer requesting them to review the products they’ve bought. Reach out to maximum number of shoppers and increase the number of reviews collected.

Collect and display valuable user generated content in the most efficient way and watch your sales grow!

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