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5 Amazing Ideas For Your WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery


Every eCommerce business spends incredible effort, time, and money to drive traffic to their website. Your website looks great, your product pages are a huge success and customers are head over heels in love with your product. WooCommerce’s stability and performance provide a seamless shopping experience as visitors navigate your website, adding products to their shopping cart.

Looks almost like a happily ever after storybook read right? Here’s the plot twist. Your customers love your product. And then more than 70% of those shoppers exit your website, without purchasing the products added to their carts. 

Abandoned cart email is not as new as we think. eCommerce businesses in WooCommerce have been struggling with WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery for a long time now. But no eCommerce store has mastered the art of overcoming cart abandonment. That’s where the real challenge comes. 

One of the best and most proven ways to motivate people to recover their abandoned cart email is through developing a well-crafted email remarketing sequence. Unfortunately, there’s a problem here. Most eCommerce businesses are using the same old tried-and-tested remarketing methods and tools to reduce their cart abandonment rates. We can see very little innovation in this space recently. This has created two major staggering blocks:

  • Your competitors are using the same strategies and techniques. This leaves you with no space to stand out to grab that sales opportunity. 
  • Your customer is well conditioned to expect a post-abandonment cart email that includes one or the other thing to benefit them. 

There’s nothing wrong in sticking to what you’re already doing. But by failing to tweak and improve how you can recover abandoned carts, you’re practically giving your sales away to your competitors. 

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At TargetBay, we’re focused on helping eCommerce stores with email marketing and have worked on emerging ideas that have helped them improve their abandoned cart recovery rate. We have picked out five of our favorites that can help you. Here we go!

1. Social proof in abandoned cart emails

Social proof from customers who’ve bought your products is the best to build trust in your brand. This often acts as the vital nudge required for your customers to cross the finish line to complete that abandoned purchase. 

The product reviews and ratings is the best way for eCommerce businesses to build social proof. 88% of consumers say product reviews and rating influence their buying decisions to a drastic extent. 

WooCommerce offers an easy way to increase conversion by displaying product reviews on your website. But what happens when the visitors leave your website? Most of your customers and prospects will never take the effort to see your reviews again. Here’s where WooCommerce abandonment cart email is an opportunity for remarketing – your second chance to bring your customers around to make that abandoned purchase. 

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Template

Wanna hear a secret?

  • Convey to your prospects that they had left highly-rated products in their shopping cart. You can use the star rating of the highest rated product added to their cart in your subject line. This will boost your open rates greatly (e.g., “You left some ★★★★★ products in your cart!”). 
  • Include the number of reviews and average rating. This creates a more compelling effect. Imagine this: you see something like “Rating: 4.71/5 (67 Reviews)”, what’s the instant feeling you get? Hello! Meet FOMO and you don’t think twice about not completing this purchase.

2. Sell and also Re-sell 

Abandoned cart emails are another great opportunity to sell your products to customers. The greatest challenge when implementing automated email remarketing is that it can seem a little generic. Most of the online shoppers exhibit a digital version of window shopping where they browse through a website and add multiple products that interest them to their cart. They might not have the same purchasing intent for all the products as they’re only adding them due to spree of the moment or for further consideration. Here’s where abandoned cart email templates will re-sell all those products in the cart equally by overwhelming your prospect and diluting your re-marketing and reselling efforts. To avoid this, you should try some sales fundamentals while creating WooCommerce abandoned cart emails to persuade that customer to purchase the product that they are most likely to do. 

Abandoned Cart Email Template

Wanna hear a secret?

  • Do not try to sell every product in the abandoned cart. Instead, highlight the single product that you believe the prospect is most likely to purchase. The easiest way to do this is to focus on the most popular or best-selling or highest rated product in their cart. To be ahead of your competitors, you can use a recommendation algorithm that also considers the customer’s past browsing and/or purchasing behavior.
  • Do not forget to highlight that product and make it shine! You should also include and re-emphasize the product’s primary benefits (or unique selling propositions) and some recent customer reviews.

Create your Abandoned Cart Series in a Snap


3. Customer loyalty is the key to segment remarketing campaigns

As we already discussed, your customers are conditioned to abandoned cart emails. Since your customers are way smarter than we assume, they have also come to expect that abandoned cart emails will include a discount coupon. Though not ideal, this will be especially true of loyal customers who make frequent purchases. 

Firstly, your most loyal customers don’t require strong persuasion to complete the purchase. This means you don’t need to spend on issuing discounts to your loyal customers. 

Instead what you can do is to use a loyalty/rewards program to remind your best customers of their points balance that they can use those points towards their purchase. The effect for the customer is the same but in reality, you only pay in the form of the accumulated points that they can redeem instead of issuing a new discount. An increasing number of customers are looking for meaningful engagement with brands and want to develop emotional connections. Research shows that emotional connections drive loyalty better than other conversion strategies.  You can also build emotional connections with customers through loyalty email campaigns.

Abandoned Cart Email Template Design

Wanna hear a secret?

  • To ensure that your most loyal customers get a different remarketing sequence, segment your Woocommerce cart abandonment emails. The easiest way is to create a segment with criteria for “Points. Balance that exceeds X” (where X number of points would represent at least a 5% to 10% discount if redeemed).
  • You can highlight balance in abandoned cart emails and remind them that they can redeem it for the order that they abandoned.
  • You can also include reminders for customers on how many points they need to reach the next tier of your rewards program. For example, if they complete this purchase for $50, they’ll earn 250 points and unlock the next tier’s benefits.

4. Get started on a nurturing long term campaign

With GDPR’s (General Data Protection Regulation) introduction, the need for consent cannot be ignored by email marketers i.e. customers who want to hear from you will give their consent to receive your marketing emails will always be the most engaged.

Most of the abandoned cart sequences will include four emails at the most. These emails will be sent in a couple of days. What happens after the sequence ends?  Your opportunity to build a relationship with the prospect or the customer also ends. That’s because you only had consent from your customers to email them about their abandoned cart. 

Do you know who is the trickster here? It’s TIMING! Perhaps your customer had a powerful purchase intent which could have been stopped due to various reasons. Maybe they need the product only the next month or they do not have the money to spend right now. In these scenarios, it was only the timing that prevented them from making the purchase. 

To bring down your cart abandonment rate indirectly, you need to move these prospects to a longer-term solution strategy and build a long-term nurturing campaign. 

Abandoned Cart Email Templates

Wanna hear a secret? 

  • You can start with an additional email at the end of your existing email sequence asking whether they would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • On receiving the consent, you can either trigger an automated follow-up or drip campaign to tell them more about your brand or send them periodic newsletters announcing new promotions or products. 
  • This will help your brand to be on top of the mind for a purchase when the timing makes more sense for the prospects.

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5. Enhance emails with other channels

Even today emails continue to be a very stable, reliable, and scalable medium. Though everyone continues to expect emails’ extinction, it continues to remain as an integral part of digital communications.

But you are missing a huge opportunity if you rely only on email for customer communication and marketing. There are emerging mediums that can augment your WooCommerce abandoned cart email remarketing and will boost your recovery rate.

Wanna hear a secret? 

  • Tools like Shoelace helps you create smart, retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram. These ads can work alongside your email campaigns as you can use similar messaging and discounts in both your email and ad campaigns.
  • Facebook Messenger’s usage adoption continues to grow and many consumers prefer Messenger over email for communication. If that is the case for some of your customers, a tool like Recart can help you, leverage Messenger, to recover more of your carts.

So, what now?

We know that constant marketing advice can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re already struggling to find the time to implement all the guidance that’s out there. As a bootstrapper, we want to help you focus on the more important ideas that help you recover abandoned carts easily. Think constantly on how you can differentiate your cart abandonment emails from your competitors. Bring interesting innovation in the tried-and-tested method. Consider introducing something a bit different and newer that will help you stand out from the crowd. Connect your abandoned cart email marketing solution with other marketing apps to augment its impact. By trying to implement all these tactics in your WooCommerce abandoned cart emails, you can bring down your abandoned cart rate drastically. You can also try BayEngage’s 14 day – Free Trial to check out more interesting email marketing solutions for your eCommerce personalization!

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