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How serious is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

Only 1.94% of website visits result in purchase means that only 1 out of every 51 website visits buys stuff.

The average cart abandonment rate of 67.91% says that 7 out of every 10 people abandoned their carts.

In a single year, about $4.6 trillion in products are abandoned, resulting in an $18 billion revenue loss.

Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment with Abandoned Cart Emails

  1. Only 33% of customers finish their purchases 67% leave your website during the checkout process
  2. Your customers are forgetful. (We can say it. You CANNOT! ).
  3. Consequently, you have to send reminders about the items they have abandoned in the form of abandoned cart emails.

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Reasons to send out abandoned cart emails

Boost selling rate

Increase total revenue

Friendly reminder

BayEngage’s best abandoned cart email template design

Mobile Responsive

Ensure you don’t lose mobile shoppers.

On-brand colors

Perfect colors to reflect the brand identity.

Show products

Product images to easily remember.

Meaningful content

Well-written messages to establish a connection

Right CTA

Relevant CTAs placed at the right place.

Social proof

Increases trust and credibility of your brand.

35+ Free and Customizable Abandoned Cart Email Templates

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What is Shopping Cart Abandonment?

You go online, add items to your virtual cart but abandon the purchase process during checkout leaving the products in your cart as it is. This is Shopping Cart abandonment.

What is the global average rate of cart abandonment?

The global average shopping cart abandonment is at a whopping rate of 75.6%. But this is not constant but varies across countries, industries, and devices.

How is the abandoned cart rate calculated?

Divide the completed purchases by the total number of carts abandoned. You have a value now and subtract this from 1. Then multiply it by 100. Here is your abandoned cart rate.

At what time is the Checkout abandonment rate the highest in a day?

The highest shopping cart abandonment rate usually occurs between 8-9 PM.

Why is shopping cart abandonment a problem for Ecommerce stores?

Based on many active researches, Ecommerce brands are likely to lose up to $18 billion a year in revenue, which is really bad for retailers.

What Is An Abandoned Cart Email?

An abandoned cart email is simply a follow-up email that can be sent to shoppers who have abandoned their carts after adding items to their virtual carts but before completing the checkout process.

Are abandoned cart emails really effective?

Abandoned cart emails work really well. When you send the right number of emails in the perfect sequence at the right time, abandoned cart emails can recover lost revenue.

How effective are abandoned cart emails?

Abandoned cart emails are very effective. Data reveals that 50% of all abandoned cart emails are opened, and 33.33% of clicks lead to purchases back on site.

When should I send the first abandoned cart email?

Your first email should be sent within 60 minutes of the cart abandonment.

How many abandoned cart emails should I send?

Based on the proven case studies, a campaign of three emails works the best to recover abandoned carts.

Are abandoned cart emails GDPR compliant?

Yes. Abandoned cart emails are permitted under the new GDPR.

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