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WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Emails

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Ecommerce stores lose more money to abandoned carts than they should (EVERY DAY!). Do you want to escape the loop?

Now, automatically recover 10-20% of abandoned carts using our cart abandonment emails that integrate with your Shopify store.

WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Examples

Abandoned cart software are not new to Ecommerce. But only in recent years, implementing them has become easy and affordable for small and growing WooCommerce Ecommerce brands.

Wait before you add cart abandonment emails to your WooCommerce store. Know that not all solutions yield the same results

Most tools that claim to have the best “cart abandonment emails” offer only checkout abandonment emails—less effective at recovering sales.

But BayEngage offers a diverse range of FREE and CUSTOMIZABLE WooCommerce abandoned cart email templates.

Reasons for WooCommerce Shopping Cart abandonment Why do customers abandon carts?

Additional shipping fee and taxes.

Incompatible payment process.

Credit Card/ Debit card denial during check-out.

Brand credibility issues.

Automate Your Abandoned Cart Emails Using BayEngage

Send 2500 emails to 250 subscribers

Integrates directly with Shopify.

Create emails in seconds with our simple drag-and-drop editor

Use our customizable email templates for sending newsletters and promotions. Promote your products and drive repeat sales for your WooCommerce store in seconds

Integrate with WooCommerce (add coupons, cart details, and more to emails)

Our automated cart recovery emails show customers what they left in their shopping cart and bring them back. BAM! You just recovered more sales.

Set trigger emails based on cart value to save big sales

Customize order follow-ups with order data directly from WooCommerce. Show shoppers what they purchased with additional discount codes to drive repeat sales.

Our tried-and-true cart abandonment email sequences are built just for you!

We’ve learned the importance of your time. That’s why we have put together the most effective cart abandonment sequence possible. All you need to do is create your BayEngage account!

Email #1: The Reminder (1 Hour Later)

Sometimes, a gentle nudge is what customers need to go back to your Shopify store and complete their orders.

That’s precisely what Email #1 accomplishes. We let customers know what they left in their cart and include a link to complete their order.

Since BayEngage integrates with WooCommerce, you can directly fetch product information from the WooCommerce store and add it to your abandoned cart email template.

Email #2: The Time-Limited Incentive (24 Hours Later)

Not every shopper completes their order after the first cart abandonment email. That’s why we have Email #2. Sending a second email with an expiry coupon gives them the extra motivation to complete the process.

BayEngage’s WooCommerce integration lets you add coupon codes into the email and specify when they should expire.

Email #3: The Last Chance (48 Hours Later)

No shopper wishes to miss out on a deal. That’s why our third and final cart abandonment email simply reminds customers that the coupon you offered in Email #2 is about to expire.

WooCommerce Abandoned cart emails will help you recover carts. But how do you plan to do it?

Improve WooCommerce abandoned cart recovery rate by including these!

Social Proof In Cart Abandonment Emails

88% of consumers say customer reviews influence their buying decisions. BayEnagage makes it super-easy to include product reviews and ratings in your abandoned cart emails, which is great for conversion. Social proof in email breeds trust!

Re-Sell With Sales Fundamentals

Remarketing + abandoned cart emails is a great opportunity to sell your products. Highlight one product in an email that you believe the shopper is most likely to purchase. Include and re-emphasize the product’s primary benefits Highlight the product and make it shine.

Segment Remarketing Campaigns Based On Customer Loyalty

Segment your loyal customers into a different remarketing sequence. Use a loyalty/rewards program to remind your best customers of their points balance and nudge them towards the purchase. Highlight their balance point and remind them.

Try A Longer-Term, Nurturing Campaign

To increase your abandoned recovery rate indirectly, move your customers to a longer-term nurturing campaign. Start with an additional email at the end of your existing email sequence asking whether they would like to subscribe to your newsletter. Send them periodic newsletters announcing new promotions or products. Keeps your brand top of mind for a purchase

Augment Email With Other Channels

Facebook Messenger’s usage adoption continues to grow. Many consumers prefer Messenger over email for communication. Leverage Messenger to recover more of your WooCommerce abandoned carts.

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