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Do Justice To Your Bigcommerce Email Marketing

Get a better reach and ROI with BayEngage and send out openable emails on your next Bigcommerce Email Marketing campaign!

Supported Ecommerce Platforms

Create Timely, Relevant, Personalized Email Campaigns

Email Marketing for Bigcommerce enables online retailers to build personalized experiences, tell stories, and invite conversations in a way that’s scalable and relevant.

BigCommerce Welcome Emails

We love being addressed as the best, that’s why we are one of the best Bigcommerce apps in the market. Just to justify our claim, we cater to all your email marketing needs — from welcoming a new customer to regaining an inactive one. The onboarding experience is one of the first factors that influence a consumer’s decision of whether or not to stay with the brand. With BayEngage, you can automate your Bigcommerce welcome email campaign and optimize your onboarding process by sending fun, personalized messages that affirm the customer’s decision.

BigCommerce Back-In-Stock Emails

“Back in stock” emails are very popular with Gen X, Y, and Z customers. It generates some of the highest open rates of any triggered messages — 47.6% to 65.32%. Most importantly, it offers a second opportunity to recover potential lost revenue and keep customers engaged with your brand. Built exclusively for Bigcommerce stores, retailers can now automate their Bigcommerce back-in-stock email campaigns to alert customers whenever their favorite merchandises are available.

BigCommerce Win-Back Emails

Get this — a whopping 45% of customers that receive a win-back email will open it. Effective Bigcommerce win-back email campaigns remind the customer why they were interested in your brand in the first place — and then encourage them to buy from you again — by offering incentives or offering value through other means. Our Bigcommerce email marketing app allows you to automatically send these emails — while providing opportunities to personalize the messages in such a way it connects with your customers.

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Emails

7 out of 10 shoppers abandon their shopping carts before completing their transaction. There are many reasons why a potential customer starts a checkout process but drops out of the process before completing the purchase. Whatever the reasons may be, the best way to address those concerns is by sending out an abandoned cart email sequence. Our Bigcommerce abandoned cart email automation allows you to experiment with your campaigns: you can incorporate social proof, create a sense of scarcity/urgency, recommend similar products, and so much more.

BigCommerce Replenishment Emails

If you sell products that run out or have a certain shelf-life, automated replenishment emails should be part of your Bigcommerce email marketing campaign. These kinds of email campaigns have a staggering 53.6% click-to-open rate, one of the highest among lifecycle marketing emails. Bigcommerce Replenishment emails are sent around the time that a typical customer might need to re-order, automatically. Set it up once and let it drive revenue all by itself.

BigCommerce Price-Drop Emails

Everyone loves a price drop, period. With BayEngage, you can easily enable the Price drop trigger and start alerting mailers and improve your eCommerce conversion rate on autopilot. To kickstart your price-drop campaign, you can check out our free templates.

Upgrade from basic BigCommerce email templates and experience the difference. Create customized email templates for specific scenarios.

Create Stunning Email Campaigns That Drive Conversions
Reach out to your leads and contacts, and connect with them through personalized messages. Create beautiful and responsive messages tailored to your unique business demands.


Creating a monthly email newsletter doesn’t have to be hard. Keep your customers close by sending out timely email campaigns regarding your most recent products and company news that excites them. Quickly design and trigger newsletter emails using TargetBay’s pre-designed email newsletter templates. Configure and send monthly or weekly newsletters starting now.

Drip email campaigns

Drip Email enables you to send out custom, automatic messages based on a pre-determined period. With TargetBay, you can set up an email trigger that automatically goes out at pre-configured intervals to your prospects and customers. Drip campaigns take repetitive tasks off your plate, like welcoming new subscribers to your list, or pitching a product you have for sale, and so on.

Promotional & Seasonal Campaigns

Explore the ins and outs of personalized marketing, and design highly effective email campaigns optimized for maximum engagement and conversions. Whether it’s promotional or holiday campaigns, you can find email templates on TargetBay. You can also segment, automate, and track email campaign performance with BayEngage from TargetBay.

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