TargetBay apps are throughtfully developed for seamless integration with your BigCommerce store. This leads to better understanding of data, which in turn enables advanced customer segmentation and improved ROI.

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Conversion-Focused Abandoned Cart Emails

Not just a reminder! Targetbay’s Abandoned Cart emails are loaded with contextual content that are highly relevant. Here are the items we include in your Abandoned cart emails to empower them. Switch from basic BigCommerce Emails now!


Add coupons to your BigCommerce abandoned cart email to persuade shoppers to finish their transactions. Coupons can help drive people over the edge and become customers. In brief, coupons work. Your abandoned cart coupon doesn’t have to be particularly huge—10% or eleven 5% might do the trick. Plus, you can always test sizes to understand what makes the most sense for your profit margin and conversion rate. You can also experiment with “dollars-off” vs. “percentage-off” coupons. Anyhow, when including coupons to accelerate sales, you want to be very careful that you don’t erode your brand or attract overly price-sensitive shoppers. You also want to make sure you don’t cut too far into your profit margins.

Abandoned cart email coupons


Leverage the power of peer experiences to convince users about the product. By adding the number of reviews along with the average rating—into your abandoned cart email, you can make your products more compelling and trustworthy. Seeing something like “Rating: 4.5/5 (113Reviews)” will give the shopper an instant dose of FOMO to complete that purchase ASAP. If you’re having a hard time finding a way to convert the shoppers’ interest into conversions, add a business achievement or positive customer reviews to minimize new shopper’s uncertainty. This can reassure the users that they are in good company and are going to buy a verified product trusted by many others.

Product Recommendations

Powered by AI, TargetBay’s product recommendation engine churns different types of relevant suggestions based on customers’ behaviors. Recommendations are offered to shoppers who abandoned the products due to needing more time or being forgetful, to increase the average order value while sending a reminder about the abandoned items. Dynamically product recommendations are extremely productive, for they introduce lost shoppers to items which they might like—in a quick and easy manner, creating a better customer experience. Consequently, they boost customer engagement, conversions, click-throughs, average order value, loyalty, and retention. However, while recommendations are effective, too many choices can be confusing and will hurt your conversion rate.

Product Recommendations

Beautiful UI

TargetBay’s interface is so easy to use that you’ll fall in love with the app instantly.

Run your business on the go!

Access TargetBay from anywhere and on any device of your choice. You can run your Ecommerce business even when you’re on the move.

Functional Add-ons

TargetBay’s pop-ups will attempt to collect emails of unregistered users who abandon carts by prompting them to enter their emails when they are about to exit the window.

We care for your business

TargetBay understands that your needs are time-sensitive. Our customer support team is always ready and happy to help you.

Fuel your success with TargetBay

Avail 100 Abandonment Cart Emails on the house.

BigCommerce Abandoned Cart Email Templates

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