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The goal of a drip campaign is to acquire customers by nurturing leads. In a typical drip email marketing campaign, prospects are nurtured through personalized marketing communications sent at predetermined intervals. This sustained effort over a long period draws more customers to the bottom of the funnel leading to an increase in sales.

Drip email marketing ensures that the right customer gets the right information at the right time.

Drip campaigns allow brands to connect with specific groups of customers based on certain events - for example, when a new customer signs up or when carts are abandoned. Every drip email is automatically sent from a queue of pre-written emails. They can be personalized to appeal to the individual preference of every customer.

How do drip campaigns drive results?

By sending communication multiple times to potential customers, brand familiarity and exposure increases. This repeated exposure will lead to more conversions.

Drip emails can be automated based on triggers.

Customers can be segmented to create relevant engagement.

Targeted drip emails can generate up to 119% increase in click rate

When to use drip emails?

Drip emails are perfect when you want to send relevant information to targeted customers and get them to take action. Here are some scenarios in which drip emails can help Ecommerce stores:

Welcome new subscribers

When a welcome email (link to automated welcome emails) is sent immediately after a visitor signs up, the open rate is 88.3%. Drip emails can help in retaining this momentum by sending regular communication that will engage customers.

Product or service recommendations

By assessing customers’ shopping habits, Ecommerce retailers can predict their needs to send drip emails with relevant product recommendations.

Abandoned carts

Drip emails come in handy when brands want to re-engage customers who have abandoned carts. By sending a series of emails, Ecommerce retailers can follow-up with customers and convince them to buy by creating a sense of urgency or sending coupons.

Did you know?

More than 50% of nurtured leads are ready to purchase

Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases

Retailers cannot personally help every shopper discover and buy products. This is the gap that drip emails can close by regularly communicating with prospects to convert them into paying customers.

Drip emails can be set up to communicate confirmations of purchase or renewals. Brands usually set up an autoresponder “Thank you” that reaches the customer’s inbox as soon as they purchase. The same email can also recommend other products that can enhance the user’s experience. The email receipt that goes out after purchase no longer needs to be a boring invoice. Drip emails can be used to upsell or cross-sell through email receipts.

An increasing number of Ecommerce businesses are embracing the subscription model to secure recurring revenue. Though most brands encourage auto-renewals, not every customer would be willing to set it up. In such scenarios, drip email campaigns can notify customers that their subscription is drawing to an end and prompt them to renew the service.

Drip email campaigns can also be set up for unsubscriptions, newsletters (link to newsletter emails) and other cases. Speak to our email marketing expert to explore the endless possibilities of drip emails.

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