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Last-Minute Tips for Best Black Friday Email Templates


Black Friday brings the peak of sales for Ecommerce stores. So, you have to bring the A-game on to create the best Black Friday email templates if you wish to ride the route to success. 

But, it never is that easy as it sounds. Of course, Black Friday not just brings peak sales but also a heavy competition to grab your customers’ attention. Black Friday 2019 saw 93.2 million buyers shopping online. Black Friday online shopping sales hit $7.4 billion, which is an all-time high. Nailing Black Friday email marketing is astronomically challenging for even pro marketers. Especially during the holiday season 2020, when every Ecommerce brand and marketer will be sending one email after the other to stay on top of the mind of their customers. 

But retailers have woken up to the fact that single-channel marketing is no longer the optimum solution for reaching out to customers. This has led to email marketing specialists coming up with strategies to reach out to customers via other channels too and SMS proving to be particularly promising.

Email marketing can never be replaced with any other channel but the challenge for email marketing is to find ways to stand out in your customers’ inboxes and make sure that all those amazing holiday deals are getting noticed. Check out our blog on ‘Email Campaign Ideas To Boost Your Black Friday And Cyber Monday Sales’ to learn more. 

That’s why we’re here. We’ve collated the best Black Friday email examples in the Ecommerce market to help you stand out amongst your competition. Not just that but also maximize the potential of what is sure to be a record-breaking holiday season.

To make things better, we’ll provide you with three readymade Black Friday email templates that you can start using right away! You can quickly customize it for your brand, send it off, and get better ROI from your email campaigns.

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8 Best Black Friday Email Examples

To get you high with motivation, let’s look at 8 of the best Black Friday email examples ready to steal for your Black Friday campaigns.

#1 FOMO Always works 

Black Friday email template with FOMO

We’ve already discussed the importance of email marketing psychology especially with combating cart abandonment. Let’s look at this classic Black Friday email template from Great.com – we see a lot of interesting psychological principles in play.

There’s FOMO/exclusivity with words highlighted in bold red saying “moving fast” and “almost sold out” in a clear display. We’ve also got the funky model pointing to the most important message: free shipping. Both these elements help the reader to easily follow along to reach the ultimate decision to complete the purchase.

#2 GIFs never let you down

Black Friday email template with gif

Lou & Grey has come up with this great-looking, inspirational Black Friday email template with an interesting GIF element. 

The colors are bright, catchy, and clean. The copy is minimal, but conveys the main idea perfectly: shop now, time’s running out on the 50% off everything deal. And can you ignore the cute gif of the clock to indicate the time is running out? I cannot!

#3 Minimal Design attracts more attention

Black Friday email template with visual elements

EyeBuyDirect continues with the clean, giphy vibe. Similar to the previous example, we’ve got a nice-looking Black Friday BOGO (buy one, get one) email.
The point is very clear: people like GIFs. But the main aspect where this Black Friday email template stands out is its minimalistic design. You cannot bombard your customers with heavy and complicated designs especially with email templates. This Black Friday email template attracts the user’s attention and builds up your brand image at the same time – get the best of both worlds (sales and advocacy).

#4 Make it simple and no fuss

Simple Black Friday email template

Storq has chosen to focus on simplicity to differentiate itself with this Black Friday email template.

Technically, this email template talks more about Thanksgiving (or, cleverly here, Thanksgiving). But it will hold valid as the entire duration is considered the Black Friday period.

To entice customers, they’re offering a gift (tank top) for all purchases above $75. But what makes them stand out is how their messaging is personally directed towards a specific group of mothers and soon-to-be mothers with an honest image. 

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#5 Highlights and celebrates bestsellers

Black Friday email template with best sellers

Inch2’s Black Friday email template stays true to itself. This Black Friday email design is clear and minimalistic. They use classical colors (black, white, and red) and stay bold.

Besides the clean look and clear email structure, the brand also highlights its best sellers. A smart move to showcase the most lovable and the most popular products. When customers are waiting for their favorite products to be back in stock, especially during the holiday season, bringing them to them along with a discount will work the best!

#6 Get a bit modern and fun

Fun Black Friday email template

Maurices Black Friday email example has a great, visually-pleasing feeling attached to it. The strong title of “bogo is the new black”  holds it all together – a shout out to the popular TV show.

Maurices brand has smartly created this Black Friday email template to sound relevant in terms of pop culture, which adds to their branding especially with the young audience. Also, the offer is quite irresistible and will attract everyone.

#7 Make a call to the authenticity

Black Friday email template with authenticity

Take a closer look at this Black Friday email template example for Huckberry. There’s something interestingly authentic about it! The authenticity is not brought out with just one element but numerous – the font, the Dylan Thomas quote, or the image of a relaxed person in a wooden house.

Amongst the Black Friday emails that are product-focused or hyped-up with offers, this unique Black Friday email template could break away easily and grab your customer’s attention quickly.

#8 Bring a different focus for Black Friday

Creative Black Friday email template

Not all Black Friday email templates and Black Friday newsletters are about offers, discounts, and products. In this Black Friday email example,  FatFace is going here for a charity-focused Black Friday theme.

This is a great idea, seeing Friday weekend from a different perspective as it comes right on the heels of the gratitude- and family-focused Thanksgiving.

The gratitude angle FatFace is going for can really make a difference for consumers. It’s definitely great for brand-building and creating a brand recall. 

3 Best Black Friday Email Templates

Now that we’ve got a pretty good idea of how Black Friday email campaigns can look different from the competition, let’s use the tips and create some brilliant Black Friday email templates.

I’ll present you with three Black Friday email templates that will give you everything you need to stand out this Black Friday.

Note: I have included the social links, addresses, unsubscribe links, etc. that can be customized based on your brand’s personality and identity. 

#1 The minimal and bold Black Friday email template

Inspired by the simple and powerful Black Friday email examples, we have created a great Black Friday email template.

Here’s the email template:

Creative Black Friday email templates

You can even use the exact wording or go ahead and customize the messaging based on the offer that you want to provide. We will always recommend adding urgency, especially to Black Friday emails. The best thing would be setting up the offer to expire at midnight on Cyber Monday, while customers are still in the urgent shopping mood. Also, the clear CTA will help them to buy immediately.

#2 The modern and no-fuss Black Friday email template

Next, we wanted to create a Black Friday email template where the top image is brand-focused, not product-focused to create a mood consistent with your brand – can be calmness, happiness, excitement, exclusivity, or whatever your brand most resonates with.

Here’s the email template:

Thoughtful Black Friday email templates

The copy here is minimal and focuses on the essential. We decided to go with one big, easy-to-see CTA button. We have used the same color to highlight one important part of your copy (here, the offer, and code).

#3 The product-focused Black Friday email template

This one is definitely inspired by some famous fashion brands’ email campaigns where they cannot afford to miss highlighting their products. This Black Friday email template is focused on the products, curated specifically for the audience.

Here’s the email template:

Attractive Black Friday email templates

In this Black Friday email template, we lead in with a nice image reflecting the sale and then go into the products.

The products are all linked by image and product titles but are displayed in a neat layout. If you’re using this Black Friday email template, work on segmenting your users (by either behavior or other data) and then curate that list specifically for that segment. For example, those customers that have bought a lot of dresses– focus on dress or dress-related products. For shoes, you’ll add a different group of products, etc.

Final Tips and Takeaways

Few things to consider when creating your Black Friday email campaigns this holiday season, 

  1. Choose a responsive and mobile-friendly email template. Make sure that your email subscriber can view your email correctly. This is the most important thing when planning your email campaign.
  2. Always stay true to your brand identity. A Black Friday email should be bold and should stand out from your competition. But it should still be in line with your brand.
  3. Don’t overwhelm your customers with too many email elements. Stick to a clear structure that focuses on the offer with a call-to-action button.
  4. Send more than one Black Friday email. It’s recommended to schedule at least five or seven Black Friday/Cyber Monday emails throughout the week. In this way, you can get more traction and sales.
Keerthana Selvakumar

Keerthana Selvakumar

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