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Focus on what matters most

Build customer loyalty and engage more with your shoppers. You can automate all your email marketing campaigns with BayEngage.

Organize your best sellers to top discounted products. A simple, but well-executed email announcing your store-wide Black Friday sale.

What’s more important than your own brand’s promotion? Use GIFs, carousels or even videos to make your email stand out!

Try to pick a simple yet powerful email template that’s just not good but also responsive. BayEngage’s email templates are also mobile-optimized that provide more relevant and engaging brand experience to customers.

It’s not just enough if your email looks great, it has to land in the primary inbox folder. Spam filters have become dynamic and smart these days, but then even sometimes legit emails go to spam too. Use BayEngage and overcome all your spam-email related challenges.

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Choose and Create Your Successful Black Friday Email



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