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How to Recover WooCommerce Abandoned Carts [A Complete Guide]

BayEngage offers 60+ free and pre-designed abandoned cart email templates to help WooCommerce store owners in recovering lost sales.

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If you don’t take timely action, an abandoned cart is lost forever. The shocking reality is that you will lose a customer too. 

Using a strategic plan to re-engage customers and completing the purchase is essential for retaining them for a more extended period and recovering lost sales.

This is the core for all platforms, including Shopify or WooCommerce.

For the time being, let’s address some vital information about the abandoned cart recovery in this blog post. Then we’ll walk you through the process of recovering a WooCommerce abandoned cart email later.

What is an Abandoned Cart Email?

Abandoned cart email is a process followed by online store owners to persuade their customers to return to the cart and complete the purchase. It lays an excellent opportunity for the store owners to recover lost sales.

Why should We Recover Abandoned Carts?

The average online cart abandonment rate is currently around 70%. This statistic may appear to be an alarm about the consequences of cart abandonment strategies used to counter it.

Even though cart abandonment results in a significant loss of sales, most Ecommerce store owners fail to implement an effective marketing strategy to re-engage abandoned users. Simply believing in retargeting ads will not suffice.

A structured cart recovery strategy is required to recover lost business effectively. The convincing reason to implement a cart recovery strategy is that the cost of recovering an abandoned cart is typically much lower than the cost of acquiring a new customer. And, the online store owner knows exactly what the customer wants and can provide personalized deals.

According to recent studies, approximately 75% of people who abandon their shopping carts intend to return to complete the purchase. So, if you don’t have cart recovery strategies in place, you’ll end up losing money!

Recoup your revenue and improve sales with Abandoned cart email


How to recover abandoned carts?

Statistics show that Ecommerce brands will end up losing around $18 billion as a result of “cart abandonment.”

The story behind these numbers is that online store owners have a massive opportunity. Here, you need to have a proper strategy to recover your abandoned carts.

First, let’s look at some of the common reasons for cart abandonment:

reasons for cart abandonment

The best part is that each of the reasons listed above has solutions. Online store owners now have a myriad of options at their fingertips to make money from sales that they were previously missing out on.

Here are three basic approaches to cart recovery depending on the amount of customer information you have. 

  1. Behavioral Triggers: Sending personalized notifications to customers who have abandoned carts can help you increase your abandoned cart recovery rate. You can even give those customers special discounts to entice them to return to their abandonment cart. You can set reminders a few minutes after a shopping cart abandonment, but reminders should ideally be sent within the first 24 hours.
  1. Retargeting Ads: Retargeting ads help you recover abandoned carts by displaying customers with the exact products they left behind. Retargeting ads are effective at recovering abandoned carts, and they don’t require any advanced marketing skills.
  2. Abandoned Cart emails: It is a follow-up email sent to the one who has added items to their cart, completed a portion of the checkout process, and then left the site without making a purchase.  Abandoned Cart email have proven to have an extremely high ROI while also being very simple to write and send.

Why are Abandoned Cart Emails Significant?

Abandonment cart emails have the highest open rates. Abandonment cart emails are sent automatically. So you can focus on other tasks and increase your productivity as a result of the automation.

How to Use WooCommerce Email Marketing to Recover Abandoned Carts

Firstly, you should not stop interacting with a customer just because they leave your website. WooCommerce email marketing is one of the most effective ways to re-engage a potential customer who has previously abandoned their Ecommerce cart.

Although the surveys vary by industry, device, and strategies, they provide an excellent opportunity for you to craft timely cart abandonment emails that will connect with the audience and drive engagement.

Most of the marketing copy aims to instill a sense of urgency, highlighting the benefits of the product, and possibly a discount code to entice the user to return and complete the transaction.

Here are the ten ways to improve your abandoned carts using a WooCommerce email marketing campaign:

  1. Show them what they are missing out on by abandoning their cart. Then, recreate the abandoned cart in the email, displaying the exact items that they left behind. When it comes to online purchases, emotion plays a crucial role at work, so take advantage of it.
  1. Show the customer similar in-stock items at a lower price and with faster shipping. Also, allow them to add enticing replacement options to their shopping cart.
  1. Facilitate a faster purchase, provide customers with a single-click, in-email purchase completion capabilities.
  1. Identify the customers who have a history of abandoning their carts and then converting when a discount is offered. Make sure to send them all small coupons, recognize their worth, capitalize them with money-saving strategies, and close the deal.
  1. Attract both procrastinating and proactive customers by offering incentives like free shipping to complete the purchase.
  1. Synchronize emails across all the channels. This aggressive workflow will allow you to send messages to customers based on user behaviors.
  1. Remember you must do A/B testing different messages, recreate messages, offers, and calls to action in real-time to determine what resonates with each customer while sending discounts and offers.
  1. Connect conversions from your internal order processing systems to conversions tracked by your email provider. Ensure that your emails never confuse customers because one system isn’t communicating with another.
  1. Abandoned cart emails are a second opportunity to continue the conversation with an essential set of people, so approach with a customer service focus.
  1. Include abandoned cart emails in your feedback loop. Inquire about customer service issues; with this qualitative feedback, you can discover the potential problems in the checkout process and resolve them.

Delight Customers At Every Touchpoint With Abandoned Cart Email


Other Strategies to Successfully Recover WooCommerce Abandoned Cart

#1: Make the cart notification visible

People who abandon their shopping carts want to save their items for later use. So, if you want them to return and complete the purchase, it is essential to keep the cart visible.

It will otherwise be out of sight and out of mind. This could be as simple as increasing the size and prominence of the cart icon in the right corner to reflect the number of items in the cart.

#2: Use the exit-intent popup

“I can get it cheaper somewhere else.” Unfortunately, when online shoppers are unsure about purchasing something, this is the most common reason to leave the cart.  

And the good news is that it is also one of the simplest objections to overcome if you can offer them a discount code if they intend to leave your site.

This is where the exit-intent popup comes into play. Exit-intent popups detect when online shoppers are about to leave by analyzing their online behavior. It then displays a popup message that encourages them to stay by offering a discount or providing additional information.

#3: Enable WooCommerce guest checkout

Are you a first-time visitor or a returning customer? (log in or create a new account) Many checkout procedures begin with this redundant question. It’s not a good idea to make customers create an account before they can check out.

One of the most common factors that “kills conversions” is account creation. This not only slows down the checkout process but also causes customers to abandon their carts. 

The reason is simple: you’ve unintentionally disconnected the potential customer from their original goal of purchasing products from your store.

If you do not need to create an account, you will lose many data and potential opportunities to follow up with them later. However, You can allow users to order using the WooCommerce guest checkout quickly and then ask them for all of the information used to create an account at the end; their email, address, phone number, and so on will be gathered for shipping.

This allows you to stay in touch with your customers and build a relationship with them to place future orders.

#4: Show your social proofs

One of the essential factors in an online shopper’s buying decision is trust, especially if they decide whether to purchase something.

Any attempt to deceive them may result in negative consequences and a loss of sales. So I’ve compiled a list of clever ways for you to leverage social proofs:

  1. Customer reviews: You should contact your most satisfied customers and request a positive review for your website.
  1. Recent sales notification: Showing what other customers are buying on your site is probably the simplest way to add social proofs. Since the beginning of time, this little sales hack has been one of the must-have elements on every WooCommerce site.

#5: Send WooCommerce abandoned cart emails

Using abandoned cart emails to recover lost revenue is a massive opportunity for store owners. Nearly half of all abandoned cart emails are clicked, and more than a third of those clicks result in a purchase back on the site.

These emails can also be triggered when a shopper abandons at any stage in your WooCommerce store, typically using a WooCommerce plugin.

Now, you can set up cart recovery emails that will automatically integrate with your WooCommerce store using our new abandoned cart features. That means you won’t have to spend money on unnecessary WooCommerce extensions or third-party WordPress plugins because BayEngage is fully compatible with WooCommerce and will handle sending your marketing emails for you!

Here are a few things to note about this feature:

  1. Email templates: Access to 250+ FREE responsive email templates. With a drag and drop editor, you can create your templates.
  1. Completely automated: Email notification will be disabled automatically once the customer returns to their cart to complete their purchase. This ensures that customers do not receive a cart recovery email from you after making a purchase.

#6: Set up push notification

It’s essential to remind customers of what they’ve left behind after they’ve left your site. Using web push notifications is another approach that is simpler, faster, and more direct than the cart recovery email mentioned above.

It raises shoppers’ brand awareness of your products in the same way that ad retargeting does, but much cheaper and more accessible. For example, a close, with push notification, will immediately send a reminder to let them know they have forgotten something in their cart. 

Improve your Abandoned Cart recovery with 30+ Customizable templates


These notifications are clickable, allowing them to return to complete the purchases right away.

Email Templates to Recover your WooCommerce Abandoned Cart 

Here are some fantastic free abandoned cart email templates to help you improve your email marketing strategy.

What’s Next? Get Started!

This blog contains a wide range of suggestions. But where do you begin? Whenever we consider taking action in any business, we always start with the lowest-hanging fruit.

If that’s your case, we’d recommend checking the email marketing strategy that is easily capable of supporting the strategies outlined in this blog.

Then, consider things you can do to set your emails apart from the tried-and-true methods used by everyone else. Re-energize those campaigns with a bit of fairy dust. Improving your abandoned cart recovery is a step-by-step process that necessitates numerous smaller steps.

Wrapping Up

Email is an important marketing channel, and abandoned cart plugins can help you close the gap of customers who abandon carts.

We’re very excited to release this new feature to help WooCommerce store owners in recovering lost sales. So, with BayEngage, set up your first abandoned cart email and start increasing sales on your WooCommerce site.



Janani is a Content Writer at TargetBay, an Ecommerce Marketing Cloud used by thousands of online stores across the globe. When she isn't writing, she can be found riding the Metro and enjoy trying new local foods.

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