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7 Best Email Fonts for Your Next Email Campaigns


Do email fonts matter a lot in your email campaigns? 

The simple answer is “Yes.”

According to Litmus report, in 2022, the average time people spend on to read emails is 2 to 8 seconds. As a marketer, you wanted to create a asthetic, successful email campaign by incorporating brand color, image, and font. This is why email fonts matter the most, which makes it easier for the readers in the short period of time they spend. 

Emails copy is the same as copywriting – a foundation of the message you would like to convey to your audience. 

In this article we will explore the best font for email, that you can use in your email marketing campaign to stand out.

Why do email fonts matter?

Before we dive into the best email fonts, let’s look at why fonts matter in an email. Although there are 200K fonts, you can use every font in your email campaign. It is stated that 70% of emails are deleted in 3 seconds if they aren’t able to read the context. 

To make our statement clearer, we would like to drop a quick exercise for you, 

How does the font look? Can you read what it is exactly written? Well, it is a simple word from the song “You’re the Light, You’re the Night.” I hope now you understand why email fonts are important. Without a proper font, your email campaign’s overall message will be affected. 

Remember: the email fonts you choose for your email campaign should go well with desktops and cell phones. 

Just like brand color, fonts also give the brand credibility, which is why the brand uses stable email fonts that build value and persona. 

What is the best font for email?

We would say there is no specific font for emails. It all depends on the context and email marketing needs. But we can add these email fonts, which can vary from country to country because of the language.

1. Easy Readable

As you and I know, everyone skims through an email when they open it. So, we advise you to use thin and spacious email fonts so that your readers can understand the concept of your email while skimming it. 

Helvetica is one of the popular fonts used by many for their email, followed by Times New Roman font. Still, many on the line make your email simple and readable. 

2. Area of using the text

Again, the text we use for the email depends upon the fonts we use in the area. For instance, for email banners, we use different fonts and then comes the body of the content. 

Like the colors and design of the email, even text plays a crucial role in the click-through rate. We would say the best fonts for emails are something that fits the purpose of your brand. If your target audience is GenZ or Millennial, then Vernanda and Roboto go well, and Georgia or Times New Roman fits for an old school audience better. 

3. Email-safe and Web-safe

Here, it is about email-safe font Vs. Web-safe font, what is that? 

When you hit an email, it goes to your recipients’ inbox it can be Gmail, Outlook, or any device like a desktop, tablet, or cell phone. All that you should focus on is that your email should be simple and readable because the attention to your email is just 1.11 seconds

Here comes web-safe font; they aren’t the same. You can find them in snippets and plug-ins. That is the reason why most clients choose web-safe email fonts for a safer reason that it won’t overlap. 

7 Best Email fonts for your email campaigns in 2024

1. Arial

It is one of the popular email fonts because it is the Microsoft core selected font, and it is also designed as Sans Serif. It is the most easily accessible font on the computer and a default font for documents. This is quite an old age email font it has been right since the time of computer usage. 

You can find the font to be curvy, and the content is easy to read. Mostly, Arial is good for the email body and headings and good for text-only emails, which gives a sense of a human written feel. We suggest you try it out! 

2. Times New Roman

Another popular email font in this serif font family for almost 100 years is Times New Roman. It is also the email safe font known for authoritative, classic, and traditional styles. 

Though this is good to go for the heading and body of the email, we suggest you use it for the heading, as the narrow letters can make it a little hard to read the long words while you skim. 

3. Helvetica

It is a popular digital font created by a Swiss designer and used on brand names, taglines, and slogans. The font has a typography style that is bold and modern perfect for email headings or be it any headings and logos. 


Though it is a beautiful Sans-serif font, you can’t find it in Google Docs or Microsoft Word. You have to download it, but it is available on Macbook. 

4. Georgia

It is the Sans-serif font found by Microsoft in the early 90s and the most popular email font you can use it. This font is currently used by Yahoo, Amazon, and Twitter. Well, this is a great choice for the longer email content because the font’s wide space makes it easier for the readers.  

Well, it might not be a creative font, but we would say it is the safest font to use in your emails because it is available in documents, email clients, and writing tools. 

5. Verdana

It is another Sans-serif font family that is good to go email font for all email marketing campaigns because for it’s additional space better the letters. This makes the content look more legible and easy to read. 

We would say this is one of the best email fonts for email campaigns that increases the user experience. You can prefer this email font over Arial and Helvetica for better readability and legibility. 

6. Roboto

This is similar to the Open Sans font family, which was developed by Google and focused on Android OS. This font has a geometric style, which makes it look more modern. 

Well, the Roboto font was the most popular Google font in 2020. Since this design was targeted for the cell phone, it is better for screen and user-friendly. It is better to go for email body text.

7. Tahoma

It is also a Sans-serif font family, which is mainly used for Windows OS, and this was created with the screen display in mind. The font has a similar length for both upper and lower case letters which gives overall better readability and a clean format.

Ready to send emails with the best email fonts?

Whatever you do, do it right to see the result. It is applicable even to the email fonts you choose for your email marketing campaigns. The typography is the key to converting any audience, do you agree? 

But we know choosing the right email font is a tedious task. You can do that with some A/B testing as well to know which email font is good for your readers and for your brand. So, to put it short, choose the email font that gives better readability, legibility, and email safe, and that mainly aligns with your email campaign goal. 

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