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12 Best Email Marketing Examples in 2024


Certainly, email marketing is one of the reliable and go-to marketing channels for every business owner and marketer. We all know the stats of email marketing as it yields 2x the time ROI for every investment. 

“Email marketing is a never-ending game that keeps evolving with multiple email marketing efforts and unique email marketing strategies. Be a pro to rule it”.Pon Pandian, CEO of TargetBay.

Anyone can run an email marketing campaign, but doing it right matters here. Although it is a good marketing resource, efficient email marketing is not only about a deceptive subject line or adding a CTA to the body of the email. It is more than that of adding eye-catching visuals and meaningful content that your users should be excited about every time they see your name in their inbox. 

In this article, I will share the 12 best email marketing examples of fellow brands in the market. So you can start creating an effective email marketing strategy on your own. 

12 Proven Best Email Marketing Examples that Might Inspire Your Campaign

1. CoSchedule

One of the good email marketing examples to be quoted here. CoSchedule has recently launched a product on its list, “Hire Mia,” an AI writing tool for marketers.

Type: Product Launch Email

Goal: Make their subscribers explore their 25+ free AI writing assistance 

Subject line: ICYMI: NEW AI Writing Tools are live!


Here’s what I like about this email marketing example

We all know CoSchedule is an all-in-one AI marketing calendar for content, social media, and more. The brand has come up with an email marketing campaign; the campaign’s goal is to inform and invite their subscribers to try out “Hire Mia,” a free AI writing tool. 

With clear, concise copy explaining, the tool supports 25+ categories with the CTA. This makes it easier for the email skimmers to understand the concept of email marketing campaigns. 

How to do it better: 

Although the email has a clear copy and a simple design, they have added six CTAs; each category has a CTA that takes you to the appropriate product page. Which has not only made the email copy longer but also made it more confusing. 

Regarding product launch email, be it any email, sticking to one CTA gives you better CTR. 

2. TargetBay

The SaaS company has three feathers to its cap, with the product of marketing automation tools (email & SMS), customer reviews tools, and loyalty program tools.

Type: Webinar invite email

Goal: Educate the subscribers, especially those who are in the eCommerce market, about the trends and metrics to measure and implement effectively

Subject line: Unlock Sales Growth With TargetBay’s Reviews & Rewards

Here’s what I like about this email marketing example

TargetBay always has a clean design approach with a clear, concise copy so readers can scan through the information without reading the entire email.  The details of the webinar are highlighted in the email banner, and the copy of the email has the link to register.

How to do it better: 

The email copy is a little long, which can be precise to the point of the email. The subject line can be written more engaging, which makes the recipients register for the webinar.

3. Apollo

One of the world’s most up-to-date leads database platforms designed for sales sequence and closing the deal. 

Type: Onboarding email

Goal: Apollo.io has come up with an email campaign for onboarding customers by any means. The campaign shows the email marketing strategy adopted by the brand.

Subject line: 100 bonus credits for {{first name}}


Here’s what I like about this email marketing example

Be it any business; brands can get customers’ attention by giving credit. Apollo.io has followed the same pattern in their onboarding email. The subject line of the email clearly states the purpose and the content of the email. 

How to do it better: 

Could have added extended content with a CTA to chat with a live person.

4. Hunter

A well-known all-in-one email outreach platform to scrape professional email IDs to pitch emails. Though the tool provides 25 free monthly credits to scrap the email, customers are asked to upgrade to the plan after a certain point.

Type: Product Update Email

Goal: Constantly keep their customers updated about their product updates with their email marketing effort to clarify that they are working on the tool daily for a better outreach platform

Subject line: New: Signals improvements, SMTP support & more


Here’s what I like about this email marketing example

Efficient email marketing requires adding meaningful visuals to their email. Hunter has attached a video explaining their product update and a CTA to the blog. So the users can listen to the update on the go and also read when they get time.

How to do it better: 

Embedding the video to the email has become more common nowadays than attaching a YouTube video. The subscribers stay on the email rather than go to another platform.

5. Grammarly

A cloud-based typing assistant for everyone; I am pretty sure everyone knows about this application, even non-marketers and non-writers. Grammarly has never made a compromise in its marketing effort, as in all their email campaigns. 

Type: Time-sensitive offer

Goal: To make their free-trial customers upgrade to any of their paid plans

Subject line: Elevate your work with 50% off Premium


Here’s what I like about this email marketing example

As always, Grammarly has created an email with a simple yet powerful design, using clear and concise language that aligns with its brand color. The email features two calls to action and highlights the offer in a large font at the beginning, immediately grabbing the reader’s attention.

How to do it better: 

Adding the pricing plans with the email design is always good, especially when running a limited-period offer email campaign. The amount they will save by using this offer will be clear to the customers.

6. Flipping Book

We must have looked for something that converts the boring retrospect PDF to something interesting, like turning the pages, that gives the feel of the physical book. That is possible with the Flipping Book software that turns the PDF into HTML5 flipbooks.

Type: Welcome email

Goal: This email makes you feel personalized and valued, as well as an official welcome to their brand and community. 

Subject line: Welcome to FlippingBook!


Here’s what I like about this email marketing example

The brand has a short, clear email copy and a simple design in its welcome email, along with the 2-minute tutorial video. This showcases their clear email marketing strategy to make their customers start using their product without any hassle. 

How to do it better: 

Companies never fail to make their social media presence in this competitive market. Flipping Book should have added its social icon to the bottom of the email, as it is social proof to the audience, which builds the brand’s credibility. 

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7. Mailchimp

We all know Mailchimp is one of the oldest email marketing tools in the market, and it constantly has its own place even in this competitive market. It’s not just B2C; even B2B needs to hear the voices of their customers to come up with updates or launch new products. 

Type: Customer review collection email

Goal: To know the user experience of the email tool and influence the future of what they build for their audience. 

Subject line: How’s your Mailchimp experience so far? 💬


Here’s what I like about this email marketing example

Mailchimp has used a white background, very short email content that is direct to the point with approximate survey time, and a CTA button. The email has no visuals or designs, which is easy to read and doesn’t divert attention. 

How to do it better: 

Although Mailchimp is one of the oldest email marketing tools in the market. However, nothing comes for free; adding some reward for the survey to the email ensures no feedback was missed from the email marketing campaign sent.

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8. Wondershare PDF Element

A cutting-edge PDF editing software designed to work on both desktops and Macbooks seamlessly

Type: Special offer email

Goal: Showcase the special offer to the PDFelemet users via an efficient email marketing effort. 

Subject line: Download and Install Wondershare PDFelement on Your Desktop


Here’s what I like about this email marketing example

The brand has come with a simple and precise email copy with a bold and big font size stating this “Special offer only for PDFelement user” by highlighting the amount you can save. With the offers for both desktop and Mac. 

How to do it better: 

Although the brand kept its message precise, the clarity of the icons was missing, which looked blurry. The clarity of the icon is as important as the subject line and the email message. 

9. SEMrush

The American-based company stands as the backbone for the company’s digital growth with its clear data insights about keywords, traffic, domain authority score, competitor analysis, and more. 

Type: Informational newsletter email

Goal: Sharing the informational report with its subscribers so they can work on their marketing efforts and strategies

Subject line: The future of ecommerce is here. Are you ready?


Here’s what I like about this email marketing example

We all know the content is written and published to answer the pain points of the user’s search intent. The content addresses the user’s search intent to rank higher in Google. SEMrush has carefully analyzed and shared a downloadable and readable report for us to frame an effective marketing strategy for its subscribers. 

How to do it better: 

Though the text in the CTA varies from read to download, it takes us to the same landing page where the reports can only be downloaded when we click on it. The CTAs could have been in the name to align with its purpose. Because some might not wish to download the report but rather read it. 

10. Adobe Creative Cloud

Users can enjoy the collection of Adobe tools on their desktops and mobile devices from anywhere on any device. 

Type: Upsell email

Goal: Promote the new product invention to their subscribers and existing users via efficient email marketing campaigns

Subject line: Unlock new AI superpowers with Adobe Express


Here’s what I like about this email marketing example

When AI is evolving everywhere, how could Adobe miss it? Adobe has come up with generative AI, an all-in-one content creation app for its users. The email has attractive visuals that clearly show how text can be converted to an image.

How to do it better: 

The subject line could have avoided the chat GPT terms like unlock and unleash. Instead, it could have been made more humanized by using the keyword “Generative-AI.”

11. GoDaddy

One reliable and affordable WordPress hosting platform opted for by many B2B and B2C companies. 

Type: Lead nurturing email

Goal: Nurturing your leads is necessary in this competitive market so that they don’t jump onto your competitors with a consistent email marketing strategy

Subject line: Renew your expired products before you lose them.

Here’s what I like about this email marketing example

The email starts with the direct message, “Some of your products have expired.” a sneak peek of the concept into three points with the CTA “view expired product” that directs you to the page.

How to do it better: 

The email should have added a social media icon to create trust and credibility for the brand among the audience, though it is an established brand. 

12. pdfFiller

One of the best email marketing examples for promotional email. Enhance your PDF experience with a cloud-native platform like pdfFiller to edit, manage, and share documents online. 

Type: Promotional email

Goal: The Brand has opted for the social cause to promote its product via an email marketing campaign

Subject line: Go ECO with pdfFilller

Here’s what I like about this email marketing example

Although the email has a short message with a white background. The brand has taken a social cause to promote its product via email. To make their concept even stronger, they have started the email with statistics showcasing the benefit of going eco-friendly.

How to do it better: 

Instead of adding the icon to the statistics, they could have designed and highlighted it to grab the attention of the readers. 

How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

Now, you must have a clear understanding of how efficient email marketing should be from your fellow brands. But how do we create them effectively? 

Let me take you a quick walk-through of how to do it without any hassle. 

Step1: Login to the app

To create an email, you need reliable email marketing software that fits most of the user’s expectations. The email tool should cover all the necessary features; you can also look into email marketing tools for an informed decision

However, for a quick resource to start your email marketing campaign right away, you can also log in to BayEngage and set up your email campaign in a few clicks.

Step 2: Create an email 

Moving on to the next process, the users can create an email from scratch if they want the design to be their own; otherwise, they can choose the in-built email template design according to the purpose of the campaign and customize it accordingly. 

To set up your email campaign,

  • Go to the email template 
  • Choose the template according to the campaign purpose or create your own 
  • Select the template
  • Add your brand color, image, logo, and body of the email. Make it look like how you want it to be
  • Click preview mode to see how your email will look, or you can even send the test email and check before setting up the email campaign. 

If you want in-depth details on how to set the email, you can look into this section.

Step 3: Save and Schedule the email

Now you are all set, and your email is ready to go. As the next step, you choose the recipients to whom you want to send the emails. If you don’t have any specific segmented audience, you can choose to send it to all contacts.

You can send the emails right away or schedule them for later; that is completely in your control, along with the UTM tracking. 

Easy peasy, right? 

Ready to Set up Your Email Campaign?

Now that you know how other brands have designed their email campaigns, you have an idea of how to create an effective email marketing campaign. You can start this process seamlessly with BayEngage. Simply sign up for a free account and set up your first email campaign.

Remember, when sending an email, it’s important to prompt people to open, click, and respond. This requires an interactive subject line, a clean design, and precise email copy. Additionally, a user-friendly approach is essential.

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