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Constant Contact Pricing: Is it still worth investing in 2024?


Although optimizing your email marketing strategy in 2024 is easier than ever with Constant Contact, many still find the UI and navigation of the email tool a little cranky. 

We know it is an old and most commonly used email marketing platform after Mailchimp, designed to help businesses and digital marketing campaigns. What if the tool eats up your time instead of supporting you?

I agree Constant Contact has many features, including email lists, email templates, campaign scheduling, email tracking, and more. However, the email platform charges accordingly for the features it offers, which cost an arm and a leg.

But does Constant Contact succeed in today’s modern email marketing landscape, or does it fall short of its competitors?

Read our guide to learn more about Constant Contact pricing and whether it is still worth investing in 2024 in detail. 

Constant Contact Pricing: Overview

Constant Contact, an email marketing software, comes with three pricing plans, which are completely based on the number of contacts and features added to the plan. 

Constant Contact pricing has three plans – Lite, Standard, and Premium.


Note: If you send an email exceeding the limit, an average fee of $0.002 is charged per email sent. 

You can see a strong review from one of the users of Constant Contact over the past 10 years,


Source: G2

However, the features offered in Standard and Premium plans make you awww! Behind comes the pricing they quote for it, which makes you grrr!


It is one of the primary reasons SMBs and solopreneurs have to consider Whether Constant Contact is still worth investing in 2024. 

Constant Contact Pricing: Features Breakdown


In addition to the plans, the Constant Contact email marketing tool offers to prepay and save big options – In this, you can save upto 15% if you prepay for 12 months.

If you are a Nonprofit, you can save upto 30% by prepaying. If the audience isn’t happy about the email tool, a 100% money-back guarantee applies to all plans.

Furthermore, it is no wonder, like every other email marketing tool in the market, Constant Content offers a 60-day free trial without the need for a credit card or commitment. During the free trial, the users can send upto 100 emails and explore the platform. 

Here is the catch: you can explore the platform, but to take it live (you have to go for the paid plans). 

Still, Do you think Constant Contact is worth investing in?

As I mentioned above, Constant Contact pricing has made many SMBs and solopreneurs feel like they are breaking their bank accounts. There’s no exaggeration here; you can see the Constant Contact email marketing reviews given by one of the users below


Source: G2

Well, not only that, but another major reason is customer support. Businesses or marketers get into automation to make their work simpler and easier. Even in that way, Constant Contact gives poor support to their users, which makes them drive crazy. 


Source: Shopify

Crossing all these problems, Imagine you invested more time and effort to create an email for your marketing campaign, and you find that the auto-save feature isn’t working, Ufff! That bursting moment. 

Beyond this, you have to think if Constant Contact is worth investing in 2024.

Why not Constant Contact Alternatives?


Although Constant Contact is one old email marketing software in the market, there are alternatives to Constant Contact in the market at affordable prices and with the same features without any hidden charges and better customer support. 


Wrap Up

Indeed! Constant Contact is one of the oldest and most robust email marketing platforms that supports all types of business. Like every other email marketing software in the market, Constant Contact has some glitches. However, bugs in the tool can be resolved. 

But, You must think about the email marketing software’s hidden charges, prices, and customer support and decide – Constant Contact: Is it still worth investing in 2024? 

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