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Product Launch Emails: Examples and best practices

product launch emails

Launching a new product into the marketplace is a huge process. It takes many hands to launch a successful product. And as we all know, the product’s success is based on the reach and the revenue it creates. This is applicable to any business, for that matter. 

The most important part is taking the product to the consumer. For this, most people use email as one of the easiest ways to create brand awareness. But not all products hit the industry standards. Most people say their product launch email campaigns are a failure and have not expected it to happen.

There are several reasons why your product launch emails are a failure. But it’s important to focus on the right ways to approach your customers. Whether you’re a seasoned email marketer or just starting out, this guide gives you practical insights, actionable advice, and the best examples from the industry to level up your product launch emails.

What are product launch emails?

Product launch emails are targeted messages designed to grab the attention of subscribers and inform them about a recently launched product or service. 

These emails typically provide key details, such as product highlights, unique selling points, pricing, availability, and any relevant promotional offers, aiming to generate interest and drive conversions.

Types of product launch emails

There are a series of emails that you can send to announce the new product launch. Here are the different types of product launch emails that people usually send.

  1. Pre-launch emails

Pre-launch emails are strategic communications sent to a targeted audience before the official release of a new product or service. 

These emails aim to build anticipation, generate excitement, and create buzz around the upcoming launch. They often provide teasers, sneak peeks, or exclusive previews to engage recipients and spark interest in the upcoming offering.

  1. Product release emails

Product release emails are targeted communications sent to customers and subscribers to announce the availability and official release of a new product or service. These emails aim to generate immediate interest and drive conversions by encouraging recipients to explore and purchase the newly released product.

These emails provide essential information about the product, including its features, benefits, pricing, and any special offers or promotions associated with its release.

Additionally, integrating compelling product photography into your email campaigns can significantly enhance the visual appeal, making your product launch announcements more engaging and captivating for your audience.

  1. Seasonal product launch emails

Seasonal product launch emails are targeted email campaigns that coincide with specific seasons or holidays to promote and introduce products that are aligned with the seasonal theme. For example, launch new cozy winter clothing during December or a Bunny hoodie for Easter. 

The emails may highlight seasonal discounts, limited-time offers, or product features that are particularly suited for that time of year, aiming to drive engagement, increase sales, and capitalize on the season’s buying mindset.

  1. Limited edition product launch emails

Limited edition product launch emails are sent when there’s a release of exclusive and limited availability products or variations of existing products. These emails are sent to generate excitement and drive conversions by leveraging the perception of rarity and the opportunity to own something special and collectible.

The emails may highlight the exclusivity of the limited edition through features like unique packaging, special materials, or collaborations with renowned artists or brands.  For example, Hershey’s comes up with Christmas edition chocolates with unique packing and BTS editions on apparel.

  1. Additional product release of a series

Additional product release emails are sent when you add a new product to the already existing products. Most skincare brands use this technique to add more value to the product. 

Why should you send product launch emails?

why should you send product launch emails

Examples of some of the best product launch emails

To provide you with practical guidance, we’ll showcase real-life examples from successful product launches. These examples will illustrate different approaches, tones, and styles, allowing you to draw inspiration and adapt them to suit your brand’s unique voice and audience.

Example #1

Here’s an example of a new product launch email template from BayEngage for the summer. The popping colors and minimalistic texts with two right and relevant CTAs are a game-changer for your business. Keep things minimalistic to improve readability!

product launch email template

Source: BayEngage

Example #2

This example is from Apple’s email campaigns. Apple used this to announce the audience of the new iWatch model. Apple has beautifully projected its new product image, its features, and a CTA to pre-order. This definitely increases the anticipation among the iPhone consumer base.

apple product launch email

Source: Apple

Example #3

Animaker has kept the designing energy low-key. They have added a small note on what’s new with the right CTA that can help with conversion.

product launch email notes

Source: Animaker

Example #4

Starbucks has come up with a newsletter kind of feature launch to explain to their audience how they can use the Starbucks app smartly with the new features dropping by. A small tutorial is being shown here to explain how the feature works to customers clearly.

new feature launch email

Source: Starbucks

Example #5

Once again, Apple has been mentioned to show how minimalistic their designs are. This is an example of seasonal product launch emails. This is the best example to show it is important to highlight things in BOLD LETTERS to show its importance! Here, Apple has kept the caption and the product name in bold with one CTA and an extensive product image, almost filling half of the campaign’s space.

seasonal product launch email

Source: Apple

Example #6

This is another newsletter kind of limited edition launch email. This highlights the newly launched summer collection with different wrappers and colors. This can surely excite makeup lovers out there to upgrade their makeup collection every season.

Limited edition product launch email

Source: Pinterest

Example #7

Displaying the product image and adding the phrase “coming soon” can be a great way to create a buzz among customers.

create buzz with product launch email

Source: Pinterest

Best Practices for product launch emails

  1. Keep the Message Simple and Informative 

Use persuasive and compelling language to highlight your product’s unique selling points, benefits, and value. Clearly communicate how it solves a problem or fulfills a need for your audience. Keep the email copy concise, engaging, and focused on the key messaging

  1. Add engaging visuals

Incorporate visually appealing images, videos, or graphics that showcase your product in an engaging and impactful way. High-quality visuals can capture attention, communicate product features, and evoke emotions, making your emails more memorable and persuasive.

  1. Minimalistic design

Always do not overdo things. Keep your design minimalistic. Remember, too much of anything can affect your email campaign’s performance. Use colors, fonts, and other design elements relevant to your campaign.

  1. Segment Your Contacts 

It is important to tailor your product launch emails to specific segments of your audience based on their interests, demographics, or past interactions with your brand. Segmentation allows for more personalized and targeted messaging, increasing the relevance and engagement of your emails. 

  1. Add links to Social Media 

Don’t forget to add links to your website and social media handles. It’s also a great way to expand your community in multiple channels. Add these in a place that is legible and clear for the readers to see.

  1. Create Compelling Subject Lines

Craft attention-grabbing subject lines that spark curiosity convey value, and generate interest. Keep them concise, clear, and aligned with the content of the email to entice recipients to open and read further.

  1. Keep Emails Mobile-Friendly: 

Make sure that your emails are optimized for mobile devices since many users access their emails on smartphones and tablets. Use responsive email design to ensure your content is easily readable and visually appealing on various screen sizes.

  1.  Test and Iterate your campaigns

A/B tests different elements of your product launch emails, such as subject lines, copy, visuals, or CTAs, to identify what resonates best with your audience. Use the insights gained from testing to refine and optimize your email campaigns for better performance.

Quick Tips!

Essential designing ideas for your product launch emails

  1. Make sure you focus more on the product
  2. A big picture of your product
  3. Minimalistic design
  4. Use Popping colors 
  5. Check for alignment
  6. Pick Fonts that associate with your brand

Wrapping it!

Drawing inspiration from real-life examples showcased throughout this blog, you can see how different brands have effectively leveraged email marketing to introduce their products, create excitement, and drive conversions.

Now, armed with your newfound knowledge and some of the best practices, it’s time to implement them. Craft your product launch emails with passion, creativity, and a customer-centric approach. Stand out from the crowd, grab attention, and make a lasting impression on your audience.

So, go ahead and launch your products with confidence! 

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