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Abandoned Cart Email
Shift4Shop Abandoned Cart Email


Personalize your abandoned cart emails now!

This template gives an opportunity for you to appear very personal. You can edit the name it is addressed to and then choose to keep the body of the content. It will create a good image for your brand among your customers and lets you converse with your customers on a personal level. It has a customizable CTA button and editable image as well. You also have the option to choose images from the millions of stock images we have for your availability! So go ahead! Start editing as you wish and download the template for a personalized abandoned cart email template.

How to Use This Abandoned Cart Email Template?

Step 1: Visit our TargetBay website and open the product BayEngage.

Step 2: In BayEngage, find the Email Templates icon.

Step 3: Get the options to see the best templates for all your email marketing templates

Step 4: Now choose Abandoned Cart Email and download the template to get back your lost customers.