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Why TargetBay Review & QA Is Your Perfect Yotpo Alternative

Why TargetBay Review & QA Is Your Perfect Yotpo Alternative

When it comes to building your eCommerce store’s reputation, reviews play an important role. UGC is considered an important aspect to not only help with the conversion but also to build organic traffic and search engine ranking.

If you are an online store marketer looking to build your eCommerce store’s reputation or an existing Yotpo user who is looking for a more cost-effective solution, then let us show you how TargetBay can help your online store.

A Cost-Effective Yotpo Alternative

If you look at TargetBay pricing, it starts from just $199/month, whereas Yotpo charges you significantly more for providing the same services and no longer openly publishes their rates. Although most anyone can find this information on the web, Yotpo’s lawyers instructed us to cease and desist publishing it, so we have removed it from this blog. Nevertheless, we are certain that this difference can be put to much better use.

As an online store owner, there are other tools you would rather invest in that spending all your money on just one feature. For instance, the TargetBay email personalization tool is priced at $299 and the behavioral pop-up is priced at just $49. So, instead of paying just for Yotpo, you can subscribe for three tools and many more coming that will further help automate your data-driven eCommerce marketing.

Features as of this blog posting TargetBay Yotpo



Customizable Review Widget
In-mail Review Form
Importing Product Reviews In Marketing Emails
Moderate Review
Segmented Review Requests
Mail After Purchase
Real-time Sync Of Products and Orders
Review Comments
New Review Notifications
Community QA
Order Comment
Mail After Shipment
Advanced Review Email Builder
Facebook Integration
In-line SEO
Google Rich Snippets
Trust Badges
Instagram Integration
Email Upselling

We Will Never Tie You In On An Annual Contract

Are you tired of annual contracts that lock you into a costly service contract?. What our competitors don’t seem to understand is that Saas tools are not meant for annual contracts. The whole point of choosing a Saas tool is to be able to walk out if and when you are not happy with the service.

At TargetBay, we don’t ask customers to sign up for annual contracts. We want our customers to have the freedom to choose a product they feel comfortable using. This makes us the perfect alternative to Yotpo.

All Online Stores Deserve Organic Ranking And Traffic

As of this posting, our analysis has shown that not all of Yotpo’s plans and customers get organic traffic from rich snippets. The reviews collected using one of their lower-tier plans will not be indexed by the search engines. This makes your reviews useless for UGC marketing. So, we ask, what’s the point of it?

With TargetBay, the perfect Yotpo alternative, all reviews are indexed by the search engines to help you rank for crucial keywords. Read how one of our clients reduced their PPC spending by increasing their organic traffic using the TargetBay review collection.

TargetBay also gives the necessary rich snippets to display the star ratings next to the search results. This helps in improving click-through rates drastically.

Make More Use Of Your Reviews Collected

TargetBay reviews can be used in your marketing emails and pop-ups, a feature not available in Yotpo. This feature plays a major role as the reviews are displayed during the prime decision-making time of customers.

Make complete use of the reviews collected for better UGC marketing strategy with TargetBay reviews and QA. You can also import the reviews on your Facebook platform to engage social followers better.

Improve Review Collection With Checkout Order Comment Pop-Up

Get customers to rate their purchase at the right time to increase positive reviews on your online store. Order comment pop-ups are designed just to increase your star ratings.

As a rule of thumb, a customer will never choose to buy from you if they are not happy with your product or service. By displaying a pop-up asking right after they complete the transaction, the customer is more than willing to leave a happy review.

This one feature helped our customer who migrated from Yotpo to increase their positive review count by over 210%.

After reading these arguments, I am sure you will consider TargetBay to be the perfect Yotpo alternative and a competitor. We are striving to provide better features and services to help online store owners improve their online presence and marketing reach.

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