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The Shopping Cart Abandonment Strategy That All eCommerce Stores Need

The Shopping Cart Abandonment Strategy That All eCommerce Stores Need

16.Aug.2017 Krithika Siddharth - Abandoned cart email, Email Personalization

A Baymard study states that shopping cart abandonment rate is currently at 69.23%. This simply means that 70% to 80% of your customers are leaving behind products in their carts. This alarming statistic tells us that plenty of online store owners fail to take advantage of the sophisticated tools that are designed to stop shopping cart abandonment and improve eCommerce sales.

Let’s Understand Why Shoppers Abandon Their Carts

There could be plenty of reasons as to why a shopper would abandon their cart- Business Insider researched and listed a bunch of frequent reasons

cart abandonment reasons

Looking at the chart, we can understand by tackling two major hurdles, we can convince more than 50% of shoppers to convert.

  1. Reduce shipping cost or provide free shipping
  2. Reaching out to customers who are not ready to purchase yet

With the data in let’s see how personalization helps you intervene customers who are leaving being products in their cart.

Stopping Cart Abandonment With Behavioral Pop Up

With TargetBay behavioral pop-up, you can get the customer’s attention who is leaving the website without buying anything? For shopping cart abandonment, the exit intent pop-up is triggered only when users have products in the cart and are trying to close the window. Let’s learn how to improve the exit intent conversions:

Product In Cart Reminder Pop-up:

Sometimes, all you need to do is remind customers that they have products in their cart. We are living in a fast-paced world where it’s difficult to retain customer’s interest and attention. With more number of customers shopping through their mobile devices, it’s easy for them to forget about their shopping cart once they get a call or message.

Avoid losing customers to such a distraction with a simple reminder pop-up.

abandoned cart Pop-up

Behavioral Incentive Pop-Up

We have already stated that the biggest factor for cart abandonment is that the customer feels they are paying more for the product or shipping. By providing personalized offers like free shipping or a 10% discount to customers through coupon codes helps in converting at least 15% of customers who are leaving behind some products in their cart.

Behavioral pop-up with incentives

Introduce A Sense Of Urgency

Providing a coupon code with custom offers is a great way to engage with customers, but inculcating a sense of urgency along with the offer goes a long way in making customers take immediate action based on a personalized offer.

TargetBay behavioral pop-up lets you include a timer in the pop-up to give customers a visual ‘sense of urgency’. Customers are more prone to hitting the checkout button when the offer is about to expire. It plays with their psyche that they could lose a good bargain.

behaviorial pop-up with countdown

Pop Up To Get Their Email Address

If you have a customer who is not registered, it’s wise to collect their email address if they leave behind products in the cart. Instead of just asking them to subscribe. A pop-up reminding them about the product in the card along with their permission to send the cart details in their inbox will improve their chance of giving their email address.

Pop Up To capture Email Address

Shopping Cart Abandonment Emails To Get Customer Back

Now that you have tried stopping customers from leaving, but some still left. It’s not over yet. You can still reach out through automated emails sent at various time intervals to improve email visibility and engagement.

Cart Abandonment Email Design

Customers receive tons of email- make your email compelling with unique subject lines and designs. To improve click-through rate and conversions, spend some time in deciding the theme and the message of the mailer. Get some inspiration with email template designs that are a roaring success rate amongst customers:

Victoria secret steams it up a bit:

abandoned cart email

Bonobos have a simple and chic design that’s different:

abandoned cart reminder email

RayBan keeps it funny and cute:

RayBan abandoned cart email

These mailers have the necessary elements like free shipping offers, discount coupons, etc. on the email, but the main focus is on the message that resonates with the customers.

Automate Your Cart Abandonment Strategy:

The key to a successful shopping cart abandonment strategy is sending multiple emails. The focus of the mailer is to get customers back to the website, but the message will vary as days pass. We have a proven 3 mail strategy that has helped our customer improve their conversions 3X.

1st Email: Should be sent immediately or within a few hours after the customer abandons the cart.

2nd Email: Should be sent on the 3rd day with a message stating ‘Get it before your cart expires’ or something like ‘The stocks are running out’. This creates a sense of urgency. You can also try to gather data as to why the user is hesitating to buy the product, this will give you plenty of information that helps in optimizing your eCommerce strategy for better conversions.

3rd Email: Include a personalized coupon code providing ‘free shipping’ or a discount.

This helps you bring at least 20% of customers back to your website. TargetBay lets you schedule N number of emails, you can try your own shopping cart abandonment strategy with various themes of abandonment cart emails to improve your rate of cart recovery success.

abandoned cart email Workflow

Just design the abandonment cart mailers and set the workflow to automate your entire shopping cart abandonment strategy. Don’t hesitate to schedule the 4th, 5th or even the 6th abandonment cart email, as the more emails you send, the higher the conversion.

The initial hours you spend on conceptualizing a robust cart recovery strategy will pay back in terms of 3X revenue.

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