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17 Tips and Strategies To Improve Your Online Conversions

17 Tips To Improve Your Online Sales

eCommerce is growing at a rapid pace and to compete with the competition, you should take a targeted approach and personalize your online marketing techniques. Remember, to build a successful online brand, one should be proactive and create a long-lasting relationship with customers.

Tip #1: Start With The UX/UI Of Your Online Store

Design the eCommerce website which is easy to navigate for improved product discovery and customer engagement.

  • A poorly designed eCommerce website creates a bad first impression, leading to a higher bounce rate.
  • Make use of eCommerce platforms like Magento and Shopify, which has pre-built templates to help you create beautiful online stores tuned for higher conversion.

Tip #2: Welcome Customers With Unique Pop-ups

  • Don’t let customers handing when they first land on your eCommerce website, welcome them with a customized pop-up and help them understand your product and service. Pair the welcome pop up with a good offer to push first time users to convert.
  • It’s also the perfect opportunity to collect their email address to get in touch with them later.

Tip #3: Improve eCommerce Site Loading Speed

If your eCommerce site doesn’t load in the first 3 seconds, consider the customer is lost forever. Site loading time is crucial for any successful eCommerce store.

Tip #4: Get Creative In Displaying Products

When it comes to retail shopping, we have Merchandisers dressing up the mannequin and setting up the store window to attract shoppers into the store. The same principle applies to your eCommerce store as well, a beautiful homepage with product images displayed in a creative manner increases the time a customer spends on the website. Use high-quality products for banners and other displays.

  • Candid photography taken in a real-time set up helps customers relate better to products.

Tip #5: Showcase Important Information On The Homepage

Only when customers trust you, they will buy from you. Understand what customers need and display it to improve conversions.

  • 46.35% look for a support number on the home page
  • Information about shipping and return policies
  • 48% of shopper look for trust badges And Security Certificates

Tip #6: Build An Active Mailing List

Being an online entrepreneur, your biggest asset is the customer database. You cannot have a profitable online store without repeat customers. Building an email list gives you the opportunity to reach out to relevant customers, anytime, to increase the number of orders.

How To Build Customer Database?

TargetBay lets you design and trigger convincing pop-ups to get the customers’ email addresses.

Tip #7: Segment Your Shoppers

Targeted emails get you $38 return for every $1 spent. It helps to segment your customer database and reach out with tailor-made messages to improve ROI.

Tip #8: Get Customers To Write Reviews

Real user reviews work as a testimonial for your website and products. Most shoppers look for reviews before making a purchase decision.

  • Reviews help improve the content on the website which helps you rank for long-tailed keyword needed for improved organic traffic.
  • It also works as a conversion tool for customers to build trust in your website’s service and products.

How To Build Reviews On Your eCommerce Website?

Use TargetBay Review And QA product to reach out to customers and get their reviews.

Tip #9: Leverage The Benefits Of Giving Free Shipping

When free shipping is implemented the right way, you can easily improve conversions by 15-30%. The fact is, you will be losing money when you provide free shipping, but when you imply certain restrictions, you can gain much more than what you lose.

  • Give a threshold amount and only orders which reach the limit are subjected to free shipping. This will push customers to reach the threshold limit for every transaction.
  • You can also provide free shipping as an incentive for bringing customers back to your website as well as to collect their email address.

Tip #10: Use Pop-Ups Efficiently

You don’t have a sales executive to convince customers in dilemma to make a purchase, but with efficient use of pop-ups, you get the opportunity to get customer’s attention and get them to convert.

  • Pop-up triggered during the right time improves customer engagement
  • Exit pop-ups paired with the right incentive stops customers from leaving the website and convert them to paying customers.

How To Easily Integrate Pop-up To Improve Conversion?

TargetBay behavioral pop-up lets you design and set pop-up triggers to take the necessary action needed to display the right content at the right time.

Tip #11: Implement An Efficient Shopping Cart Abandonment Strategy

By being a savvy marketer, you can stop 70% of customers from abandoning their cart. Building an efficient cart abandonment strategy helps you reach out to customers back to complete their transactions.

  • Send timely cart abandonment email with the right message to get customers back
  • Cart abandonment pop up stops customers from leaving behind the products in their cart.

How To Stop Shopping Cart Abandonment?

TargetBay Personalization Has Successfully Improved Cart abandonment strategy to 70% of its users. Make use of TargetBay behavioral pop-up and email personalization tool to set up the perfect shopping cart abandonment strategy to retain customers and improve conversions.

Tip #12: Seasonal Promotions And Offers To Keep Customers Hooked

Shoppers love discounts and promotions. Creating an offer mailers and sending it to targeted customers brings in the necessary traffic and conversions.

  • Bring in some of your best selling products during the promotion to get customer’s interest.
  • Target the right people with the right message and deal.
How To Create A Targeted Customer List

TargetBay helps you segment users based on their interests, spending habits, location, buying patterns, etc.

Tip #13: Encourage Customers To Ask Questions

Not all customers get the information they need from the product page. To stop customers from leaving the website to competition, give them a forum to get their question’s answered. This way, customers can easily get their doubts cleared by your support team. You can also install a website, chat tool to reach out to customers instantly.

How To Encourage Customers To Ask Questions?

TargetBay QA module creates the perfect space for customers to ask questions. These questions are also displayed on the product page to help other customers.

Tip #14: Implement Upselling And Cross-Selling Strategies

Recommend relevant products on the product page and checkout page to upsell and cross-sell effortlessly. This helps in increasing the order value of each transaction.

Also, when customers don’t respond or take action in your upselling efforts, send follow up emails along with the recommendation to let customers buy the products later.

How To Build An Efficient Up Selling And Cross-Selling Strategy?

The TargetBay product recommendation tool helps in establishing an efficient recommendation strategy. You can display intelligent recommendations not only on any page of the website but on marketing emails and pop-ups as well.

Tip #15: Bring Back Lost Customers

With a new eCommerce store popping up every day, customers tend to forget us. Let them know you still exist and sell some really cool products by sending win-back emails paired with the right offer. Since these customers have already used your website, they are more than willing to come back

How To Win Back Customers?

Use TargetBay email personalization tool to get customers to easily create a list of customers who have not logged into the website for the last 6 months. Create a win-back mailer with the TargetBay pre-defined templates and send the email.

Tip #16: Keep A Watch On Your Ad Spendings

As an eCommerce store owner, you know the importance of paid marketing advertisements and the crucial role it plays in bringing traffic to your website. But paid ads are expensive, if you don’t monitor its performance, you could be losing out a lot of money for empty clicks and impressions.

  • Monitor your campaigns and increase the budget for the high performing campaigns for better ROI.

Tip #17: Build A Good Social Presence

We live in a social world where shoppers believe that a positive social presence equals to a reputable brand. It means you should not only have an active social media account but have social mentions where customers talk positively about the product and service.

How To Improve Positive Social Mentions?

TargetBay lets you share the reviews customers place on the website to improve the quality of your social presence.

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